Study Skills

February 12th-16th: Math Skill


Surface Area Practice: Quizziz Code: 047061

**Remember to fill in your agenda for EACH CLASS!**  Agendas and binders are checked and graded on Friday!!

This week we will focus on the importance of formulas and how to use them and  LWPC (a problem solving strategy to help solve word problems).


February 5th-9th: Reading Strategies

This week students will practice visualization, identifying important details, inferencing, and vocabulary skills through a variety of activities.  ** Remember to fill in your agenda for EACH class!

Progress reports go out on Friday!


January 29-February 2: Punctuality and Preparedness

This week Students will watch a video and identify how poor decisions can impact them at school.  They will also play “spy” and keep track on infractions of their peers as well as themselves.

January 22-26: Organization

Friday: Reflection/self-evaluation of personal binder, grade check, tracker sheet completed

Thursday: Peer assessment of binder: grading based on rubric

Wednesday: Students will grade their personal binder based on rubric guidelines

TuesdayStudents will fill out a checklist on their personal binder and make improvements where needed.

Monday: Students will watch a short video on organization and identify effects of poor organizational skills.

January 16th-19th: Time Management

Tuesday: Time Wasters: students will take a survey to identify what they do in a normal school week and  will use the results to figure out where they might have some extra time.


January 8th-12th- Goal Setting

Friday:  Summarizer:  how are your school and personal goals related?  Notebook/Agenda check, grade check

Wednesday/Thursday:  Block schedule; Create an action plan for academic goals set.  Scale factor project (reinforce math skills)

Tuesday: Create 2 SMART academic goals for Q3

Monday: School Cancelled


Happy New Year 🙂 1/4 & 15/2018

Friday: Goal Setting for Quarter 3, set up agenda for January

Thursday: Goals (long term, medium term and short term)

Q2 Week 9: Culminating Project

This week students will work in partners to complete the culminating project for quarter 2.  They will create a visual representation and give an oral presentation of one of the 9 topics covered this quarter.

Q2 W8: focus Rewards 12/11-12/20

Friday: binder, agenda, & grade check

Thursday: Goal Setting Survey

Math Quiz

Along with the day to day study skills tasks, students will be working on their culminating project this week.  Presentations will start next week!

Q2 W7: focus Preparing for Tests

Monday:  How to learn faster

Tuesday: Studying smarter not harder

Wednesday: study skills for test prep

Thursday: Implement a strategy taught this week

Friday:  Analyze SMART GOAL for the week…….EARLY RELEASE……Enjoy the SNOW DAY!!

Q2 W6 focus Note taking

Monday:  How do I take notes?  What works/doesn’t work?

Tuesday: Identifying verbal cues from teachers

Wednesday:  3 step method

Thursday: Reflection- students will review their notes from each content and make suggestions on how to improve them.

Friday: 3 step method in practice

Q2 W5: focus MATH

Monday- How to use formulas

Tuesday- Breaking apart word problems

Wednesday- organizing our math books

Thursday- Breaking apart word problems

Friday- Binder check, set up agenda for week after break, reflection


Quarter 2 Week 4

Monday- Preparedness- identifying if students are using time wisely during the school day (bathroom breaks, locker breaks)

Tuesday- independent study time   goal survey

Wednesday- independent study time  Survey:  math survey

Thurs.- Flipped schedule ( study skills will be held 2nd block due to PSAT testing for 8th grade

Fri.- Binder check, tracjer sheet


Quarter 2 week 3   10/23-27  FOCUS: ORGANIZATION

Monday- locker clean out, tracker sheet, independent study

Tuesday- Bookbag clean out, tracker sheet, independent study

Wednesday- binder organization reflection, tracker sheet, independent study

Thursday- tracker sheet, independent study

Friday- tracker sheet, independent study


Quarter 2 week 2  10/16-10/20   Conference Week  Focus: Time Management

Monday- Time management (prioritizing tasks)

Tuesday-  Action Plans

Wednesday- No class (winter sports assembly)

Thursday- Action Plans

Friday- Tracker and Binder check


Quarter 2 Week 1 10/9-10/13  Focus: Goal Setting

Monday- SMARTies activity

Tuesday- Identifying SMART goals

Wed.- Creating SMART goal for Q2

Thursday- SMART Goal and creating an action plan

Friday- Finalizing Action Plan


Week 9   – 10/2- 10/6   Focus: Reward Yourself

Monday: Meeting Expectations procedures to participate in movie day, reflection on SMART goals for this Quarter

Tuesday: Motivation

Wed.: Summarizing Progress

Thurs.: Movie

Fri.: Movie


Week 8- 9/18-9/22 Focus: Test taking strategies

Monday: Test anxiety- Accommodations

Tuesday: Common test terms:  Quizlet

Wed.: Test taking strategies

Thurs.: Accuracy

Fri.: Put into practice (4 corners)

Week 7: Focus: note taking

Monday: Note taking in school and in your career (ppt &scavenger hunt & guess my career )

Tuesday: 3 ways to take notes: outlining, bubble maps, Cornell notes with short paragraph

Wed.: Practice the 3 methods learned yesterday with “The Red Effect”

Thurs.: Math Doodle notes

Fri.: Pick a strategy from yesterday and apply it to a science article


WEEK 6: 9/5- 9/8  This week’s focus is on MATH SKILLS

Monday:  No School.  Happy Labor Day!

Tuesday: Daily tracker (Agenda & Binder), Math Skills Tip 1: Know your facts

Wed: Daily tracker (Agenda & Binder), Math Skills Tip 2: Asking for help

Thurs: Daily tracker (Agenda & Binder), Math Skills Tip 3: Math Vocab

Fri.: Daily tracker Check, Math Skills Tip 4: Study tips


WEEK 5 8/28- 9/1 This week’s focus is on READING SKILLS

Monday-Thursday: Students will complete the Study Skills Tracker Sheet

Mon.& Tues.- SQ3R. Students will  watch a video and take notes about the SQ3R method to help them better comprehend non-fiction texts.  They will create a bookmark identifying the steps with visual cues for later use.

Wed.- Early Release Day.  Students will partner up and start a scavenger hunt identifying and applying the SQ3R Method

Thurs.- Students will complete the scavenger hunt using their Science Textbook to help them prepare for the Science Test on Friday.

Friday- Independent practice.  students will use a SQ3R Graphic Organizer on a chapter from their textbook.  Binder/Agenda checked and Graded for the week



WEEK 4: 8/21-8/25 FOCUS: Punctuality & Preparedness

Mon.- Students will analyze logos to determine meaning and then create & display their own logos.

Tues– Punctuality ppt.,  Students will complete an activity to identify the difference between valid/not valid excuses

Wed- Students will rank real world situations in order of importance

Thurs.- Students will discuss how being late to class, leaving to use restroom or get things from locker affects outcome and learning

Fri.-  Students will  watch Punctuality Cartoon, listen for tip to incorporate next week.  Then, they will  Complete “Next Week’s Focus” on tracking sheet with a punctuality tip




WEEK 3– 8/14-8/18 Focus: Organization

Mon.- Routines: 1. Students will read & take notes on HW Dos and Don’ts                                                                                                                            2.  Students will complete the HW self assessment                                                                                                                                                           HW: 1. get solar Eclipse Permission Slip signed                                                                                                                                                                2. incorporate at least 1 HW “DO” 

Tues- Routines: Students will create a to-do list and complete the summary activity                                                                                                                           HW: incorporate at least 1 HW “DO” 

Wed.- Organized Workspace: 1. read & take notes on “What Makes a Workspace Work”                                                                                                                                                          2. complete workspace inventory                                                                                                                                                                                                      HW: incorporate at least 1 HW “DO”

Thurs- Organized Workspace: students will interview a classmate about their workspace and make recommendations to improve it                                  HW: incorporate at least 1 HW “DO”

Fri.- Web resources: 1. Students will review and rate an educational website                                                                                                                                                               2. Students will crate a list of commonly accessed sites with need usernames and passwords                                                                                              HW: NONE 🙂

WEEK 2 FOCUS: Time Management

8/7 Time Management- How Well Do I Manage My Time?

8/8 Daily schedule Review

8/9 Procrastination self assessment    Procrastination Self Assessment

8/10 Task Analysis

8/11 Reflection

Week 1 FOCUS: Setting Goals

7/31- procedures/expectations

8/1- Learning Styles Inventory.  Click the link: Learning Styles Inventory

8/2 IEP Scavenger Hunt

8/3 SMART Goals

8/4 My Goals