Math 7 SG

Q2 Week 5 11/13-11/17

Monday- Proportions- using tables

Tuesday- proportions cross multiplying

Wednesday- proportions practice with tables and cross multiplying

Thursday- proportions with graphing

Friday- Quiz

Q2 Week 5

Monday- Unit rate

Tuesday- No School

Wednesday- Comparing Unit rates

Thursday- Complex unit rates

Friday- Quiz

Quarter 2 week 4  10/30-11/3

Monday- Review Equations & Inequalities  HW: complete 10 problems of your choice on study guide

Tuesday- Review, jeopardy and go over study guide.  HW: have fun trick or treating 🙂 

Wednesday- Unit 2B test HW: None


Friday- Begin UNIT 3!!


Quarter 2 week 3         10/23-27

Monday- 2 step equations (notes and box method) HW: 4 problems on sheet

Tuesday- 2 step Equations (do/undo chart) HW: 2 step maze 

Wednesday- 1 step inequalities  HW: pg 315 1-6

Thursday- 2 step Inequalities  HW: pg. 322 1-9

Friday- Inequalities  HW: none


Quarter 2 Week 2            10/16-10/20          Conference week.

Monday- 1 step equations (addition and subtraction) HW: sheet 1-4

Tuesday- 1 step equations (multiplication and division) HW Sheet 1-6

Wednesday- review 1 step equations all operations  HW: sheet 1-9

Thursday- QUIZ!! (1 step all operations)

Friday- 2 step equations


Quarter 2- Week 1  10/9-10/13

Monday- Review Stations for Test Tomorrow! HW- Quizizz Code: 976315

Tuesday- TEST- Distributive property, translating & evaluating expressions HW: Quizizz Code: 976315
Wednesday- One step Equations    PRACTICE: Basketball   or Connect 4  or Matching (all operations)  balancing equations HW:
Thursday-One step Inequalities, graphing inequalities  HW:
Friday- 2 step equations


Week 9 10/2-10/6   QUIZ ON FRIDAY!!

Monday- Evaluating expressions by substitution HW- complete 1/2 sheet

Tuesday- Identifying expressions, equations, and inequalities; evaluating expressions by combining like terms then substation HW: Complete #s 2,3,4, & 5

Wednesday- Translating Algebraic Expressions and equations.  Vocab word sort  HW: Verbal translation sheet

Thursday- Station review (distributive property, combining like terms, substitution, verbal translations)

Friday- Quiz Day 🙂


Week 8 9/18-9/22

Monday- combining like terms sorting activity, cut, paste &simplify activity HW: complete Cut, paste & simplify activity #s 5-10  combining like terms tutorial

Tues. No class due to IOWA testing…LAST DAY OF TESTING!!!

Wed.- Combining like terms review activity,  HW: Play Quizizz: use code 456816          Practice combining like terms here ——> Online quiz 

Thurs. Distributive property with Combo Meals

Fri- Stations for combining like terms, properties & distributive property


Week 7: 9/11-9/15

Mon. & Tues.- No School

Wed.- Properties HW– pg 185# 1-10 even

Thursday- Combining like terms  HW pg. 205 1-10 ODD Combining Like Terms Practice 

Friday- No Class due to IOWA Testing



Week 6: 9/5-9/8   Unit 1B test this THURSDAY

Monday: No School.  Happy Labor Day!

Tues: Computing decimals (all 4 operations) HW: Study Guide #1-10  schmoop decimal video

Wed: Study Guide; review game  HW: Study Guide

Thurs: Test



WEEK 5   8/28-9/1

Mon.- Tests were handed back today and test corrections forms were given out.  Retest will be on WednesdayToday we reviewed adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing DECIMALS          HW:        Schmoop decimal video

Tues.- Fractions – adding       HW:        fractions to deicmals       Fraction Video

Wed.-  Early release day- adding & Subtracting Fractions HW: sheet on fractions (10 problems)

Thurs.- Multiplying and dividing fractions  HW: ODD problems on sheet. Quiz tomorrow

Fri.- Test corrections DUE & Retest Today or Tuesday!! Quiz today- Converting fractions to decimals, decimals to fractions, comparing & computations with fractions


WEEK 4   8/21-8/25       TEST THIS WEEK!!

Mon.- Eclipse Math.  We are going to make calculations about the solar eclipse!! HW: None

Tuesday: Integer Review Game and  Study Guides will be handed out today.  HW: Complete 2nd page of SG

Wednesday: Integer Review Game, Work on Study Guide HW: Finish SG, come in with questions!! Play Quizizz for additional practice

Directions: go to

Enter code: 579390

Thursday: SG Check- Final Review HW: Study for test

Friday: UNIT 1 TEST 🙂 You got this!! HW: NONE




Week 3  8/14-8/18

Mon.  Quizzes were returned.  Corrections and retake are due Wednesday.   New Concept: Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers  HW: pg. 53 (1-6) & pg. 63 (1-8)    MC Santi Quotient/Product Song

Tues. Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers  HW: pg 55 (24-30 EVEN)

Wed. We will be taking the Math Inventory 🙂  HW: NONE

Thurs.  Word Problems & review of the integer rules  HW: finish review sheet letters G-O

Fri.- MATH-O review game, start study guide HW: NONE


Week 2

8/7 Absolute Value & Additive Inverse   HW: pg. 11 # 11-11 ODD Schmoop video     HW: pg. 11 #1-11 ODD

8/8   +/- Integers   Integer Song  HW: Finish problems on sheet

8/9   +/- Integers  HW: Pg. 35 #1-12 ALL   Math Matrix

8/10    +/- Integers HW: finish Color Me Integer Sign rap

8/11 Multiplying & Diving Integers Sign Song



Week 1

7/31 Rules/procedures/expectations/skunk

8/1 Parent Letter/Sumer Math Review- +/- fractions

8/2 Summer Math Review Multiplying and dividing fractions

8/3 Summer Math/OMG notebooks

8/4 Grade Summer Math/ OMG Notebooks