Book Fair is Here!

Book Fair Under the Sea

Used with permission by Scholastic

Durham students, parents, faculty and staff are invited to visit our annual Scholastic Book Fair during the week of Monday, March 2nd through Friday, March 6th. Shopping hours are 8:30 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. (with a 1:30 closing Friday afternoon). Students will be visiting with their Reading and/or Language Arts classes on designated days but are welcome to visit other times as well with passes from their teachers. Profits from this annual event fund a variety of fun giveaways and promotionals throughout the year including this school year’s giveaway of nearly 50 paperback copies of Lois Lowry’s The Giver during its movie release week, paperback books for winners of Halloween’s Spooky Books Trivia, the Cornucopia of Goodies giveaway including books, magazines, and NCG gift cards during the release week of Mockingjay. Several additional fun events are planned for the spring as well which will be funded solely by Book Fair earnings. For additional shopping options, be sure to check out our Online Fair which will continue for a week after the on campus fair closes. The Durham Media Center appreciates your support in its efforts to get books in the hands of its students.


Used with permission by Scholastic


Recording Stereotype Poems

Now that we have delved into the nuances of stereotypes, and you have created and presented your “We Would Like You to Know” poems, it is time to record them and make them available to our contemporaries.

Go to Vocaroo and record your poem. After recording your poem, create a QR code of your audio. Print your poem and image (photo or avatar) and your QR code. YOU DID IT!

Stereotypes in Drama

During the week of February 9th – 13th, Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Zwolle are teaming up for a collaborative lesson on stereotypes.

Below are some of the resources students will be utilizing throughout the week:

NBC News’ Report: Super Bowl Cheerleaders are Some of the Smartest in the Game

Stereotypes Examples borrowed from Microsoft Clip Art

Ana Castillo’s We Would Like You to Know

Latinos Youth  “We Would Like You to Know” Video

We Would Like You to Know-Student Poem

Genre Journey: Historical Fiction

Image borrowed from Microsoft Clip Art

Image borrowed from Microsoft Clip Art

Mrs. Downey’s 7th Grade Reading classes are once again teaming up with Mrs. Baker as they continue on with their Genre Journey. This time focusing on Historical Fiction.

The activities for this lesson are attached below. Access them if you are unable to complete the notes during class or if you were absent from this lesson.

Genre Journey-Historical Fiction PowerPoint  and Focus on Genre Graphic Organizer.

Drama Expert Groups

Image taken from Microsoft Clip Art

Image taken from Microsoft Clip Art

During the week of February 9th through February 13th, Mrs. Zwolle’s 4th period 8th grade Drama students will be partnering with the media center for a study of stereotypes and the role stereotypes play in theater production. In preparation for the lesson, a few select students will research and become experts on designated topics connected to the lesson beforehand. On Tuesday, February 3rd during 4th period, students will meet with Media Specialist Mrs. Baker who will further explain this exciting opportunity.

Attached: Expert Groups Assignments and Expert Groups Graphic Organizer

*Copies of the attached documents will be provided to selected students.