Welcome Eastvalley Eagles to Physical Education!

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Welcome Eastvalley Eagles to Physical Education for the 2018–2019 school year…..
We are so excited to see all of our HAPPY faces coming back to school on Wednesday morning! We can’t wait to see the smiles, hear the laughter, and meet all of the new students. We are excited to the start the new school year and start having a BALL in the gym!

CLOTHING: For your child to perform to the best of his/her ability and for safety reasons, suitable clothing should be worn to P.E. each day:
Comfortable pants, jeans or shorts
If wearing a dress, have shorts underneath
Tennis shoes that tie or Velcro and fit securely with socks should be worn
*As the weather permits, your child could have P.E. outside. Please make sure that they are dressed appropriately for the weather.

SHOES: To make sure that we keep the gym floor in good shape, we need to make sure that we all wear the proper foot attire! Please remember to wear your tennis shoes!

ILLNESS/INJURY: If your child is coming back after being absent, please know that we will assume he/she can participate unless we are given a note. If he/she needs to sit out more than 5 consecutive days, a Doctor’s note is required and must be on file for it to be excused per county policy. Please send a note if your child ever needs to refrain from participating in P.E.

MEDICAL ISSUES: If your child has a medical condition (asthma, allergies to peanuts, bee stings, or fire ants, heart conditions, etc.) please let the P.E. staff know, so we can best accommodate your child.

GRADING: P.E. grades will be based on students meeting the physical education standards, effort, attitude, participation, and behavior during class. Notes will be sent home for situations we feel are effecting your student’s learning. Fourth and fifth grade students will receive a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F for their participation and skills. Kindergarten through third grade will receive a 3, 2, or 1 for their participation and skills. All students will receive a conduct grade as well.
Please encourage your child to give their best at whatever we are doing in P.E. class. Some things will be harder than others and the students should strive to do their personal best; not to compare themselves to anyone else. The gym is a safe place for students to try new things and have fun.
We are very excited about a GREAT year in P.E! We have a lot of fun and exciting activities planned for this school year! Get ready to rumble! See you all WEDNESDAY!

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