7th Grade Reading Genre Journey: Fantasy and Horror

Mrs. Downey’s and Mrs. Stahler’s classes are teaming up with Mrs. Baker as they delve into their Genre Journey. On Thursday, October 1st, Friday, October 2nd, and Monday, October 5th, (students should check their teacher’s blog for the specific date that pertains to them) Mrs. Baker will guide students through brief synopsis of the the genres of fantasy and horror. Students will take notes via a provided graphic organizer and will then check out works of fantasy or horror or both.

The activities for this lesson are attached below. Access them if you are unable to complete the notes during class or if you were absent from this lesson.

Instructional PowerPoint: Literary Genres PowerPoint: Fantasy and Horror 

Guided Activity:  Focus on Genre (Complete a graphic for each genre)

Note: Be sure to check out the examples of horror currently featured in the media center.