Welcome Back Eastvalley Eagles to Physical Education!

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Welcome Back Eastvalley Eagles to Physical Education for the 2020–2021 school year. My name is Coach W teaching alongside Mrs. T, and we are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces, hear the laughter, and meet all the new students as we start this year in PE with digital sessions.
As we finished #EASTVALLEY STRONG last year with a virtual field day, and COVID didn’t stop us! We are starting #EASTVALLEY STRONG with digital sessions and COVID isn’t going to stop us!

Digital Sessions:
CLOTHING: For your child to perform to the best of his/her ability and for safety reasons, suitable clothing should be worn to P.E. each day even in a digital setting.
Comfortable pants, jeans or shorts
If wearing a dress, have shorts underneath
Tennis shoes that tie or Velcro and fit securely with socks should be worn to avoid injury.

GRADING: P.E. grades will be based on students meeting the physical education standards, effort, attitude, and participation, and behavior during class as we have digital GoLive sessions and prerecorded sessions.

Please encourage your child to give their best at whatever we are doing in P.E. class. Some things will be harder than others and the students should strive to do their personal best; not to compare themselves to anyone else.

Mrs. T and I are very excited about a GREAT year in P.E! We have a lot of fun and exciting activities planned for this school year as Cobb County Schools PE department has partnered with OPEN to deliver a great virtual program.



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We hope that you all have enjoyed the 2019-2020 year in Physical Education. As a leader in me school, we hold ourselves to a high standard. As you’re reflecting over this year with its wins and challenges, I want you to think about “Why PE?”. I have a picture below to help. Take this summer to play and have fun, and use some of the concepts we talk about in PE to guide you in your healthy, active, and fun summer:
1. Leader In Me
2. Play60

We hope you all have a safe, happy, healthy, and fun summer break. We will miss you all, and always remember, YOU ARE EASTVALLEY STRONG!!!
Coach W and Mrs. T

Way to go Eastvalley Eagles!!!

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FIELD DAY was awesome! We look forward to this every year and COVID didn’t stop us! You accepted the challenge, you did your bootcamp, you carried the Torch, you practiced, and the fun was EPIC!!! We have received several pictures and we are making a video for all to see and enjoy the fun. If you have any pictures you want to send, please send by the end of today. We will be working on the video and post it next week on the Eastvalley Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/EastvalleyElementarySchool/

If you haven’t visited the site yet, it also has our amazing Torch Run videos for those that were able to send them in.

If you completed 4 or more events and had fun, download the certificate and fill in your name. Congratulations on competing in this year’s Field Day. Click the link below:



Starting to see Family Field Day results are in…

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Great Job!!!

We are all on different time schedules, so keep the fun going and make sure to send pics to the hash tags! Love seeing all the pics; events, face painting, and even eating Popsicles.

Cool treat afterwards are always good:)

Let the GAMES begin!

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It is HERE!!!! The DAY we have all been waiting for…FIELD DAY!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

We ask that you take pictures and send them to us using the hash tags #EVStrong #EVFieldDay @EastvalleyElementarySchool @EastvalleyPE @EastvalleyEagle @cobbhpe @cobbschools so we can share the fun! Start posting now.


Want a PRINTABLE Field Day packet, click link below:
VFD Packet text only

Click on these links to see Eastvalley Virtual Field Day Essentials. The Equipment, Activities, Practice Sheets, Score Cards (optional) for OPEN FIELD DAY, Quarantine Olympics GMA, and Minute to Win it activities that can be played with every day things you can find around your house on Thursday!

OPEN VFD Equipment-List


OPEN VFD Score Card optional

OPEN VFD Score Card-spanish optional

VFD Activity Packet 1

VFD Practice Activity Plan 1

VFD Activity Packet 1 Spanish

VFD Activity Packet 2

VFD Practice Activity Plan 2

VFD Activity Packet 2 Spanish

VFD Activity Packet 3

VFD Practice Activity Plan 3

VFD Activity Packet 3 Spanish

VFD Relay Packet 4

VFD Scavenger Hunt Packet 4

Quarantine Olympics GMA Click on this link to see some HYSTERICAL FAMILY GAMES!
Quarantine Olympics GMA

Minute to Win it Activities Click on this link to see some HYSTERICAL FAMILY GAMES!


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Click below to see more Administrators, Teachers, and Eastvalley Staff passing on the torch! HAPPY FIELD DAY!

EV Angels – Medium

The Torch Run is getting closer to the Big Day…

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Virtual Field Day Torch Run Sneak Peek 2020

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We have challenged you to a “TORCH RELAY” for our field day on Thursday May 14th! keep sending in your Torch Run videos to Mrs. Johnson: johnsoneva@icloud.com

Sneak peek EV Field day – Medium

The SENGUPTA family in ACTION! Look at the focus, Who’s Next?

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Reminder: Use hash tags so we can all share in the fun!!! Start Now!

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We ask that you take pictures and send them to us using the hash tags #EVStrong #EVFieldDay @EastvalleyPE @EastvalleyEagle @cobbhpe @cobbschools so we can share the fun! Start posting now.

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