Inventory is On!

Spring is as busy a time as ever in the Durham Media Center. In addition to the daily operations of the media center, which include teaching students, collaborating with teachers, and circulating materials (among countless other duties and responsibilities), the month of April marks the beginning of the media center’s annual inventory during which time over 18,000 print and audiovisual materials will be located and scanned. Media Center inventory is required by board policy (Admin Rule IJK) and calls for heightened attention to the library’s collection of materials. To follow are the direct and indirect benefits of inventory for students and staff:

Inventory Makes our Collection More Accessible

  • Identifying lost items makes Destiny catalog searches more accurate.
  • Adding uncataloged items makes them accessible through Destiny.
  • Finding mis-shelved items makes them available again.

Inventory Makes Our Collection Better

  • Identifying lost items lets us know what replacement items need to be purchased.
  • Identifying patterns of loss can suggest changes that need to be made in terms of purchasing, circulation policies, patron privacy, etc.
  • Handling each item helps identify copies that need to be discarded or re-cataloged and makes us more familiar with our collection.

Inventory Helps Build Trust and Support for Our Program

  • Maintaining accurate records of our holdings allows us to show you how much we value the resources within the DMC.
  • Responsible use of past funding helps ensure future funding! (“Destiny Inventory Guide: Conducting a Library Media Collection Inventory”)

The process of adding new, relevant materials to the collection and removing or “weeding” outdated, unused items from the collection is a continual process in the DMC, but during inventory, attention is concentrated on this task. A valuable collection is, of course, one that adapts along with the needs of its patrons and is filled with items that are circulated frequently. Our library collection and media center space are in constant evolution as we adapt to patrons needs. We work diligently to make Durham’s Media Center an invaluable asset to all who use it. Thanks so much for your loyal and energetic support of our DMC program goals and initiatives as they help set the tone for our school environment and directly impact the achievement of our students.

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During annual inventory, Mrs. Webb scans every single item in the media center to verify its location.

During annual inventory, Mrs. Webb scans every single item in the media center to verify its location.