Grading Guidance

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This communication is to help answer some questions regarding student’s continued education and grading for the remainder of the school year; specifically, for middle school Quarter 4.

“Can I accept my child’s Quarter 3 grade from March 13, 2020?”
“Does this mean my child no longer has to do work?”
“Does this mean that students can work only on classes that they feel are deficient?”

Here is the answer:
In accordance with the grading guidance provided by the State of Georgia and CCSD…

East Cobb Middle School Students’ Quarter 4 final grade will reflect at a minimum the posted Quarter 3 Report Card grade from March 13, 2020 and will not go any lower. It is strongly encouraged that students take this opportunity to continue to enrich their learning; grades can only increase from here. Even if you are satisfied with your student’s grade, please know that not continuing to engage in the curriculum can hinder their proficiency and mastery of standards. We want to keep our students’ brains in motion with active learning. Therefore; working, submitting assignments and gaining feedback will only enhance this process and will not negatively impact your child’s grade. We want to assure you, as directed by the State and CCSD, students’ grades will not be penalized or negatively impacted during this time of digital learning. Our teachers are going to continue to provide instruction with the notion that learning is more than just receiving grades. We are encouraging our parents to ensure students stay engaged in their learning as this will help to lessen the learning regression that summer may bring. Parents, you may refer to ParentVue or StudentVue to reference your child’s Q3 Report Card. Please contact your child’s teacher and/or grade level administrator with further questions.

Also, just outside of the ECMS front doors under the brick covering are physical copies of learning packets labeled by grade level. Learning packets are updated weekly. The work is a supplement for students and is not meant to be turned in for a grade. It is about learning, growing and keeping the mind stimulated!

While we cannot be physically present, we appreciate your digital partnership. Let’s continue to be flexible and cooperative to the best of our abilities. “Flex don’t Fret” is our new motto at ECMS during these unprecedented times. We are in this together.