There’s always time for Rock Paper Scissor…Shoot.

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Click the link below:


Hump Day…Choose your activity and have some fun!

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Choice A. Put your favorite song on and make up a dance or fitness routine.

Choice B. GoNoodle: HERE COMES THE BOOM (Copy and paste link):


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Welcome back Eastvalley Eagles and we hope you had an enjoyable spring break with your families. We know it probably wasn’t the spring break you may have been looking forward to, but we were lucky to have beautiful weather to enjoy. So, we hope that you took advantage of the warm, sunny weather and enjoyed fresh air and the outdoors. Here is a fun family activity that you can all do together-FITNESS BINGO.

Eastvalley Fitness Bingo

Our expectation for you is to keep building on your abdominal strength, upper body strength and endurance, and your flexibility! Please make sure that you are working on your curl-ups, push-ups and sit and reach daily. Set yourself a goal daily and see if you can meet that goal! We know you can do it! Keep sending us pictures and emails of the fun things you are doing! We would love to see them! We miss you!



Coach W and Mrs. T

April Fitness Calendar Challenge

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E-mail me if you are up for the Challenge to Coach W at: I will e-mail you back with encouragement and motivation. If you put it somewhere you can see it everyday, you will be reminded to do it. For example, post it on your refrigerator. Let’s do this!!!

Click link below:



Some fun activities for a rainy day or outdoors…

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These are some great activities that you can play on one of those rainy days because they can be played indoors as well as outdoors! See if your mom and dad would love to do some these activities with you! Get outside as often as you can and enjoy some fresh air! Remember….DON’T JUST SIT…GET FIT!!!!

We miss you all and love you! Send us pictures and will put them on the PE blog. E-mail Coach W: or Mrs. T: . Hope to see you soon!

Friday Challenge…..

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Friday Challenge…..

CHA CHA SLIDE BABY!!!! You can do it on your feet…..can you do it in a PLANK?

Have a wonderful weekend families and know we are all here together for you and will stay here! We love and miss you all!
Coach W and Mrs. T!

3rd – 5th Grade Fitness Challenge – DECK OF FITNESS

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Click the link below


K-2nd Grade Fitness Challenge- The Maxarena Challenge

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Eagle Challenge K-2 – The Maxarena Challenge

Minion ways to have fun…

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Copy and paste the link below to view:

Send us pics and let us know how this one goes.

I love a good Tuesday:)

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Fun video to watch of smart plays……

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