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What Do I Need to Know About Durham Middle School?


Improving Academics and Behavior Tips

Studies show that suggest students with poor classroom behavior often struggle with academic skills.

Improving Academics

o Lay out goals and priorities. Having an idea of what they want to accomplish, where they want to end up and what’s important to them before the chaos begins helps them have a proactive year.
 Mind Tools
o Get organized. A daily planner, organizational folders and a clean study area are all a must.
Back To School Tips
Organizing School Work and Assignments
o Learn from mistakes. Don’t become crippled over an error. Rather, gain experience from it and see it simply as a stepping stone.
When things go wrong
o Establish a work ethic and determination with other tasks. Learning how to be dedicated and responsible through summer jobs and other activities at home can easily carry over into the way your student views their education.
Testing Tips
Taking Notes
o Don’t procrastinate. This can be deadly. Teach your students good habits like doing their homework directly after school, taking the weight off their shoulders for the rest of the evening.
12 Reasons Why Students Procrastinate

Improving Behavior

o Eat, exercise and sleep. It’s important to take care of your body. When food, exercise and sleep are compromised, it affects every other part of your life.
Sleep Tips
Healthy Weight

o Get involved. Going to school is much more rewarding when you’re involved and have school spirit. It goes by fast, so make the most of it.

o Don’t forget that social lives and hobbies are important. Despite the chaos the school year may bring, it’s important to save some time for the meaningful relationships around you and participate in things that make you happy.

o Be open with emotions and struggles. If they are struggling in school, don’t be afraid to reach out and get help from teachers and tutors.
Understanding Your Child’s Emotions


Prevention Intervention Center

Middle school can be a very difficult time for students and their families. It is a time full of changes and challenges. At times life can be overwhelming for everyone. Prevention Intervention is a department of the Cobb County School District that specializes in helping students and families coping with challenging situations. At the Prevention Intervention Center’s webpage you can find resources for students having significant problems such as:


  • Having difficulties with school adjustment
  • Dealing with loss or separation issues
  • Feeling anxious, stressed, or burned out
  • Depressed or suicidal
  • Using alcohol, tobacco, inhalants, steroids, or other drugs
  • Drug free and need support in their decision not to use
  • Victims of physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional abuse
  • Sexually active and at risk for contracting AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, or becoming pregnant
  • The children, grandchildren, siblings, or spouse of a chemically dependent person
  1. Research Based Drug and Violence Prevention Curriculum
  2. Student Leadership Programs
    • Natural Helpers – A peer-to-peer approach to helping fellow students.
    • Team Building workshops for leadership groups.
    • Sources of Strength
  3. Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation – Teaching students how to resolve conflicts without the use of violence.

To contact Prevention Intervention, contact your school counselor or visit their webpage: Prevention Intervention Center