Power of Libraries

Did You Know That?

Library media center programs directly contribute to higher student achievement when they are well staffed, have extensive, quality collections, are frequently accessed by students and staff, and when their media specialist collaborates directly with classroom teachers (Spinks, 2009). An abundance of research data and analysis supports a causal link between library media center programs and student achievement. Learn more below:


Library Media Programs and Student Achievement: Research and Research-Based Practices for Library Media Specialists and Education Leaders by Andy Spinks

Your School Librarian: A Powerful Technology Partner

Digital Divide, Lack of Certified Librarians ‘a National Crisis

Libraries in the Internet Age

Georgia Department of Education: Library Media Services

Strong School Libraries Build Strong Students

Student Success

Why School Librarians Are the Literacy Leaders We Need

100 Things Kids Will Miss if They Don’t Have a School Librarian in their School

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