Tales of Great Books: Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

In honor of “The Master of Horror,” Edgar Allan Poe, the media center is collaborating with Reading and Language Arts teachers to help students better understand the impact Poe’s body of work (Do you know his writing spans a variety of genres?) has had on American Literature. Use Mrs. Baker’s Edgar Allan Poe Video Guide while viewing Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Great Books: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe , with an introduction by Mrs. Baker, to assist in your understanding of the major points within the video segment.

Teachers may also wish to utilize Great Books Tales of Edgar Allan Poe Teacher’s Guide provided by Georgia Public Broadcasting to help lead students through their individualized, grade level appropriate standards.

Also, be sure to take advantage of the myriad print and digital resources on Poe that are available in Durham’s Media Center. Many are currently featured on the “Spooky Books” display, but be sure to search Poe in Destiny to see all the super cool items available for check out.


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WANT MORE POE? Check out Thinkport for an abundance of awesome Poe resources including lesson plans, engaging activities, poetry readings, online field trips and so much more! Under “Interactive Media” click on “Knowing Poe,” or simply search “Poe” in the search box. Be sure to have plenty of time set aside to peruse this resource. You will get sucked in!

Please Join Us for a Book Tasting!

The reservations are made, the tables are set, and the courses are prepared. Now it’s time for Mrs. Slade’s and Mrs. Walker’s 6th grade Reading classes to partake in some especially yummy treats in the media center–books, of course! Students are sampling from a variety of book flavors (genres) in hopes they will expand their palates and try something new. Media Specialist, Mrs. Baker has prepared quite an extensive menu of delights that will, hopefully, leave her guests feeling satisfied.

Welcome to Mrs. Slade’s Slice of the Story


Welcome to Walker House


Discovering Our Destiny!

Hey Kiddos! Welcome back for your second classroom visit to the DMC this school year! This time we are learning about our slightly new, and very much improved, online catalog–Destiny Discover! Today’s lesson will serve to highlight some of the awesome features available to you. Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Webb will be guiding you through accessing and logging into Destiny Discover so that you can personalize your profile. You will then access the main menu to verify your checkouts, place holds on materials, add resources to favorites lists and even create collections. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to renew and/or checkout materials. Here’s the brief student video, Using Destiny Discover-Students, we will be utilizing to guide our learning. Off we go . . .

Welcome 6th Graders!

Students will soon be visiting the media center for the first time with their Reading teachers. Media Specialist, Mrs. Baker will lead 6th graders through all the ins-and-outs of their middle school media center. Students will also have the opportunity to browse the collection and to utilize the online catalog, Destiny, to guide their selections. Finally, sixth graders will be able to check out their first library books of the 2017-18 school year and will have the first picks from the new books. Any students from Mrs. Walker’s, Mrs. Dean’s, or Mrs. Slade’s Reading classes who missed this exciting event should view Media Center Orientation and complete the accompanying Media Center Orientation Guide.

Breakout EDU Mania at Durham

Since the fall of the 2016 school year, the Durham Media Center has been abuzz with Breakouts! Collaboration requests have come from far and wide. All grade levels and a variety of content areas including social studies, science, Spanish, reading and language arts have experienced Breakout EDU through collaborative efforts with the media center. One of the greatest challenges of being an educator is getting students to “buy into” the learning. So often it’s the teachers, rather than the students, who are excited about the topics or subjects of study. That’s not the case with Breakout EDU. This learning concept “tricks” kids into learning. Without even realizing it, students are evaluating puzzles and riddles through thinking critically, calling upon prior knowledge, looking through a variety of different lenses, working with peers, and guiding their learning in a setting where the teacher serves on the periphery rather than as the lead. Students must also persevere through frustration and change what they are doing until they figure out the “problem.” Breakout EDU has been an amazing experience at Durham this school year. Here’s a culmination of the awesomely innovative learning experiences Durham Middle students and staff have had through Breakout EDU.

Students across grade levels and subject areas learned through Breakout EDU.

Students reflect upon their Breakout learning experience.

Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

Hi 6th Grade Reading Students!

Media Specialist, Mrs. Baker and 6th grade counselor, Mrs. Crandall will be interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to discuss Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety. Your Reading class will be visiting the media center one day this week to learn about safe online posting, protecting our online privacy, and cyberbullying so that we can stay safe online and be responsible digital citizens. We know we are successful when we can explain steps to take to stay safe online and to be responsible users of media. For an abundance of resources, including those utilized during the lesson, check out the media center’s tab above titled Digital Citizenship. Also know that your media specialist and counselors care about you and are here to be your online guides.

Digital Citizenship 4 Themes by Elk Grove Unified School District is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Be sure to give your Exit Tweet to Mrs. Baker or Mrs. Crandall before leaving today!


Sixth grade Social Studies students in Mrs. Bitler’s, Mrs. Wishon’s, and Mrs. Clements’ classes participated in a Propaganda Museum Walk led by Media Specialist, Mrs. Baker in the Digital Aged Classroom. Students began with an introduction to propaganda where five popular propaganda techniques were highlighted. Then student groups had the opportunity to visit four different stations featuring selections of propaganda arranged by type. Within each station students analyzed pieces of propaganda using Mrs. Baker’s Propaganda Museum Walk Guide. They utilized fellow group members to help them evaluate and analyze the posters. This was a day of deep critical thinking for these sixth graders, and they rose to the challenge.


Propaganda Agenda



Watch the video segment independently and complete the writing prompts on your guide. After each student has responded to the prompts on his/her own, discuss responses as a group and add additional insights to your notes.


STATIONS 2, 3, & 4 are on display in the Digital Aged Classroom.

Breakout EDU

Mrs. Slade’s and Ms. Poteat’s 2nd and 6th period classes have saved Fun Friday! Durham’s first Breakout was a success!

Through the collaborative efforts of Media Specialist, Mrs. Baker,  Media Paraprofessional Mrs. Webb and Reading teachers, Mrs. Slade and Ms. Poteat, students recently had the opportunity to look at a problem in a new, innovative way using Breakout EDU kits. Breakout EDU creates learning games, called Breakouts, based upon a variety of subjects and content area standards.  Groups must work collaboratively to problem solving using critical thinking and also must persevere through a variety of obstacles to solve puzzles. To learn more about the possibilities of utilizing Breakout EDU, check out all the details here.

2nd Period Broke Out!

2nd Period Broke Out!

6th Period Broke Out!

6th Period Broke Out!

Help! Help! I Need Your Help!

Okay kids,

Here’s the Current Situation:

I have been asked to help edit an article for the Marietta Daily Journal, but I need your help. The author of the article, Jay Udgement, has written an article based only on his opinion, and he thinks that Fun Friday is a waste of time. The deadline to turn in his article is in 45 minutes, and if he submits the article, Durham’s Fun Friday will be outlawed. This isn’t the first article that Jay Udgement has published that is full of his opinions. I was working on a rewrite of his article to give readers the facts about the benefits of Fun Friday, but he took it from me and locked it in this box. On his way out, he dropped some clues that may be able to help us. You have 45 minutes to get the replacement article out of the box, or Fun Friday will be a thing of the past.

The Scene is Set

The Scene is Set

We Can Do This!

We Can Do This!