Welcome Back 8th Graders!

Welcome Back to the Library!

Eighth grade classes are visiting the media center along with their ELA classes for a review of the library behavior expectations, policies, and procedures.  In designated groups, students will visit stations to complete specific objectives. Media specialist Mrs. Baker, Media paraprofessional Tracey Webb, along with Durham ELA teachers, will guide students along the way. Also during their visit, students will have the opportunity to set their school computer passwords, verify their Office 365 passwords, connect to the CCSD Wireless Network, and check out materials. Yay for reading more books this year!

For all the details, check out the Library 8th Grade Orientation Guide .



At STATION 8, be sure to view NSTeens’ video 6 Degrees of Information and complete the corresponding questions.

CCSD Wireless

Check out this brief video highlighting the new and improved CCSD Wireless.

Students, ask a teacher,  or Mrs. Baker or Mrs. Webb in the media center, for the WiFi password, and find all the details via CCSD Instructional Technology.

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