December in the Durham Library

December was quite a bustling month filled with an abundance of learning and festivity. The Library was decked out and full of holiday spirit. Seasonal books were on display, and students even visited for fireside readings with Mrs. Baker as well as double-entry journal lessons featuring picture books. For the first time, the Library hosted a December Scholastic Book Fair and students were able to stockpile books in preparation for the annual Season’s Readings Challenge with the promise of an impending celebration upon their return in January. Check out the month’s highlights in the featured infographic below.

Festive Fun in the DMC

The Durham Media Center is as festive as ever and currently displaying books to celebrate the season. Also on display is the annual book tree created by Media Paraprofessional, Mrs. Webb. Come sit by the fireside and work study, or read. You might even be lucky enough to catch a story with Media Specialist, Mrs. Baker. Lastly, be sure to check out the new books on display; new titles continue to be added nearly every week. Happy reading Wildcats!

Come visit the Grinch, and read a little Dr. Seuss while you’re at it.

I just like to read. Reading’s my favorite.

Sit by the fire, and read for a spell.

The Durham Media Center spreads Christmas cheer by checking out books throughout the year.

Mrs. Webb says, “Merry Xmas!”

Mrs. Baker says, “It’s time to check out something cool to read.”

Seasonal books are on display!

Storytime with Media Specialist, Mrs. Baker

Crafting inspired by Tony Diterlizzi’s picture book The Broken Ornament read by Mrs. Baker.

Halloween Fun

There has been much Halloween fun in the Durham Media Center throughout the month of October the pinnacle of which is Spooky Books Trivia during Halloween week. Each day Mrs. Baker will feature a trivia question based upon one of the spooky books on display. Students who wish to participate should send their best guesses to the media center. From all the correct answers submitted, Mrs. Baker will randomly draw several winners who choose a brand new paperback book from her secret stash. May the odds be every in your favor Wildcats! 

Calling all Blind Date with a Book Helpers!

Hey Library Media Committee Kiddos!

During the week of Monday, February 3rd – Friday, February 7th we will be creating our annual “Blind Date with a Book” which will be featured during Valentine’s week.

Visit the media center between 8:30 a.m. – 9:25 a.m. to wrap and prepare your books. The media center will have all the materials you need, but you are welcome to bring in whatever you’d like to supplement.

Here are the steps to take to prepare your books:

  1. Choose a book you enjoyed that you think other students will also enjoy. Try to select titles that are not currently one of our top checkouts. (If you are unsure about the popularity of a title, check with Mrs. Baker or Mrs. Webb.)
  2. Type up the barcode number and a brief description that will incite students to want to go on a blind date with your book.
  3. Type the details from #2 on the spreadsheet linked below.
  4. Cover your book so that the cover does not show through. Add your typed barcode and description to the front cover.
  5. Display your book!
  6. Encourage your friends and classmates to take a book on a blind date.

IMPORTANT! Before covering your books, add the title and barcode to this Excel spreadsheet: Blind Date with a Book 2017

Here are some examples to help get you started.

Holiday Fun

Durham Middle School is always busy and abuzz with excitement, but the holiday season adds an additional layer of spirit. This year the Media Center invited students to add a heart to the Grinch in homage to Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Check out just a few of the DMC’s spaces and seasonal decor.

It’s Getting Spooky

Students and teachers take advantage of the Getting Spooky Photo Booth

Students and teachers take advantage of the Getting Spooky Photo Booth

October in the Durham Media Center is a fun and festive time celebrating many of the scary stories that are part of the library collection. A spotlight on spooky fiction and nonfiction titles available for check out, and the Getting Spooky Photo Booth, are two of the features the media center offers in celebration of the season. During Halloween week, Spooky Books Trivia is presented each morning on the news, and students have the opportunity to submit answers to questions in the hopes of winning a paperback book from Mrs. Baker’s secret stash. Below are the lucky winners from this year’s trivia. Be sure to stay tuned for more fun events in the works.



The following were Spooky Books Trivia winners during Halloween week:

Monday: Seth B., Amaya M., Emily G., Madison V., Parker B.

Tuesday: Soumit G., Austin P., Connor S., Mikayla C., Blair B.

Wednesday: Trenton H., Lauren F., Ashley C., Sophia H., Elyssa W., Maddie S.

Thursday: Brooke M., Marissa M., Aaliyah J., Will T., Serena D.,

Friday: Sophia K., Nigel C., Ryan H., Ava H., Maggie F.


Mrs. Wishonis the perfect Batgirl!

Mrs. Wishon is the perfect Batgirl!

Sixth grade teachers are superheros every day, not just on Halloween.

Sixth grade teachers are superheros every day, not just on Halloween.

Spooky books are on display

Spooky books on display

The circulation desk gets spooky too.

The circulation desk gets spooky too.

Students feed books to our monster!

Students feed books to our monster!

Media paraprofessional, Mrs. Webb, shows off her superhero powers!

Media paraprofessional, Mrs. Webb, shows off her superhero powers!

Blind Date with a Book

The past couple of months have been so hectic that we mistakenly failed to share some of the fun events we have hosted! In addition to the awesome lessons on which we have collaborated with classroom teachers, not all of which are shared on our blog, we also featured Durham’s second annual Blind Date with a Book back in February. Media specialist Mrs. Baker, Media Paraprofessional Mrs. Webb, and students from the Library Media Committee selected lots of their favorite books, covered them like Valentines’, and featured brief “descriptions” to entice patrons to take them on a “blind date.” These books flew off the shelves, and disappeared as soon as they were displayed! Hopefully, many students paired up with books they would not typically have chosen. Something amazing can happen when we take a chance . . . on a new book.


Blind Date with a Book

Blind Date with a Book

Holiday Fun!

What an ideal spot to enjoy one of Durham Media Center’s newest reads!
It took 219 books to create this year's book tree.

It took 219 books to create this year’s book tree.

Durham was a bustling hub of activity throughout the month of December. In addition to the typical business of a normal school schedule, lots of additional fun was taking place throughout the building. The media center added to the festivities with seasonal displays and added spirit. The faculty also celebrated the holidays with a before-school gathering and table decorating contest.

Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Connaughton & Mrs. Baker show off their holiday table.

Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Connaughton & Mrs. Baker show off their holiday table.