7th Grade Reading: Literary Analysis of Ben Mikaelsen’s Touching Spirit Bear

So, you’ve just finished reading Ben Mikaelsen’s novel Touching Spirit Bear, and you think you’re finished, right? Think again! Now the real understanding begins as you explain how Cole shows specific character traits of the Wildcat Way by using textual evidence to support your claims. Along with your teacher, Ms. Stahler, Ms. Downey, and/or Mr. Vedra, Mrs. Baker will be there to guide you through your literary analysis. In class, she will use the Citing Textual Evidence in Touching Spirit Bear PowerPoint  while you take notes using the  In-text Citation Student Guide. Be sure to pay special attention, to take careful notes (as they will help you while you write your paper), and to ask questions along the way. Here we go . . . .

Note: Resources provided here are supplements to teachers’ blogs. Copies of handouts are provided to students.

Need Extra Help? The media center opens each morning at 8:30. Mrs. Baker is available during that time to help you, and you’ll have access to a computer and printer. (Student printing is limited to 2 pages each visit.)

Image taken from Flickr Commons via Cobb Digital Library

Image taken from Flickr Commons via Cobb Digital Library

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