6th Grade Social Studies: Current Events Around the World

Durham Media Center is collaborating with Mrs. Meder’s, Mrs. Forester’s,  Mrs. Clements’, and Mrs. Bitler’s 6th grade Social Studies students on their Current Events Research Project. For the first article review, we will concentrate on locating magazine and news articles on current events (within the last 3 months) in Europe. Mrs. Baker will be guiding students through the Cobb Digital Library via a Current Event Pathfinder and will teach students how to locate current issues within the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database.  Assignment guidelines have been established by individual teachers and are posted within their blogs.

Essential Questions: At the end of the day with Mrs. Baker, students should be able to answer the following Essential Questions:

1. How do we access current events within Cobb Digital Library?

2. Why do we access current events within Cobb Digital Library?

For this assignment, students will need the following:

1. Use the Current Event Pathfinder to guide you step-by-step through your Cobb Digital Library research.

2.  Use the graphic organizer, Extra! Extra! Read All About It! , to help guide your note-taking from the current issue article you select.

3. Be sure you have the assignment guidelines shared by your classroom teacher which also include the assignment rubric.



Tales of Great Books: Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

In honor of “The Master of Horror,” Edgar Allan Poe, the media center is collaborating with Reading and Language Arts teachers to help students better understand the impact Poe’s body of work (Do you know his writing spans a variety of genres?) has had on American Literature. Use Mrs. Baker’s Edgar Allan Poe Video Guide while viewing Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Great Books: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe , with an introduction by Mrs. Baker, to assist in your understanding of the major points within the video segment.

Teachers may also wish to utilize Great Books Tales of Edgar Allan Poe Teacher’s Guide provided by Georgia Public Broadcasting to help lead students through their individualized, grade level appropriate standards.

Also, be sure to take advantage of the myriad print and digital resources on Poe that are available in Durham’s Media Center. Many are currently featured on the “Spooky Books” display, but be sure to search Poe in Destiny to see all the super cool items available for check out.


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