February Break 2020 Reading Challenge

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The Durham Library challenges students to read at least 20 minutes each day of the mid-winter break for a total of 180 minutes. Accept Mrs. Baker’s February Break 2020 Reading Challenge in Biblionasium, add your books to the digital shelves, and log your minutes. The break is also a great time to take advantage of digital content like ebooks and audiobooks. Use the resources in the Cobb Digital Library and the Sora app which even includes digital content from the Cobb County Public Library. Mrs. Baker will celebrate those who complete the challenge with a special treat once we return from holiday. Happy reading Wildcats!

Tales of Great Books: Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

In honor of “The Master of Horror,” Edgar Allan Poe, the media center is collaborating with Reading and Language Arts teachers to help students better understand the impact Poe’s body of work (Do you know his writing spans a variety of genres?) has had on American Literature. Use Mrs. Baker’s Edgar Allan Poe Video Guide while viewing Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Great Books: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe , with an introduction by Mrs. Baker, to assist in your understanding of the major points within the video segment.

Teachers may also wish to utilize Great Books Tales of Edgar Allan Poe Teacher’s Guide provided by Georgia Public Broadcasting to help lead students through their individualized, grade level appropriate standards.

Also, be sure to take advantage of the myriad print and digital resources on Poe that are available in Durham’s Media Center. Many are currently featured on the “Spooky Books” display, but be sure to search Poe in Destiny to see all the super cool items available for check out.


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WANT MORE POE? Check out Thinkport for an abundance of awesome Poe resources including lesson plans, engaging activities, poetry readings, online field trips and so much more! Under “Interactive Media” click on “Knowing Poe,” or simply search “Poe” in the search box. Be sure to have plenty of time set aside to peruse this resource. You will get sucked in!

September in the Durham Library

Oh what a month it has been! September was fast and furious in the Durham Library as the 2019-20 school year picked up steam. Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Webb hosted Book Tasting with Mrs. Slade’s 6th grade ELA classes. Mrs. Baker taught collaboratively alongside Mrs. Slade and Mrs. Dean as 6th graders created Blackout Poems and wrote Inner Dialogues about their experience. Also, the library staff  hosted class book checkout and supported research lessons across grades and subject areas.

Check out some of the fun from the Book Tasting:

Fall Break Reading Challenge

The Durham Media Center challenges you to read at least 20 minutes each day of spring break for a total of 180 minutes. Log your minutes in Biblionasium*.

If you need something good to read, be sure to visit the public library. Use your Library Pass to download ebooks or magazines from the Cobb County Public Library website. Durham Media Center’s online catalog Destiny is also available 24/7 and provides access to ebooks and audiobooks. It doesn’t stop there, Cobb Digital Library’s databases eBooks on EBSCOhost, Teen Book Cloud, and TumblePremium also provide digital resources. And new this year, is Sora! Download the app today for access to digital content from the Durham Library as well as the Cobb County Public Library–all from the same app. Start reading now!

*To access Biblionasium, go to Destiny, choose the menu (the 3 lines) in the upper left-hand corner, and select Biblionasium. For access, you must login with the same login you use to get on the school computer.






Log into the Cobb Digital Library (see link in the post above) for access to digital content.

Spooky Books Trivia

It’s the most wonderful season of the year . . . Halloween . . . which means it’s time for the media center’s annual Spooky Books Trivia! Mrs. Baker will present trivia questions based upon the spooky books featured throughout October. Students are encouraged to submit their answers for chances to win awesome prizes! Be sure to tune into the morning news for all the details! And, of course, visit the media center to get in the Halloween spirit! Check out a fun read, and snap a selfie in the Getting Spooky Photo Booth.

Inventory is On!

Spring is as busy a time as ever in the Durham Media Center. In addition to the daily operations of the media center, which include teaching students, collaborating with teachers, and circulating materials (among countless other duties and responsibilities), the month of April marks the beginning of the media center’s annual inventory during which time over 18,000 print and audiovisual materials will be located and scanned. Media Center inventory is required by board policy (Admin Rule IJK) and calls for heightened attention to the library’s collection of materials. To follow are the direct and indirect benefits of inventory for students and staff:

Inventory Makes our Collection More Accessible

  • Identifying lost items makes Destiny catalog searches more accurate.
  • Adding uncataloged items makes them accessible through Destiny.
  • Finding mis-shelved items makes them available again.

Inventory Makes Our Collection Better

  • Identifying lost items lets us know what replacement items need to be purchased.
  • Identifying patterns of loss can suggest changes that need to be made in terms of purchasing, circulation policies, patron privacy, etc.
  • Handling each item helps identify copies that need to be discarded or re-cataloged and makes us more familiar with our collection.

Inventory Helps Build Trust and Support for Our Program

  • Maintaining accurate records of our holdings allows us to show you how much we value the resources within the DMC.
  • Responsible use of past funding helps ensure future funding! (“Destiny Inventory Guide: Conducting a Library Media Collection Inventory”)

The process of adding new, relevant materials to the collection and removing or “weeding” outdated, unused items from the collection is a continual process in the DMC, but during inventory, attention is concentrated on this task. A valuable collection is, of course, one that adapts along with the needs of its patrons and is filled with items that are circulated frequently. Our library collection and media center space are in constant evolution as we adapt to patrons needs. We work diligently to make Durham’s Media Center an invaluable asset to all who use it. Thanks so much for your loyal and energetic support of our DMC program goals and initiatives as they help set the tone for our school environment and directly impact the achievement of our students.

“Destiny Inventory Guide: Conducting a Library Media Collection Inventory.” Library Media Education. Library Media Education Department, Cobb

County School District, n.d. Web. 23 Apr 2014. <http://www.cobbk12.org/librarymedia/Destiny/Inventory/CCSD_Destiny_Inventory_Guide.pdf>.

During annual inventory, Mrs. Webb scans every single item in the media center to verify its location.

During annual inventory, Mrs. Webb scans every single item in the media center to verify its location.

8th Grade Drama Students Defy Stereotypes

Beginning Monday, February 22nd, Drama and Broadcast teacher Mrs. Zwolle and Media Specialist Mrs. Baker are teaming up to lead 8th grade Drama students through a study of stereotypes in an effort to gain understanding of the role stereotypes play in dramatic production. Mrs. Baker will guide students through a variety of  activities focusing on stereotypes present in society. Students will turn their reflection inward to explore how they might personally be typecast by others. In opposition to those labels, they will write poems titled Just Because with the goal of debunking their stereotype. Students will then use Vocaroo to record audio recitations of their poems which they will also turn into QR codes. Their efforts will be on display in the main hallway so that others may learn from their stories. Students will also perform their poems orally in class.

For daily activities, check out the PowerPoint utilized to gather the daily lessons: Defying Stereotypes PowerPoint

HEY CLASS! If you’d like to learn more about former UGA, and prospective NFL, football player Malcolm Mitchell, who himself defies stereotypes, check out the following additional resources: (F.Y.I. These videos filter through YouTube and will be blocked while on campus. Hopefully your learning and interest extend beyond our school walls.) Swing by the media center to chat with me about how remarkable this young man is.)

Malcolm Mitchell Speaks to Usher’s New Look Foundation

Malcolm Mitchell High School Highlights

Malcolm Mitchell UGA Freshman Highlights

NFL Combine Ranking 2016

Here are our final products on display in the main hallway:

IMG_1310 IMG_1309

Defying Stereotypes

Happy Holidays from the DMC!

The evolution of the DMC continues through the holiday season. New books and resources are added each week, so be sure to stop by often. Check out some of the fun holiday decor gracing our spaces this December.

Cozy up by the fire and our book tree and enjoy a good read this holiday season!

Cozy up by the fire and our book tree, and enjoy a good read this holiday season.

Cozy up with a good book!

This jolly Santa was created by Media Paraprofessional Mrs. Webb’s father who was an art teacher in Scotland where he still resides.