11/12-16 QUIZ on THURSDAY

Wednesday: 11/14:  Today we summarized how proportional relationships are represented with tables, graphs, and equations!  HW: Finish Practice Quiz…Quiz tomorrow

Tuesday: Today we identified scale and use it to create and solve proportional relationships.  HW: Scale sheet from class #2 on front, #1,3,7 & 8 on back

Monday 11/12: Today we took notes on direct variation so we could represent proportional relationships with equations!!  HW: Page 425 # 1-7 and 9-12


Friday 11/9: Today we determined if graphs were proportional, interpreted information from graphs to calculate CONSTANTS, created equations


Thursday 11/8: Today we identified constant of proportionality and missing values in tables.  HW: page 377 # 1,2,3,7,9

Wednesday 11/7: Today we applied our knowledge of proportions to set up and solve word problems.  HW: Word problem sheet


Tuesday 11/6: TEACHER WORK DAY

Monday 11/5- Today we identified and solved proportional relationships. HW: complete sheet- EVENS Only

10/29-11/2 Quiz on Friday- Unit Rates

Friday 11/2: Today was Quiz day.  Enjoy the weekend!!

Thursday 11/1: Today we went shopping and were able to compute and compare unit rates to determine which was the better buy.  HW: student Choice: Bake the Unit Rate Cake or complete 3 questions off of the Take home assessment. 

Wednesday 10/31: Today we got in some excellent practice with finding unit rates as well as computing complex unit rates.  NO HW tonight!    Happy Halloween…Be Safe!


Tuesday 10/30: Today we expanded on our knowledge of unit rates to determine complex unit rates!  HW: 3 problems on Complex Unit Rates. Cake project is due on Friday.

Monday 10/29: Today we reviewed ratios and rates and then calculated unit rates. HW: page 353 #s 1-8. Notes and Homework help below


Week of 10/22-26 TEST ON FRIDAY

Friday 10/26: Unit 2B Test today…Equations and Inequalities.  NO HW

Thursday 10/25:  Today we reviewed the study guide.  HW: STUDY 🙂 Test tomorrow

Wednesday 10/24- We were able to get in more practice today!!  HW: Complete Study Guide.  Answers to questions 1-13 are below


Tuesday 10/23- Today we practiced solving equations and inequalities by visiting other teachers and experiencing a lesson with them.  HW: Work on Study Guide

Monday- Today we took a pre-assessment of our solving equations and inequalities skills.  Then, we “traveled the world” solving word problems.  HW: Inequality word problems. See below for help 🙂

Conference Week! 1/2 days for students :)

Friday 10/18: Today we completed a group check activity on 2 step equations.  Time ran out because of shortened classes, so there is HW.   HW: Below are the correct answers, make sure you can justify them.

  1. w= -7     2) x= 72    3) y= 12   4) z=24    5) m=10    6) n=-8


Homework answers: don’t forget to solve the inequalities!

Wednesday 10/17 & Thursday 10/18- Today we practiced applying out knowledge of solving 2 step inequalities through word problems. HW: finish sheet.  don’t forget to solve 2 step equations you created on #1-5.

Monday and Tuesday 10/15 & 10/16- today we worked on solving and graphing 2 step inequalities. HW: page 315 odds (addition and subtraction) and 323 odds (multiplication and division)

Quiz on Friday

Thursday- 2 step equations HW: 1/2 sheet

Wednesday 2-step equations HW: pg 287 1-6 and #8

Tuesday 10/9: Today we solved 1 step equations with multiplication and division and with fractions. HW: finish sheet from class.

Monday 10/8: Today we identified inverse operations and solves 1 step equations involving addition and subtraction.  HW: pg. 257 # 17-21 and 25-27


Thursday 10/4: WE reviewed for the test today!  HW: for extra practice log into quizziz. (NOT REQUIRED) Test tomorrow.  Tutoring session available in the morning.

Wednesday 10/3: Today we practiced our skills!  WE had time in class to start the study guide. HW: Complete Study Guide

Tuesday 10/2: Today we worked on evaluating expressions with candy!  HW: Evens 2-14.  Study Guide is due Thursday.



Monday, 10/1: Today we translated words into algebraic expressions by identifying symbols and then completing a matching activity to practice this skill.  Study guides were given out today and are DUE THURSDAY.  HW: complete translate phrase into math expressions- use the CUBES strategy to help!

Have a great break! See you in October :)

Friday 9/21:  WE had our Quiz on properties and Combining Like Terms today!  Enjoy Fall Break!!  If you are would like to get a head start on the study guide…

Please feel free to log in:  Math Games Account   and practice all of the skills we have learned so far 🙂

Username: firstnamelastname   (common names will have a 1 at the end)

Password: edwards

Thursday 9/20: Today we practice combining like terms, the distributive property and then combining the skills!  HW:  QUIZ TOMORROW…Practice by playing a solo game on this quizziz Link —-> Distributive Prop & Combining Like terms


Wednesday 9/19: Today we used combo meals to demonstrate the distributive property, completed some example problems, and worked out some very complex problems!  HW: sheet #s 1-7

Tuesday 9/18: Today we will practice combining like terms by playing roll ’em up.  HW: Watch video —->   distributive property    and write down 1 thing that is new to you! complete combining like terms assignment —-> homework assignment

Username: firstnamelastname

Password: edwards

Monday 9/17: No class for 6th and 7th blocks due to IOWA testing.  HW: Practice Combining Like Terms here —> Practice


Unit 1 Retest is Friday!! Help sessions available all week!


Friday 9/14: Today we practiced combining like terms using the integer rules. NO HW!

Thursday 9/13:  No math class for 6th and 7th blocks to day due to IOWA testing.  HW: finish test corrections and come to retake the test at 8:15 tomorrow!

Wednesday 9/12:  Today we practiced combining like terms to find the perimeter of different shapes.  HW- Problem solving with expressions: perimeter sheet

Tuesday 9/11: Today we practiced Combining Like Terms using integer rules from last unit.  HW: Complete 2 sections on Combining Like Terms Sheet

Monday 9/10: Introduction to Unit 2.  Today we reviewed vocabulary terms for this unit and took notes and practiced identifying parts of an expression.  HW: 1) finish sheet form class (parts of an expression) 2) CLICK —> watch this video and write down 1 thing that is new to you!

Friday 9/7: Touchstone NO HW 🙂

Thursday:9/6: Test Today!! NO HW 🙂

Wednesday: 9/5: Today we went over the study guide and were able to play a review game.  HW: Click here –>  quizziz page      GAME #1 CODE: 430204       Game # 2 CODE: 014150


Tuesday 9/4: WE finished the Quiz from Friday and had class time to work on the study guide.  Check your answers below:

Study Guide

Friday 8/31: Today we took out Unit 1 B quiz.  Study Guides were given out and will be due on Wednesday, 9/5.

Thursday 8/30: Today we played the unfair math game to help review for the quiz tomorrow  HW: Quiz review sheet answers below:



Wednesday 8/29: Today we compared and ordered rational numbers  HW: Page 91 #s 1-10


Tuesday 8/28: Today we worked on converting decimals, fractions, and percentages!  HW: Complete Conversion Chart



Monday 8/27: Today we took notes and created a foldable on all operations with fractions.  HW: pg. 111 1-11 ODDS and Page 147 1-7 ODDS

Friday 8/24: Today we finished noted on dividing with decimals and practiced a lot with the whiteboards.  NO HW! Unt 1-A RETEST IS ON Wednesday


Thursday: 8/23: Students were given their Unit 1 Test back today.  There will be a re-test on Wednesday, August 29th at 8:15.  A correction sheet was handed out and needs to be completed with a guardian’s signature.  I will hold remediation sessions on Friday, Monday , and Tuesday Mornings at 8:15.  All are welcome!

Today, we covered types of decimals and practiced using our “rules” to add, subtract, and multiply decimals.  HW: 1-5 on the back of the sheet.



Wednesday: Unit 1-A test NO HW 🙂

TUESDAY 8/21: Practice, practice, practice…Test is tomorrow! Tutoring is also available tomorrow morning at 8:15


MONDAY 8/20: Today we used class time to work on our Study Guides TUTORING SESSION TOMORROW AT 8:15.  HW: Complete Study Guide



Friday, 8/17:  Today we used the CUBES strategy to solve word problems!  Study Guides were given out today and are due Tuesday.


Thursday 8/16: Today we used technology to enhance our understanding of integers.  We were able to play monster quiz where students competed in teams against each other.  HW: Complete sheet (only highlighted problems)  Need help? watch this video –> Mult & Dividing

Wednesday 8/15: Today we learned the rules for multiplying and dividing integers and practiced our skills!  HW: Mult. and Dividing Integer sheet

Tuesday 8/14: Today was quiz day! Students were able to demonstrate their level of mastery with adding & subtracting integers as well as absolute value.  HW: watch –>   X and / integers

multiplying and dividing integers

Monday, 8/13:  Today we completed a scavenger hunt to practice our skills with integers and absolute value, then worked on a Quiz review sheet to make sure we are prepared for the quiz tomorrow!  HW: Finish Quiz Review Packet Answer key is below:



Friday: 8/10: Today we worked with double negatives.  No HW 🙂 

REMINDER  **Quiz is on TUESDAY, 8/14

Thursday, 8/9: Today we worked on adding integers!  HW: Sum Up Sheet

Integer Song

Wednesday, August 8th: Today we used a number line to model expressions with integers.  HW: Sheet- Only the left side 🙂 


Tuesday, August 7th: Today we used counters and drew models to represent zero pairs/additive inverse.  HW: Complete Handout


Monday, August 6th: Today we learned about absolute value and placing integers on a number line.  HW: page 11 Problems 1-11 ODD only and get Unit 1 Parent Letter signed.

If you need some additional review click here to watch a short video: Finding Absolute Value



What an awesome opening day (besides the weather)  This week we will go over the syllabus, reinforce rules/procedures & Expectations, organize our OMG (math notebook) and review our 6th grade skills.

Homework: Get syllabus signed


Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  I hope you have fully enjoyed your summer and are ready for an excellent year!

Orientation is Tuesday, 7/31.
– 6th Grade: 12:30 – 1:30 PM
– 7th & 8th Grade: 2:00 – 3:00 PM



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