January 17

Africa Geo Summative – Remediation/Retest Info

Hi everyone!  I hope you are staying warm today!

Africa Summative grades have been posted in Synergy (except for the few students who could not access iRespond – your answer sheets are at school).  Take a look at your score to see if you need to retest.

If you need to retest, please COMPLETE the review guide posted here.  Review-Guide-Africa-Geo-Summative-ruotx9-2h0665h .  Since we have lost class time due to the weather, we will NOT use class time to remediate.  Be prepared to ASK questions if you need help on the review questions.  (I can answer questions anytime during class/homeroom time etc.)

You will be able to retest after completing the review guide AND studying.  I will be available next week at 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings to administer the retest.  If you are unable to come early, please DON’T worry.  Just let me know, and we WILL make other arrangements for you to test.

Enjoy the snow 🙂


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January 16


  1. Warm-ups 129-130
  2. Students took the Africa Geography  Summative today.  If you were absent, see me to make up the test.

*We are running critically low on tissues and cleaning wipes.  Please consider sending in supplies for our classroom!  Thank you!


finish the Discovery Ed. Video response assignment

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January 12

Class donations!

Please consider donating a box of tissue to our class.  We are almost finished with our last box.  We also are running low on disinfecting wipes and individually wrapped candies for rewards/prizes (jolly ranchers, dum-dums, mini size airheads etc.)

Thank you! 🙂

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January 12

Friday & Africa Geo Summative Review Games

Quizizz game code – 748061

Jeopardy – Africa Geo Jeopardy2-13vsiif

Quizlet Flashcards – https://quizlet.com/_49pkgd



  1. Warm-ups 127-128
  2. We discussed the religious diversity in Africa and then worked on the Discovery Ed video activity.  Most students need more time to finish the video clips, so we did not turn this in yet.  We will finish after the summative if there are ipads/laptops available.


  • study – Africa Geo summative is on Tuesday
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January 11


  1. Warm-up 125-126
  2. Students took the region/environment quiz today and then read about religious diversity in Africa.  Here is the religion article we used today.  Religious Diversity in Africa Text-1as662uWe will finish tomorrow along with the video activity.


Study for Africa Geo Summative – Tuesday (review guide posted yesterday)

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January 10


  1. Warm-ups 123-124
  2. Students continued the Discovery Ed Video Assignment and Response sheet today.   We will have computers again on Friday for those who need to finish.
  3. It was announced today that we will have the Africa Geo Summative test on Tuesday, 1/16/18.  The review guide is posted in the “Africa – Geography” page and here.  Review Guide Africa Geo Summative-ruotx9  We will complete our last standard activity after tomorrow’s quiz and then review/finish video activities on Friday.


  • regions & environment formative quiz tomorrow – review page A4-A5 in binder and quizizz game code:  821952
  • Africa Geo Summative – Tuesday 1/16
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January 9


  1. Warm-ups 121-122
  2. Students checked A4 regions & environment notes today by trying to answer comprehension questions page A5.  Students revisited posters or used the “shortcut” article to skim for any information they missed.  After that, we started the Video Response Activity.  We will continue this tomorrow.

Regions Article: 2018 Regions of Africa Articles-rhv56a


  • Checkpoint quiz Thursday – review A4-A5
  • Quizizz game code:  821952
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January 5


  1. No regular warm-up today.
  2. Students used the “I Survived” posters to complete an organizer for their binder.  We also completed a short exit ticket.  On Monday, we will check the information on the organizer and watch some video clips on the different regions of Africa.  Bring headphones/earbuds!


  • No written homework, but you can always review your notes 🙂
  • Bring headphones/earbuds for Monday and Tuesday
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January 4


  1. Warm-ups were turned in today.
  2. Students finished the “I Survived” survival posters today.  Students who didn’t finish have taken it home to complete.  We will use them tomorrow in class.
  3. Egypt Escape Room – Students who had time tried the escape room activity!


  • finish up your poster if you didn’t finish in class
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