Cobb Digital Library

Cobb Digital Library

Cobb Digital Library (CDL) is available 24/7 and is a one stop shop for all your research needs! Users will need passwords, which are located on the inside cover of their agendas, to access this amazing resource. While on campus, students and teachers can quickly and easily access CDL through a shortcut on all school computers. From home, the link to CDL is available via both the Cobb County and Durham websites as well as through the Durham Media Center blog.

How Teachers Can Use Cobb Digital Library via MackinVIATeachers will love opening Cobb Digital Library via MackinVIA with one login and having access to all Durham’s ebooks and online databases. It’s great for whiteboard use! With the VIA Groups feature, they can have their own VIA Group for their class or grade (i.e. Mrs. Johnson’s Biology class, or 6th Grade Gold Reading Group). Media Specialist, Mrs. Baker can create VIA Groups for you. For training videos and detailed print instructions regarding use, including details regarding MackinVia apps, access the Teacher Guide.

How Students Can Use Cobb Digital Library via MackinVIA
This handy Student Guide will provide a simple overview to students on how they can quickly and easily find and open Durham’s eResources in MackinVIA.


You can find the MackinVIA™ app on Amazon, iTunes or Google Play. For detailed instructions on downloading the apps, see the Teacher Guide or Student Guide.



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