Library PASS (Public Library Access for Student Success)


You now have access to resources at our Cobb County Public Libraries! 

Your CCSD student number now opens public library resources including print books, apps, ebooks, databases and so much more! For more details, check out the link below or visit your public local library today. 

Library PASS


Discovering Our Destiny!

Hey Kiddos! Welcome back for your second classroom visit to the DMC this school year! This time we are learning about our slightly new, and very much improved, online catalog–Destiny Discover! Today’s lesson will serve to highlight some of the awesome features available to you. Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Webb will be guiding you through accessing and logging into Destiny Discover so that you can personalize your profile. You will then access the main menu to verify your checkouts, place holds on materials, add resources to favorites lists and even create collections. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to renew and/or checkout materials. Here’s the brief student video, Using Destiny Discover-Students, we will be utilizing to guide our learning. Off we go . . .

CCSD Wireless

Check out this brief video highlighting the new and improved CCSD Wireless.

Students, ask a teacher,  or Mrs. Baker or Mrs. Webb in the media center, for the WiFi password, and find all the details via CCSD Instructional Technology.

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Digital Citizenship Museum Walk

Throughout May, Durham students will be guided by media specialist, Mrs. Baker and counselors, Mrs. Crandall, Mrs. Favors-Parks, and Mr. Wilson through a Digital Citizenship Museum Walk. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to control and mold their digital footprint so that it positively reflects their true character and helps them achieve long-term goals. They will also learn ways to heed caution when posting online, will review copyright and fair use laws and expectations, and will role-play and decode best practices as a youth in the digital age. As students approach a summer very likely filled with an overabundance of apps like Snapchat and Instagram, this will be a reminder from Durham to keep it safe online.

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How will you safely navigate the digital world?

STATION 1:  Oversharing: Think Before You Post

Watch the Common Sense Media and Flocabulary video, and respond to the corresponding questions in the provided packet.

“Oversharing: Think Before You Post.” Common Sense Media. Flocabulary. Web. 4 May 2016.

Station 2: Copyright and Fair Use

Watch the Common Sense Media video, and respond to the corresponding questions in the provided packet.

“Copyright and Fair Use.” Common Sense Media. Web. 4 May 2016.

Utilize the provided resources at stations 3-6 to meet the objectives outlined in the Digital Citizenship Museum Walk packet.

6th Graders Utilize the New 21st Century Classroom

6th Graders Utilize the New 21st Century Classroom

The Hunt for Sasquatch


You are going on a hunt in the Durham Media Center . . . for Sasquatch. With Mr. Vedra and Mrs. Baker as your guides, you will visit 5 stations within the media center to complete a variety of activities helping you determine the validity of the Sasquatch.


STATION 1: Hunt for Sasquatch

Read Christopher L. Murphy’s article, “Do Sasquatch Really Exist?” via the Simplicity Touch panel and list nine pieces of convincing evidence of Sasquatch’s existence as presented in the article.

STATION 2: Roland Smith and Bigfoot

Visit the Destiny station to find your objective.

STATION 3: “Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know”

At the multimedia table, watch the video clip and respond to the questions on the provided viewing guide.

STATION 4: Vocabulary Puzzles

Visit this station to locate the puzzles featuring important vocabulary from Roland Smith’s novel Sasquatch.

STATION 5: True or False

Visit this station to locate the True/False questions. Be sure you use the textual evidence in Roland Smith’s Sasquatch to determine your answers.

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Mr. Vedra's Reading Class Goes on a Hunt for Sasquatch

Mr. Vedra, Mrs. Slade & Mrs. Baker lead students on a Hunt for Sasquatch

8th Grade Drama Students Defy Stereotypes

Beginning Monday, February 22nd, Drama and Broadcast teacher Mrs. Zwolle and Media Specialist Mrs. Baker are teaming up to lead 8th grade Drama students through a study of stereotypes in an effort to gain understanding of the role stereotypes play in dramatic production. Mrs. Baker will guide students through a variety of  activities focusing on stereotypes present in society. Students will turn their reflection inward to explore how they might personally be typecast by others. In opposition to those labels, they will write poems titled Just Because with the goal of debunking their stereotype. Students will then use Vocaroo to record audio recitations of their poems which they will also turn into QR codes. Their efforts will be on display in the main hallway so that others may learn from their stories. Students will also perform their poems orally in class.

For daily activities, check out the PowerPoint utilized to gather the daily lessons: Defying Stereotypes PowerPoint

HEY CLASS! If you’d like to learn more about former UGA, and prospective NFL, football player Malcolm Mitchell, who himself defies stereotypes, check out the following additional resources: (F.Y.I. These videos filter through YouTube and will be blocked while on campus. Hopefully your learning and interest extend beyond our school walls.) Swing by the media center to chat with me about how remarkable this young man is.)

Malcolm Mitchell Speaks to Usher’s New Look Foundation

Malcolm Mitchell High School Highlights

Malcolm Mitchell UGA Freshman Highlights

NFL Combine Ranking 2016

Here are our final products on display in the main hallway:

IMG_1310 IMG_1309

Defying Stereotypes

Student-Directed Learning

The most awesome example of student-directed teaching and learning is taking place at Durham Middle School. Sixth grade Language Arts students in Pat Miller’s class have recently explored the iPad app, TouchCast. TouchCast is a platform for video apps or vApps that allows users the capability of adding background images and sound effects into their video creations. The class was brainstorming creative ways to orally present the research projects that they were working on and needed to complement their content, bring it to life, and share it with one another in a creative way that wouldn’t put the audience to sleep. An interest in green screen technology was piqued, but there were obstacles. The school does not currently have iPads. To combat that roadblock, students and teachers used their personal iPads through the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative. A second obstacle was that no one on campus was trained in green screen technology. To remedy that issue, Mrs. Miller reached out to Cobb County’s Department of Technology Services, and county instructors visited Durham to provide collaborative instruction to several educators. Those teachers readied themselves to guide the students, and then the project was on. Along with guidance from parent volunteers, media specialist, Mrs. Baker, and Mrs. Miller, students jumped in with both feet.  As the students worked, trouble-shooting the technology, guiding and teaching one another, Mrs. Baker had an epiphany. This excited, engaged group of students should be teaching others, particularly the Broadcast News Crew comprised on all 8th grade students, how to use this resource. And so it was.  Select 6th grade students from Mrs. Miller’s class joined forces to create presentations providing step-by-step details. Here are some snapshots of the super cool moments where Durham students are collaboratively learning together, across subjects and grade levels.

6th graders share with 8th graders the steps they will need to take to create videos using TouchCast.


6th graders share with 8th graders the steps they will need to take to create videos using TouchCast.


8th grade Drama students are at rapt attention as 6th graders teach them how to use green screen technology via the TouchCast app.


8th grade Drama students are at rapt attention as 6th graders teach them how to use green screen technology via the TouchCast app.