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Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser

Good morning!

We are trying some new fundraisers this year to help the ECMS Orchestra, and to help the 8th grade orchestra students with their spring workshop!
Our first fundraiser is the Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser, which will be on December 16th, 2017 from 8AM-10AM. Tickets cost $7, and will buy you a pancake breakfast with sausage links and a beverage.
Tickets must be purchased ahead of time as they will not be sold at the door on December 16th. Please feel free to fill out this Google form to order tickets, but remember your child must still bring in payment for the tickets.

I’m attaching the flyer that I am sending home with students. Please help us sell tickets! The 8th grade parents and students will be volunteering by greeting, seating, and serving everyone breakfast. Our goal is to sell 400 tickets!
Applebee’s Handout-177nt9x

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8th Grade Information

I just sent out this email to all 8th grade parents: (Please email me so I can forward any needed attachments to you)

Good evening!

I hope this school year is treating you well thus far and you were all able to enjoy this past Tuesday for either Halloween or simply as another Tuesday! ☺
I apologize ahead of time for such a lengthy email, I am trying to get as much information to you as possible with a minimal number of emails.

Numerous updates coming out regarding upcoming field trips and whatnot –

1) 8th Grade Orchestra students will visit the Wheeler High School Chamber Orchestra on November 17th from 9:45AM-11:45AM. Students will listen to Wheeler’s top orchestra perform, and then will go sit with the high schoolers. All students will play our music together and have a workshop with Dr. Dwayne Wasson, the high school orchestra director.
a. Logistics: I will pull them from class immediately following the morning announcements to ensure we have our music and instruments collected prior to walking across the street. We will have the campus officer assisting with the road crossing, but we also need parent chaperones. Thank you to Ms. Joy Henrikkson who has already agreed to chaperone this field trip! We will need at least three more parents to be with us from 9:45AM-11:45AM. I am attaching the Blanket Permission IFCB-3, which will cover our field trip across the street to WHS and LGPE to Lassiter HS in February (info to come). Please print/sign and send in with your student – they have been told which students have turned in the permission slips.
2) 8th Grade Universal trip! (April 25th through April 28th)
a. I sent home the permission slip yesterday (on bright yellow paper) and the tentative itinerary today (on pink paper). I am also attaching both the Overnight Field Trip Form – 8th Universal and the eastcobb universal tentative itinerary with rough payment information. For the overnight field trip form, if you print it out the gray boxes will disappear.
b. There will be an optional interest meeting at 6:30PM on Thursday, November 16th in the ECMS Theater. We will discuss subjects such as required forms, payment plans, dress code, rooming/bus assignments, and hopefully answer any questions you may have.
c. Currently the trip is estimated to cost $569 total. This number might increase by $10-$15 so we can order matching t-shirts for all students to wear during park days. We are asking the first payment be made by Friday, November 17th. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns regarding this.
d. Please email me if you are interested in chaperoning for this fun trip to Universal! Chaperones pay the same $569 as the students, however there will be only 2 adults in each hotel room, instead of 4 like the students. Depending on how many orchestra students attend this trip, we will need 4-6 parent chaperones.
e. Please consistently remind your child that we are going to Universal to play our instruments and learn from a clinician… riding rollercoasters and bonding with friends are just added bonuses. ☺
f. Feel free to join the Remind101 group for parents and students – I am not planning to blow up your phone with notifications. Text @universe17 to 81010
i. I attached the 2017 universal remind101 instructions for this if you prefer to sign up for emails or if you’re having any troubles.
3) 8th Grade Universal trip fundraising
a. I have begun researching everything possible to help you with the cost of this trip. While this is almost $100 less expensive than last year’s trip, I realize it’s still a lot of money to come up with.
i. First fundraiser – Applebee’s FlapJack Fundraiser. I have attached the Flapjack Fundraiser Guest FAQs provided for this fundraiser. I have received approval from Ms. Young for this fundraiser, and am now waiting for confirmation from Applebee’s. This fundraiser occurs on a Saturday morning from 7:30AM-10:00AM at an Applebee’s location (I requested the location off Franklin road, which is 3 miles from ECMS). Students will sell tickets for $7, which we profit $5 per ticket, up to 400 tickets. On the actual Saturday morning of the event, volunteers will be greeting, seating, serving, and bussing. I gave the students some now incorrect information earlier this morning:
1. Students are able to volunteer, as long as they have a parent signature on the liability release waiver (I do not have this yet so am unable to attach). However, only volunteers over the age of 18 are allowed into the kitchen, which includes the roles of serving and bussing. Therefore, we will still need some parent volunteers. Depending on tickets sales, we will need 7-20 volunteers. This is explained in a chart on the attached FAQ.
2. Tickets will be sold for $7, instead of $13.
3. We are able to do this fundraiser at a much closer Applebee’s instead of the original location idea in Atlanta.
4. Potential dates for this are December 16th, and January 13th. I’m hoping we get confirmation for the December 16th breakfast, because if this is a successful fundraiser we could complete another breakfast in February or March.
b. Students have expressed interest in hosting bake sales, car washes, cake walks, and/or potlucks. I am working as fast as I can to find information if any/all of these are possible. If anyone has any suggestions or leads for possible fundraisers, please don’t hold back!
4) Practice Records
a. Last week was the first week of practice records! Students are expected to practice at least 120 minutes each week. A practice record will not be accepted for a grade without a parent signature/initials. I am spending this evening updating grades, so please be on the lookout for any discrepancies towards the end of this week.

Thank you for your constant support! This program could not be this successful without each of you or without your belief in the importance of the arts.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Kathryn Encisco

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Google Form Links

Good morning!

Hopefully by this point your students have updated you on all orchestra information. Today and yesterday, I sent home packets of forms that need to be filled out. I did not include all of the syllabus in attempt to conserve paper. The syllabus is attached here.

Here are the google form links for electronically filling out the needed information.

Student data form:

Order form:

Encisco Syllabus 2017-2018-23w5z7z

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

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It’s a new year!

Good morning and welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

I’m so excited for another year with the ECMS Junior Wildcats!
To get things started, here are a few important bits of information for the beginning of the school year:

1) I will be sending home the syllabus/orchestra handbook ASAP. Currently the music department does not have any access to school printers… 🙂
2) The orchestra handbook will hopefully have all forms needed for this school year to help minimize confusion!
3) Please do not go out and buy books yet – I am using different method books this school year.
4) Some of the dates on the calendar might change based on availability of space, please keep this in mind.
5) If you would like to get a jumpstart on joining Remind101 this year, here is how:
text @ecmso7th to 81010 for 7th grade, or @ecmso8th to 81010 for 8th grade.

Please contact me if there’s any questions or concerns.

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Last Project Update

Good morning,

I apologize for all the hassle this project is turning into just for the submission process!

I have gotten a lot of projects sent to my email, which is fantastic. Please email projects to [email protected]

Don’t worry about trying to upload to Padlet or Dropbox. If you upload your project to a sharing website and want to send me a link, that works as well.

Another option is putting the project onto a flashdrive and bringing that to me.

Hopefully this helps!
Thanks everyone

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New directions for turning in your Creativity Projects

I apologize for all the confusion!

It turns out Padlet does not allow large files to be uploaded. I have created Dropbox folders for you guys. Copy and Paste the links below and choose to upload a file. Please make sure somewhere in the file name or hand me a piece of paper with your group members’ names so everyone can get credit. Must be a video, not audio recording or a simple Powerpoint.

8th Grade

7th Grade

6th Grade

Another option to turn in the project is to email it to [email protected]

You now have three different ways to get this project to me. Due by 4:30PM tomorrow!!

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Links for turning in your projects

Projects are due this Wednesday!

8th Grade –

7th Grade –

6th Grade –

They must be videos, not audio or powerpoints. Make sure all names for your group are on your post

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7th Grade LGPE Music

Students, please listen to these recordings and follow along in your music while doing so! Playing with the recordings after you’ve learned the notes and bowings will also help. I am working on scanning parts with fingerings for you guys

Into the Sky! – https://www.fjhmusic.com/strings/st6178.htm

Candlelight Waltz – http://www.lakestatepublications.com/index.php/candlelight-waltz-additional-score-157.html

Dragon Slayer – https://www.fjhmusic.com/strings/st6100.htm

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8th Grade LGPE Music

Students, please listen to these recordings and follow along in your music while doing so! Playing with the recordings after you’ve learned the notes and bowings will also help. I am working on scanning parts with fingerings for you guys

Gauntlet – https://youtu.be/vKVQ_Io3lYY

Night Shift – https://youtu.be/PfpTGOEEVF0

Japanese Lullaby – http://listeninglab.stantons.com/title/japanese-lullaby/342149/

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Another Update!

Important message from our media center specialist, Ms. Falthzik –
Final Submission for Boxtops is February 15! So far the ECMS PTSA has raised $337 from Boxtops. Please send in all your collected Boxtops in a baggie with your child’s name and homeroom teacher. Bring all Boxtops to the blue collection box in the main hallway across from the attendance office. Each grade homeroom with the most boxtops will receive a donut party. Thanks for helping support the PTSA!

Our preview LGPE concert is currently in the works to being in the Wheeler High School Performing Arts Center!

Lastly, students should be bringing home a letter to you. I am attaching it here.
Letter to Parents 1.17.17

Thank you for all your support! Please never hesitate to call, email, or text questions.

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