Rising 9th Graders

Harrison High School Fall Semester Schedules

Students will receive a copy of their Fall Semester course requests via Advisement on Wednesday, May 8th. This is only a copy of the student’s course request and not a schedule.

Drop/Add will run from Thursday, May 9th through midnight Sunday, May 13th for students whose schedules contain the following errors: 1) Student has not met the prerequisite(s) for this class, 2) Student has already received credit for or is currently enrolled in this class, 3) Student is missing a class on their schedule, i.e., only has 3 classes listed, 4) Student is missing a course required for graduation, 5) Student has been placed in the incorrect academic course. Students will use the following link to submit drop/add requests:  https://HarrisonHS.formstack.com/forms/fall_2019_drop_add_form

Allatoona Elective Registration Information

Registration Dates:

February 8th through February 25th

Rising 9th grade students districted to attend Allatoona High School have received pink elective registration forms.  These must be completed and returned to their homeroom teacher.  Students applying for School Choice need to see the 8th grade counselor for more information.

Harrison Elective Registration Information

Registration Instructions – Rising 9th Graders

Registration Dates:

February 15th through March 1st

Upcoming 9th grade students will receive registration materials via homeroom on February 15th. This will consist of a list of core recommendations made for them by their teachers and an elective registration worksheet (students who are school choice students need to see their counselors for specific information pertaining to their situation). While we feel teacher recommendations are made with the best interest of the student in mind, students who feel they are misplaced should have their parent submit a form using the link below. The deadline to make a waiver request is Friday, March 1st. These requests will be reviewed, and students/parents will receive an email confirmation.

Fall 2019 Academic Waiver Form

Take time to review the elective registration forms to see what classes you would like to take next year. Visit the Harrison website to view course descriptions and prerequisites. Click on Academics, choose the subject, then click on course catalogs (located on the left side of the webpage). No student may sign up for more than one PE class per semester. Students cannot double-up in math at this time or double-up in Foreign Language I or II.  If you are interested in this, you may request to double-up by submitting a form using the following link:

Double Up Request Form

We will approve your request to double-up after all other schedules have been completed if there is room in the requested class.

Once you have decided on elective choices, you will register using your StudentVUE account. Instructions can be found on the power point linked below:

Elective Registration Instructions – Upcoming 9th Graders

*Representatives from Harrison will be at our feeder middle schools from 8:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. for assistance on the following dates:

Durham – Tuesday, February 26th

Thank you, students, for making registration go smoothly. We look forward to having you at Harrison! Go HOYAS!!!

Harrison 2019 – 2020 Registration Procedures for Rising 9th grade-1t3hglb


Important Articulation Dates

Core Registration Elective Registration 8th Grade Presentation Parent Night
Allatoona HS 1/28/19 – 2/8/19


2/11/19 – 2/22/19 1/24/2019 at 12:45pm at Durham 1/31/19 at 6:30pm at Allatoona
Harrison HS 1/28/19 – 2/8/19



2/15/19 – 3/1/18


1/24/2019 at 12:45pm at Durham 2/11/19 at 7:00pm at Harrison

Please see link below about 2 upcoming magnet informational sessions for parents.  Each session will highlight all of the 6 magnet programs in Cobb County.

magnet school flyer-2mo38uo

The below link lists all the important dates regarding magnet programs including application timeframe, informational sessions, etc…


8th Grade Parents:

On Wednesday, August 22nd from 1pm – 2pm, all 8th grade students will attend a presentation about CCSD Magnet Programs.  Any interested parent is welcome to attend.


Welcome 8th Grade Students and Parents!

We have an exciting year ahead as we get ready to move onto High School.  Make sure to check this blog regularly for important dates.

Coming soon…. Cobb County Magnet High School Presentation at Durham