What We Are Learning!



Look At What We Are Learning In The Classroom

Readers Workshop: Good Reader Habits, Independent Reading Time, Reading with Expression, Using our Reading Strategies (picture clues, sounding out words, beginning and ending sounds), Characters and Setting with Major Events & Key Details, Fiction vs Nonfiction

Writers Workshop: Narrative story writing/ A story about yourself
Thinking of ideas, planning for writing, illustrations, and stretching words to spell them. We are now working on connecting words (temporal words/transitional words) in a story such as first, next, then, last etc. Reminders: Spacing, neat handwriting, capitalization, and punctuation!

Phonics: Spelling Patterns in Words & Sight Words
Math: Counting to 120, Counting on From a Given Number, Place Value (tens/ones), Addition and Subtraction Strategies (picture, ten frame, number line, fact families), Word Problems to 10, Measurement

Social Studies: Where We Live- city, county, state, nation, and continent, Maps and Globes
Ideas to work on at home:
1. Complete the weekly homework in the journal: spelling tests are always on Friday!
2. Review and practice your sight word list!
3. Read at night and discuss characters, setting, and key events/details in a story. Color in a picture on your reading log.

Dates To Remember

September 17, 18 (Monday and Tuesday) – IOWA Testing for 3rd and 5th grade, due to testing on these days our lunch time is 12:08. We will resume our regular schedule on Wednesday.
September 18 (Tuesday) – Box Top Are Due
September 19 (Wednesday) – PTSA Reflection Workshop 6:30 pm (visit www.freyspark.org for more information)
September 23 (Sunday) – First Day of Fall
September 24 – September 28: Fall Break ~ No School
October 2 (Tuesday) – Reflections Are Due
October 4 (Thursday) – PTSA Meeting With 5th Grade Performance 6:30 pm
October 10 (Wednesday) – End of the 1st 9 Weeks
October 11 (Thursday) – Early Release Day 12:30 Dismissal (changes in specials and lunch schedule)
October 15 – October 19: Conference Week (Early Release Week at 12:30 – more information to come)

Updates/ Dates to Remember

Progress Report
Your child brought home their progress report. The report includes an assessment of first grade sight words and a math snapshot. Please praise your child for his/her successes and review the areas that need more practice. Keep in mind that this report provides a small glimpse into the academic standards that we are currently working on. We will continue to work on these and many more areas until Conference Week. Thank you for your support!

Dates to Remember
September 5, 6, 7: CogAT Testing
September 7: Homework Begins
September 11: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night 5:00 pm-8:00 pm
September 10: Guidance Lesson
September 24-28: Fall Break No School

Important Dates + What We Are Learning- 1st Nine Weeks


Dates To Remember:

August 22- PICTURE DAY!

August 29- Early Release Schedule

August 30- Multi Cultural [email protected] 6:30


Readers Workshop:

Reading Poetry, Big Books and Great Children’s Literature

Creating our Book Boxes with Leveled Readers

Review our reading strategies, compare stories, and discuss basic comprehension questions!

Writers Workshop:

Writing narrative stories using spacing, punctuation, neat handwriting, and complete sentences!


Sight Word Review Games


Counting to 120, Graphing, Problem Solving, Addition and Subtraction Review and Representing a Number

Science/Social Studies/Health:

Weather Unit in Science



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  1. Guidance lesson on Wednesday and Learning Commons on Friday.  These are our “last” visits for the 1st grade year.
  2. On Friday, students will have the final math fact test and final spelling test.  Please return the homework journal on Friday . . . however, we will not add anything new since 1st grade will have no homework in May!
  3. Progress Reports will come home on Friday- This is in a packet form including a graphing assessment, math snap-shot test, writing sample and content description page!
  4. The school dance, Under the Sea, will be on Friday from 6-8 pm.  Glow items will be on sale this Thursday and Friday in the front lobby. Information sheet coming home today.*
  5. Frey will be collecting spare change this week for our Exceptional Children’s Week.  The house winner will have Pops with the Cops  (Acworth Police Officers) on Friday. All money will go to the City of Acworth and the programs they have for Exceptional Children.
  6. Here is a message from PTSA in regards to school supply kits:

From PTSA:  Teachers are excited to announce their support of the SchoolKidz, School Supply Kit Program! The supply kits create a uniform and organized learning environment and your child will be prepared for the 1st day of school with a kit that contains the exact items required for the year.

Back-to-school shopping has never been so easy!  Your supply kit will include quality supplies needed for success in the classroom. Plus, this program will save you time and money. Ordering info will be coming soon. Make sure to place your order during the sale. Information is coming home today!


Lastly, I would like to give a warm welcome to our new student from Ohio, Isabella Disimille- We ARE SO GLAD YOU’VE JOINED THE BEST SCHOOL IN THE NATION!!! Thank you all for supporting Frey and sending in your helpful BoxTops!

4th Quarter Content

Fourth Nine Weeks in 1st Grade

1st Grade Math Fourth 9 Weeks

  • Organize and represent data
  • 2D and 3D , Partition circles and rectangles, build and draw shapes
  • Place Value for numbers 20-99, Add within 100 using place value
  • Add 10 more, Subtract multiples of 10, Add within 100
  • Addition & Subtraction within 20 ( counting on, make a ten, decompose a number to make 10, picture representation, fact families)
  • Addition of 3 numbers
  • Using the symbols <  >  and = to compare numbers
  • Determines the unknown number in an addition or subtraction equation         ( 8 + __ = 11  or 15 – ___ = 9)
  • Fact Families/Relationship between addition and subtraction (8+4=12 and 12-8=4)
  • Word Problems within 20

1st grade ELA Fourth 9 Weeks

  • Narrative, Information, and Opinion Story Writing (spacing, handwriting, punctuation, capitalize dates and names, capitalize beginning letter, proper grammar)
  • Reading Fluency (Level I/16 or higher)
  • Comprehension ( main topic, key details of text, central message, point of view, information text features, compare and contrast stories/characters)
  • Phonics and Spelling Rules/Digraphs, Vowel Teams
    ai/ay  ee/ea  oa/oe/ow  ie/igh  ue/ui/ew    and   final vowel e rule
  • Sight Word Recognition (200 or more sight words)

Science, Social Studies, & Health Fourth 9 Weeks

  • Science: Plants and Animals
  • Social Studies:
    George Washington Carver
    Ruby Bridges
  • Health:  Safety Strategies at Home


4/10-4/13, 4/16-4/18:  3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Milestones Testing

4/10:  Chick Fil A Night 5:00-8:00 pm

4/13:   Stem Lab Visit

4/13:   Math Test, Spelling Test, Homework Journals Due

4/20:   Stem Lab Visit

4/20:   Math Test, Spelling Test, Homework Journals Due

4/20:   Movie Night 6:30-9:30 pm

March Happenings…. IT’S STEM-TASTIC!

Hello Families,

Thank you in advance for your kind donations last week, and this week throughout our Stem Campaign!! We are seeking 100% participation from Mrs. Elmore’s Electronic Engineers. Every bit of what we collect will go towards helping our students to be successful in STEM. Our class benefits from STEM with use of iPads, circuits, robots, and other engaging experiences that I can provide thanks to the amazing foundation- YOU!! We are AIMING HIGH to win the pizza party if our entire class can make a small donation.  Last year my class won 100% participation, and therefore this year’s class have been enjoying using the fun Magformers that we won last year!! Below are a few positive reminders of why we continue to support the STEM-TASTIC Campaign at Frey. I am personally a HUGE advocate for STEM in the classroom; I am excited to continue fostering the love of STEM learning with my little scientists. The live donation link is below for your sharing convenience.  Check out some of the fun STEM learning moments we have shared throughout this year! :0)




Join us today in our STEM-tastic Campaign by helping to raise funds for continued resources in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics instruction at Frey.  YOU are the Frey Foundation, and your students need your support! Visit the Foundation link on our website to learn more, and please share the link below with any businesses and/or individuals that might wish to give a tax-free donation on behalf of your student and their teacher!



  • We only do this once a year
  • Straight Donations in student’s name only(paper or online)
  • No Outside Company Used
  • Nothing To Sell
  • Reaches Outside The Family Too($5-$10 donations in your student’s name can add up pretty quickly)
  • Tax-deductible 501-3c
  • 100% of funds raised go directly to STEM instruction and resources at FREY

Important Dates: 

  1. Early Release day is Wednesday March 14th We will have a change in our specials and lunch schedule that day.  School will dismiss at 12:20.
  2. End of the 3rd Nine Weeks is 3/14.  Report Cards Go Home on Wednesday March 21st.
  3. Friday will be our math and spelling test. Students will also return homework journals.
  4. March 19th is a WELLSTAR VISIT
  5. Zoo trip-March 28th


Quarter 3 -Content & Important Dates


Readers Workshop:

Level G or Above Reading for the end of the 3rd Nine Weeks

Central Message or Lesson from a Story
Main Idea and Key Details
Identifies Who is Telling a Story at Various Points in a Text
Compares and Contrasts Adventures and Characters in a Story

Writers Workshop:

Opinion Writing / Introduce a Topic, State an Opinion, Supplies Reasons for the Opinion, and Provides a Sense of Closure

Uses Singular and Plural Nouns and Verbs Correctly in a Sentence

Reminders:  Spacing, Neat Handwriting, Capitalization, and Punctuation!


Spelling Patterns in Words (Digraphs) with sh, th, ch, wh, ck, ph, ng.  These words have two letters that spell one sound.
Vowel Sounds and Vowel Teams:  ai/ay, ee/ea, oa/oe/ow, ie/igh, ue/ui/ew
Sight Words (150 words by March)


Compares two digit numbers with < > and =
Add 10 more or 10 less, Subtract multiples of 10
Balanced Math Equations/True False Equations (9+1=6+4 or 3+2=2+3)
Counting to 120, Counting on From a Given Number
Place Value 20-99, Add within 100 using Place Value
Addition & Subtraction within 20
Problem Solving within 20
Fact Families and Related Equations (9+2=11 and 11-2=9)
Using Doubles and “Ten” to Solve Math Problems



Ideas to work on at home:

  1. Complete the weekly homework in the journal:  spelling word tests are always on Friday!
  2. Practice your sight word lists!
  3. Read at night and discuss characters, setting, and key events/details in a story.  Color in a picture on your reading log in the notebook.


Dates to Remember

1/13 Guidance Lesson

1/15 No School for Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

1/19 Science Fair Entries Due

1/23 2nd Grade Performance 6:00 pm/ PTSA

1/26 Crazy Sock Day for Relay for Life $1.00 Donations

1/30 Zaxby’s Spirit Night

1/31 Reading Log Due

December Happenings…..



Dear Parents,

I hope that you all had a restful and memorable Thanksgiving! It was so great to welcome the students back today, I missed them very much!  Today students glued in a new spelling list into their homework journals- we will have a sight word spelling test this Friday over the listed words.

** Our First Grade Holiday bingo & breakfast celebration will be on Monday, Dec. 18th  from 8:30-9:30. Please plan to join us for a morning of holiday fun!** A sign up genius link will be emailed soon for breakfast food donations

*You will find a “decorate a gingerbread” project letter due Wednesday, Dec.6th This is a fun family project to decorate the gingerbread boy/girl paper using creativity and imagination. We will showcase the gingerbread people in the hallway.


*Starting Friday, each student will have an opportunity to bring home Gingerbread Fred (boys), or Gingerbread Ginger (girls) for one night to share an adventure with. When it is your child’s day to take home Ginger or Fred, each student will document their experience inside Fred/Ginger’s special journal. Please remember to send Fred or Ginger back with the box and journal the next day with your child to ensure that every students gets a turn! You can take a photograph to add into Fred or Ginger’s book pages, or your child can simply illustrate their adventure with Ginger or Fred. This ongoing activity will begin this Friday and we will finish by the holiday break. On the inside cover of Fred/Ginger’s journal you will find more detailed instructions.


*Lastly, tomorrow there will be a Holiday Stocking letter sent home in each binder. This is an activity that the students will do the last week before break. I will provide and decorate a stocking for each student; we offer an opportunity for parents to send in a small “stocking stuffer” gift item for your student to stuff into 20 classmate stockings. Some popular items might be pencils, erasers, puzzles, or any other inexpensive trinket that your child would enjoy giving to their classmates.  You may start sending these items in now, and items are due by Monday 12/14


This is such a fun time of year that I am so thrilled to share with your child.  Thank you all in advance for your support and assistance with these activities. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Below you will see upcoming dates to remember.



Monday November 25- December 1: Penguin Patch Holiday Shop with PTSA  7:15-7:50 am

Wednesday November 29: Guidance Lesson

Thursday November 30:  STEM LAB Visit

Tuesday December 5: 3rd Grade Performance & PTSA Meeting 6:00 pm

Wednesday December 6:  STEM LAB Visit

Tuesday December 12: Chick Fil A Night 5:00 – 9:00 pm

Monday December 18:  Holiday Breakfast -8:30 am in our Classroom

Tuesday and Wednesday December 19 and December 20: Early Release Days 12:30 Dismissal

Wednesday December 20:  PJ Day and Hat Day ($1.00)

Thursday December 21 – Wednesday January 3:  Holiday Break

Thursday January 4:  Return to School



Thanksgiving Feast




Please join us for our annual Thanksgiving Feast next week! The First Grade Feast will be next Wednesday, November 15th from 10:45-11:25. Our class will be feasting at tables 1 and 2 in the Frey café. We will have sack lunches from the cafeteria on Tuesday and Thursday while the other grade levels have their feast.  The normal school day menu will not match on these two days, so please plan accordingly.  Also, please make sure your child’s lunch account has enough funds on Wednesday for the feast (for your child and visitors).  This will help ensure that the line moves quickly and we all have plenty of time to enjoy the feast.  Thank you!


Quarter 2 Content / Freyday on a Saturday!

Readers Workshop: Introducing Nonfiction Text and Good Reader Habits, Independent Reading Time, Reading with Expression, Using our Reading Strategies, Main Idea and Key Details, Text Features (headings, table of contents, glossaries), and Fiction vs Nonfiction.

Writers Workshop:    Informative Writing Introduction/ A topic, facts about the topic, a closing about the topic

Thinking of ideas, planning for writing, illustrations, and stretching words to spell them.  Reminders:  Spacing, neat handwriting, capitalization, and punctuation!

Phonics:  Spelling Patterns in Words (blends), Vowel sounds, singular and plural nouns,  & Sight Words (150 words by December)

Math:  Counting to 120,  Place Value 20-99, Counting on From a Given Number, Addition & Subtraction within 20, Problem Solving within 20, Fact Families, and Measurement (length and time)

Social Studies:  Benjamin Franklin

Ideas to work on at home:

  1. Complete the weekly homework in the journal:  spelling word tests are always on Friday!

2.Practice your sight word lists!

3.Read at night and discuss characters, setting, and key events/details in a story.  Color in a picture on your reading log in the notebook.


STEM CAN CHALLENGE:  Send your cans to school for our STEM Can Challenge.  We will be creating our design and begin building next week.  Thanks for your donations!


Frey Day on a Saturday- The fourth annual Frey Day on a Saturday clean-up day will be November 4th from 8:00-11:30 A.M. As the saying goes, many hands make light work. We hope to have an abundance of volunteers to help beautify our school campus. Please click the link below to sign-up. Thank you for AIMing HIGH!


 Dates to remember:

Monday October 23:  Reflections Reception for all participants

Wednesday October 25:  Guidance Lesson

Tuesday October 31:  Relay for Life Dress Up Day with a $5.00 donation!

Wednesday November 1:  STEM Lab Visit

Saturday November 4: Frey Day on a Saturday

Tuesday November 7:  NO SCHOOL/ Election Day