Office 365


Here are some helpful videos created by our Technology Training Integration Specialist, Whitney Prather, to assist with specific tasks in Office 365. Be sure to check out the abundant resources offered via CCSD Instructional Technology, as well.

Creating a Word Document in Office 365

Download QR Template and Upload to Office 365


NEW! This screencast, created by Durham’s TTIS Whitney Prather, demonstrates how students sign into Office 365 from home:




  1. Begin by logging in to the CCSD intranet portal:
  2. If your portal home dashboard does not include the “Report Search” widget, you can quickly add it:
    1. Click on “Add Widgets” in the upper-right corner of the screen.
    2. Select “Report Search.” (“Most Accessed Reports” is also handy one to have.)
    3. Click “Return to Dashboard.”
  3. In the Report Search widget, start typing “Office.”
  4. Click on the SIS4130 Office Parental Consent report.
  5. Choose a class from the menu, then print or export the report as needed.
  6. Be sure to note if any students have a non-standard user ID (one that includes a number), and most importantly, note if any students have been opted-out by their parents. (These students will not be able to use Office 365.)


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