Week of 8/13- 8/17

Friday, 8/17:  Today we used the CUBES strategy to solve word problems!  Study Guides were given out today and are due Tuesday.


Thursday 8/16: Today we used technology to enhance our understanding of integers.  We were able to play monster quiz where students competed in teams against each other.  HW: Complete sheet (only highlighted problems)  Need help? watch this video –> Mult & Dividing

Wednesday 8/15: Today we learned the rules for multiplying and dividing integers and practiced our skills!  HW: Mult. and Dividing Integer sheet

Tuesday 8/14: Today was quiz day! Students were able to demonstrate their level of mastery with adding & subtracting integers as well as absolute value.  HW: watch –>   X and / integers

multiplying and dividing integers

Monday, 8/13:  Today we completed a scavenger hunt to practice our skills with integers and absolute value, then worked on a Quiz review sheet to make sure we are prepared for the quiz tomorrow!  HW: Finish Quiz Review Packet Answer key is below:



Friday: 8/10: Today we worked with double negatives.  No HW 🙂 

REMINDER  **Quiz is on TUESDAY, 8/14

Thursday, 8/9: Today we worked on adding integers!  HW: Sum Up Sheet

Integer Song

Wednesday, August 8th: Today we used a number line to model expressions with integers.  HW: Sheet- Only the left side 🙂 


Tuesday, August 7th: Today we used counters and drew models to represent zero pairs/additive inverse.  HW: Complete Handout


Monday, August 6th: Today we learned about absolute value and placing integers on a number line.  HW: page 11 Problems 1-11 ODD only and get Unit 1 Parent Letter signed.

If you need some additional review click here to watch a short video: Finding Absolute Value



What an awesome opening day (besides the weather)  This week we will go over the syllabus, reinforce rules/procedures & Expectations, organize our OMG (math notebook) and review our 6th grade skills.

Homework: Get syllabus signed


Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  I hope you have fully enjoyed your summer and are ready for an excellent year!

Orientation is Tuesday, 7/31.
– 6th Grade: 12:30 – 1:30 PM
– 7th & 8th Grade: 2:00 – 3:00 PM



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