Friday:  Unit 3 Touchstone

Thursday: Unit 3 Touchstone

Wednesday: Unit 3 Touchstone

Tuesday: Students finished their scale projects and began the Unit 3 touchstone.  HW: Flashback questions #6-10 (right column)

Monday: Students continued to work on their scale projects.  They will be due at the end of class tomorrow!  HW: Flashback questions #1-5 (left column)


12/10-12/14 TEST on TUESDAY

Thursday: 12/13: Today we went over the test and students have been given the option to complete a take home version of the test if they want to improve their grade.  The final project (which will count as a test grade) was explained today.  We will be using our knowledge of scale to enlarge  a cartoon figure!  HW: optional test corrections

Wednesday 12/12: Today we finished up the Unit 3 test No HW!

Tuesday 12/11: Today we took the Unit 3 test on proportional reasoning.  No HW 🙂

Monday 12/10: Today was our final review day for Unit 3.  See last weeks post for answers to the study guide.  HW: study for test



Friday 12/7: Today we practices all the skills we have learned in unit 3 by playing Jeopardy! HW: Study Guide is due MONDAY! Check your work below 🙂


Thursday 12/6: We had a quiz on percentages, tips, tax, discount, commission, and simple interest.  HW: Study Guide- it’s due on Monday

Wednesday 12/5:  More practice on tax, tip, discounts, and percentages.  HW: finish practice quiz and study guide #14-17

Tuesday: 12/4: WE completed a Math Libs Activity to prepare for the quiz on Thursday.  HW: word problems #6-10.

Monday 12/3: Today we practiced finding discounts and commission.  HW: Word Problems #1-5


Friday 11/30: We finished up at Pedro’s Café.  NO HW 🙂

Thursday 11/29: Today we practiced calculating tax, tip and discount at Pedro’s Restaurant!  HW: Word problems #6-10

Wednesday: 11/28: Today we applied our knowledge of percent proportions to solve word problems.  Percent of cost was also introduced today.  HW: word problem sheet #1-5

Tuesday 11/27:  Today we learned the 2 ways to solve percent problems: percent proportion and percent equation.  HW: page 465 1-11 odd and 473 1-7 odd

Monday 11/26: Today we learned about Simple Interest…I=Prt!  HW: page 511 1-13 odd numbers

11/12-16 QUIZ on THURSDAY

Friday 11/16: Today we went over the quiz and completed a remediation/extension activity NO HW!  Enjoy your break 🙂

Thursday 11/15: Quiz HW: Flashback questions

Wednesday: 11/14:  Today we summarized how proportional relationships are represented with tables, graphs, and equations!  HW: Finish Practice Quiz…Quiz tomorrow

Tuesday: Today we identified scale and use it to create and solve proportional relationships.  HW: Scale sheet from class #2 on front, #1,3,7 & 8 on back

Monday 11/12: Today we took notes on direct variation so we could represent proportional relationships with equations!!  HW: Page 425 # 1-7 and 9-12


Friday 11/9: Today we determined if graphs were proportional, interpreted information from graphs to calculate CONSTANTS, created equations


Thursday 11/8: Today we identified constant of proportionality and missing values in tables.  HW: page 377 # 1,2,3,7,9

Wednesday 11/7: Today we applied our knowledge of proportions to set up and solve word problems.  HW: Word problem sheet


Tuesday 11/6: TEACHER WORK DAY

Monday 11/5- Today we identified and solved proportional relationships. HW: complete sheet- EVENS Only

10/29-11/2 Quiz on Friday- Unit Rates

Friday 11/2: Today was Quiz day.  Enjoy the weekend!!

Thursday 11/1: Today we went shopping and were able to compute and compare unit rates to determine which was the better buy.  HW: student Choice: Bake the Unit Rate Cake or complete 3 questions off of the Take home assessment. 

Wednesday 10/31: Today we got in some excellent practice with finding unit rates as well as computing complex unit rates.  NO HW tonight!    Happy Halloween…Be Safe!


Tuesday 10/30: Today we expanded on our knowledge of unit rates to determine complex unit rates!  HW: 3 problems on Complex Unit Rates. Cake project is due on Friday.

Monday 10/29: Today we reviewed ratios and rates and then calculated unit rates. HW: page 353 #s 1-8. Notes and Homework help below


Week of 10/22-26 TEST ON FRIDAY

Friday 10/26: Unit 2B Test today…Equations and Inequalities.  NO HW

Thursday 10/25:  Today we reviewed the study guide.  HW: STUDY 🙂 Test tomorrow

Wednesday 10/24- We were able to get in more practice today!!  HW: Complete Study Guide.  Answers to questions 1-13 are below


Tuesday 10/23- Today we practiced solving equations and inequalities by visiting other teachers and experiencing a lesson with them.  HW: Work on Study Guide

Monday- Today we took a pre-assessment of our solving equations and inequalities skills.  Then, we “traveled the world” solving word problems.  HW: Inequality word problems. See below for help 🙂