The Raven with Mrs. Baker

The Raven Nevermore on Pallas Athena Bust Statue

Welcome to Mrs. Slades’ 1st and 7th Periods!

It’s my favorite day of the year . . . Halloween! There is no more perfect time to study Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.” To add to the spooky atmosphere, let’s watch this visual recitation of “The Raven” read by Christopher Lee and utilize my Raven Reading Guide to make certain we do not miss a single spooky detail. After we analyze the poem, let’s talk about what determines the tone and mood of the work. To better understand Mood and Tone we will be utilizing several different resources including BrainPOP’s movie on Mood and Tone and this Mood vs. Tone graphic organizer.

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: In poetry, how is mood and tone established?

Halloween in the DMC!

The month of October is an especially exciting one in the Durham Media Center. The library spaces are adorned with festive decor and some of its most popular spooktacular books are on display. During Halloween week, the media center’s annual Spooky Books Trivia is featured on the morning news. Students have the opportunity to submit answers to questions in the hopes of winning goody bags filled with coupons to local eateries and venues, treats like bookmarks, bracelets, and erasers and a paperback book! Five students’ names were drawn from each day’s correct entries, so 25 kiddos were treated throughout Halloween week.

Patrons snap selfies in the Spooky Books Photo Booth!

Patrons snap selfies in the Spooky Books Photo Booth!

Story Maps with Mrs. Baker and Ms. Poteat

Welcome to Ms. Poteat’s and Mrs. Connaughton’s Read 180 Students!

Wednesday, 10/13/16

We are going to have fun with some picture books! Our focus is on summarizing. We will begin by watching  The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs as told by Jon Scieszka Illustrated by Lane Smith together. Then we will read the story together and will respond to the literature using Story Overview of the The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. We will highlight key words within the questions to help us focus on the most important details. Then we will direct our attention to the plot summary using the graphic organizer “How to Write a Plot Summary: Someone/Wanted/So/But/Finally.” (Mrs. Baker will share the graphic organizer in class.)

Thursday, 10/14/16

On Wednesday, Mrs. Baker led you through an analysis of The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. Today we will follow the same steps of story analysis and plot summary with Marcus Pfister’s The Rainbow Fish, but you will respond to the Story Overview and completing the “How to Write a Plot Summary: Someone/Wanted/So/But/Finally” independently. We will begin the process by viewing The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.


You will be able to respond to the following ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS at the conclusion of our study:

How do I summarize a story?

How do the elements of a story come together to determine a story’s theme?



MLA Citations with Mrs. Baker

Hey Mrs. Stahler’s and Mrs. Downey’s 7th grade Reading Students!

Mrs. Baker is here with some guidance as you begin your analysis of  Ben Mikaelsen’s novel Touching Spirit Bear.  If you were absent on the day your class visited the media center, be sure to check out the following linked resources. Careful note-taking using the Guide to Accompany Mrs. Baker’s PowerPoint is especially important because there are helpful tips and relevant examples that will serve you as your write your journal entries.  Here’s the presentation with all the information you need: Citing Textual Evidence Using MLA Format.

Religion with Mr. Vedra and Mrs. Baker Take II

Welcome Back to Mr. Vedra’s 7th period Social Studies Students!

Today we are continuing on our path to understanding the basics of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. You will be paired up as you visit 3 stations. In each station utilize the printed and digital resources available to learn more about each religion.



Read Susan Douglass’ article “What is Islam?” from Kids InfoBits in Cobb Digital Library, and complete the What is Islam? Guiding Questions.


View the Birthplace of Three Religions using the Christianity Cloze Notes as a guide for extracting the most important information. Finally complete the Christianity Exit Ticket (see Mrs. Baker or Mr. Vedra for this) before leaving.


Watch Judaism 101: Religions in Global History* from Hip Hughes History and complete the accompanying Video Guide. 

*This video is linked from YouTube and student access is limited while on campus. Mrs. Baker will assist with on campus access.

Religion with Mr. Vedra and Mrs. Baker

Wednesday, October 5th

Welcome Mr. Vedra’s 7th period!

Today Mrs. Baker will guide you to accessing BrainPOP in Cobb Digital Library for viewing of The Mysteries of Life with Tim and Moby movie. Mrs. Baker will then assist you in answering questions about religion utilizing the Understanding Religion with BrainPOP handout. This video provides a brief summary of 3 religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Then you will have the opportunity to independently view the same video clip to complete a 4W’s + H Chart for each of the 3 religions being studied.

Finally be sure to complete the Exit Ticket before leaving!

I’ll see you tomorrow as well for review of today’s objectives.