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Planning for High School and Beyond

Throughout middle school, students participate in learning activities that identify their interests, skills, and related occupations to better prepare them for high school and post-secondary experiences. The Cobb County School District middle and high schools use a web-based program called Career Cruising for career exploration. Career Cruising ( provides numerous activities that students may complete during classroom lessons, advisement, small group meetings, or individual exploration. Below are the required activities your students will complete in middle school using Career Cruising: Students will take these assessments in November and December by grade level.

Sixth Grade – Students will open an electronic portfolio in Career Cruising and complete a Learning Styles Inventory.

Seventh Grade – Students will complete Career Cruising Matchmaker which is an interactive survey that “matches” interests to various careers. They will be introduced to two career clusters that match their interests.

Eighth Grade – Students will save three occupations of interest to their portfolios.

Even though your student’s interests will vary over time, the results of Matchmaker can serve as the foundation of career and college exploration. Matchmaker may be taken numerous times, and the results can be saved for each completion.

As students move through the eighth grade, they will make numerous decisions about high school courses and career preparation. Prior to exiting eighth grade, your student will complete an Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP). This plan, required by the BRIDGE Act (House Bill 400), will be completed by your student with the assistance of the school counselor. The plan will be based upon results of Career Cruising activities and the student’s interest re: coursework. This is a sample IGP plan that will be completed to show the students how to fill out a plan and to share with them that this is what will be used to track your course work for graduation.

Even though middle school students are not expected to make commitments to specific courses at this point, they will benefit from exploring multiple options and making plans that include taking rigorous courses. The IGP will follow the student throughout high school and will tentatively map out the core subjects and courses of high interest. The IGP can always be revised based on student needs and changing interests.

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