Study Skills

Q2 Week 5- focus MATH

Monday- How to use formulas

Tuesday- Breaking apart word problems

Wednesday- organizing our math books

Thursday- Breaking apart word problems

Friday- Binder check, set up agenda for week after break, reflection


Quarter 2 Week 4

Monday- Preparedness- identifying if students are using time wisely during the school day (bathroom breaks, locker breaks)

Tuesday- independent study time   goal survey

Wednesday- independent study time  Survey:  math survey

Thurs.- Flipped schedule ( study skills will be held 2nd block due to PSAT testing for 8th grade

Fri.- Binder check, tracjer sheet


Quarter 2 week 3   10/23-27  FOCUS: ORGANIZATION

Monday- locker clean out, tracker sheet, independent study

Tuesday- Bookbag clean out, tracker sheet, independent study

Wednesday- binder organization reflection, tracker sheet, independent study

Thursday- tracker sheet, independent study

Friday- tracker sheet, independent study


Quarter 2 week 2  10/16-10/20   Conference Week  Focus: Time Management

Monday- Time management (prioritizing tasks)

Tuesday-  Action Plans

Wednesday- No class (winter sports assembly)

Thursday- Action Plans

Friday- Tracker and Binder check


Quarter 2 Week 1 10/9-10/13  Focus: Goal Setting

Monday- SMARTies activity

Tuesday- Identifying SMART goals

Wed.- Creating SMART goal for Q2

Thursday- SMART Goal and creating an action plan

Friday- Finalizing Action Plan


Week 9   – 10/2- 10/6   Focus: Reward Yourself

Monday: Meeting Expectations procedures to participate in movie day, reflection on SMART goals for this Quarter

Tuesday: Motivation

Wed.: Summarizing Progress

Thurs.: Movie

Fri.: Movie


Week 8- 9/18-9/22 Focus: Test taking strategies

Monday: Test anxiety- Accommodations

Tuesday: Common test terms:  Quizlet

Wed.: Test taking strategies

Thurs.: Accuracy

Fri.: Put into practice (4 corners)

Week 7: Focus: note taking

Monday: Note taking in school and in your career (ppt &scavenger hunt & guess my career )

Tuesday: 3 ways to take notes: outlining, bubble maps, Cornell notes with short paragraph

Wed.: Practice the 3 methods learned yesterday with “The Red Effect”

Thurs.: Math Doodle notes

Fri.: Pick a strategy from yesterday and apply it to a science article


WEEK 6: 9/5- 9/8  This week’s focus is on MATH SKILLS

Monday:  No School.  Happy Labor Day!

Tuesday: Daily tracker (Agenda & Binder), Math Skills Tip 1: Know your facts

Wed: Daily tracker (Agenda & Binder), Math Skills Tip 2: Asking for help

Thurs: Daily tracker (Agenda & Binder), Math Skills Tip 3: Math Vocab

Fri.: Daily tracker Check, Math Skills Tip 4: Study tips


WEEK 5 8/28- 9/1 This week’s focus is on READING SKILLS

Monday-Thursday: Students will complete the Study Skills Tracker Sheet

Mon.& Tues.- SQ3R. Students will  watch a video and take notes about the SQ3R method to help them better comprehend non-fiction texts.  They will create a bookmark identifying the steps with visual cues for later use.

Wed.- Early Release Day.  Students will partner up and start a scavenger hunt identifying and applying the SQ3R Method

Thurs.- Students will complete the scavenger hunt using their Science Textbook to help them prepare for the Science Test on Friday.

Friday- Independent practice.  students will use a SQ3R Graphic Organizer on a chapter from their textbook.  Binder/Agenda checked and Graded for the week



WEEK 4: 8/21-8/25 FOCUS: Punctuality & Preparedness

Mon.- Students will analyze logos to determine meaning and then create & display their own logos.

Tues– Punctuality ppt.,  Students will complete an activity to identify the difference between valid/not valid excuses

Wed- Students will rank real world situations in order of importance

Thurs.- Students will discuss how being late to class, leaving to use restroom or get things from locker affects outcome and learning

Fri.-  Students will  watch Punctuality Cartoon, listen for tip to incorporate next week.  Then, they will  Complete “Next Week’s Focus” on tracking sheet with a punctuality tip




WEEK 3– 8/14-8/18 Focus: Organization

Mon.- Routines: 1. Students will read & take notes on HW Dos and Don’ts                                                                                                                            2.  Students will complete the HW self assessment                                                                                                                                                           HW: 1. get solar Eclipse Permission Slip signed                                                                                                                                                                2. incorporate at least 1 HW “DO” 

Tues- Routines: Students will create a to-do list and complete the summary activity                                                                                                                           HW: incorporate at least 1 HW “DO” 

Wed.- Organized Workspace: 1. read & take notes on “What Makes a Workspace Work”                                                                                                                                                          2. complete workspace inventory                                                                                                                                                                                                      HW: incorporate at least 1 HW “DO”

Thurs- Organized Workspace: students will interview a classmate about their workspace and make recommendations to improve it                                  HW: incorporate at least 1 HW “DO”

Fri.- Web resources: 1. Students will review and rate an educational website                                                                                                                                                               2. Students will crate a list of commonly accessed sites with need usernames and passwords                                                                                              HW: NONE 🙂

WEEK 2 FOCUS: Time Management

8/7 Time Management- How Well Do I Manage My Time?

8/8 Daily schedule Review

8/9 Procrastination self assessment    Procrastination Self Assessment

8/10 Task Analysis

8/11 Reflection

Week 1 FOCUS: Setting Goals

7/31- procedures/expectations

8/1- Learning Styles Inventory.  Click the link: Learning Styles Inventory

8/2 IEP Scavenger Hunt

8/3 SMART Goals

8/4 My Goals