Media Committee

The Media Committee is required by Cobb County Administrative Rule IJK and serves to address media concerns at the school level and to provide input regarding media center selections. Participating members serve as liaisons between the media center and their representative department(s), communities, and peer groups and also assist in voicing media center needs and concerns outside of Durham’s walls. Committee members include an administrator, the media specialist, teacher representatives from each grade level, and community and student representatives. There are typically two or three after school meetings each school year.

The Duties of the School Media Committee

The school media committee addresses media concerns at the school level and provides input to the system media committee.  Members of this committee should include an administrator, the media specialist, a teacher representative from each grade or department, a student representative, and a community or parent representative.  Since the role and structure of each committee is defined by learner needs and the school’s instructional program, committee composition may differ from school to school even within the same system.

The school media committee:

·         Develops procedures for implementing the system’s instructional media and equipment policy.

·         Establishes media program objectives and priorities based on instructional goals in order to develop immediate and long range plans for the media program.

·         Assesses available media resources as related to instructional needs and recommends priorities for media budget proposal.

·         Participates in evaluating and modifying media services.

·         Recommends media policy revisions.

·         Establishes procedures for the participation of the total school community in media selection.

·         Recommends procedures that ensure accessibility to media services for all.

·         Informs the community of the procedures for formally challenging materials used in the school and responds to those challenges.

·         Creates and promotes procedures for copyright awareness.

·         Assists in identifying and planning media or technology –related staff development activities.

·         Recommends applications of technology for inclusion in the media and instructional programs.


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