Friday- Today learned about simulations and then played a few games to review all of Unit 6.  HW: work on study Guide if you have not completed it.  DUE TUESDAY

Thursday- Today used manipulatives to get more  practice with dependent and independent events HW: pg 839 ODDS

Wednesday– Today we identified dependent and independent events to determine probabilities of events.  HW: Pg. 837 (1-15 ODD numbers)

Tuesday- Today we made predictions from probability results using proportions. HW: Study Guide #1-10

Monday- Today we reviewed likelihood with a passport to probability activity and compound probability using a Jesse Owens Person Puzzle.  HW: Complete puzzle if needed 

3/25-3/29 QUIZ on FRIDAY :)

Friday: AWESOME job on the quiz today!  Class averages were over 90%!!  Have a wonderful spring break.

Thursday: Today we practiced finding compound probability, sample space and outcomes.  HW: Practice sheet.  QUIZ TOMORROW!

Wednesday: Today we practice finding the probability of compound events HW: pg 797 13,15,17,18,19,20 &21

Tuesday: Today we learned about the fundamental counting principle and how to use it to find the number of possible outcomes.  HW: pg. 821 #14-18 & 21-23


Monday: Today we learned how to create sample space to help us determine probability of compound events.  HW: page 795 1-9 odd and #10.  Watch this video to help you better understand tree diagrams —–> tree diagram video

3/18-3/22 QUIZ on FRIDAY

Thursday: Today we dug deeper into theoretical probability vs experimental probability by conducting our own dice experiment.  HW: STUDY…QUIZ TOMORROW

Wednesday- Crab Race Day! Introduction to theoretical vs. experimental probability HW: sheet

Tuesday- We will practice finding the probability of simple events! HW: Pg 775 #14-21

Monday- Today we started unit 6- Probability.  HW: Pg. 773-4 #1,2,3,4,7,8,and 11


Friday- Today we are doing a task card activity focusing on Unit 2 review…Equations and inequalities NO HW

Thursday- Today is PI DAY!!!  We will complete pi activities while enjoying round snacks 🙂 HW- Flashback sheet

Wednesday- (Early Release) Today we will complete Unit 5 Retest NO HW

Tuesday- Today we will be reviewing our CUBES strategy to set up and solve word problems  HW: Flashback practice

Monday- Today we are reviewing Unit 1…absolute value & integers!! HW: Flashback practice

3/4-3/8 Test on FRIDAY!!

Wednesday: Today we continued working on our performance task by completing the box and whiskers diagram.  HW: Study Guide Questions #15-19

Tuesday: Today we continued working on the performance task by finding the measures of center for our data.  HW: Study guide #8-14

Monday: Today we finished our quiz from Friday and then began our performance task.  We created our statistical question and then collected data.  We will continue to work on this assessment all week in class.  HW: Study Guide Questions 1-7

2/25-3/1 QUIZ on FRIDAY!!

Friday: Quiz on Inferences (making predictions, measures of center and variation)

Thursday: Inference review day HW: complete review activity if it was not finished in class


Wednesday: Today we identified measures of center and variability with plot dots and box plots HW: Box and Whiskers #2 A-G

Tuesday: more practice with Measures of Center and we started with Measures of Variability HW: Finish sheet

Monday: Today we reviewed Measures of Central Tendency (MEAN, MEDIAN, & MODE) and used it to make inferences about our data.  HW: finish M.O.C. Sheet



FRIDAY: M&M performance task.  ENJOY your break 🙂

Thursday: Analyzing samples to make inferences about a population HW: pg. 547 #3,4,5,7, &11


Wednesday– We took out Quiz on populations ad samples today and the kids did great!  The combined class average was 79%; I am so proud.  Unit 4 tests were handed back today.  Students have until Friday to complete and turn in test corrections and the retake problems highlighted in their packet.  HW: Work on test corrections

Tuesday- Today we learned about populations vs samples and biased vs. unbiased samples  HW: Sheet- biased vs unbiased samples

Monday- Finished out unit 4 test and previewed vocab for unit 5


2/4-2/8 Quiz on Tuesday…TEST on Friday

Friday: Unit 4 Test

Thursday: Today we reviewed for the quiz.  HW: Review sheet.  Below are answer keys for the review sheets

Wednesday: Today we learned about VOLUME.  HW: Study Guide- Circles 

Below are the study guides  answers for Triangles and Angles:


Tuesday: We had our quiz on Circles and surface area today!  HW: Study guide- ANGLES

Monday:  Because we had the performing arts concert (and 6th block did not have class today), the quiz has been pushed to tomorrow!   Students do have practice questions that we reviewed in class that they can work on to continue preparing for the quiz.  HW: Study guide (questions about triangles)