4th Quarter -What We Are Learning!


Next week Frey Elementary will celebrate “Exceptional Children’s Week.” We look forward to this, and my students are participating in the Special Needs Masterpiece by tracing and designing their hand print to be hung around the building.

Thank you all again for your support in the success of our 2019 STEM campaign! Our class will enjoy a pizza party sponsored by Frey soon. The campus looks beautiful, and we could not do without the help of our fantastic Frey families contributing on Freyday on a Saturday!

Below are some of the concepts and skills we are working on throughout the remaining fourth quarter

Readers Workshop:

Enjoying our Book Boxes with Leveled Readers/ Guided Reading Groups

Review our reading strategies, compare stories, and discuss basic comprehension questions… including what is the main idea of the story and what lesson did you learn?

Making Connections to Stories and Describing Your Favorite Part of the Story and Why

Answering Questions about a Story with a Complete Sentence

Sight Words Practice and Review

Writers Workshop:

We are beginning our informational Animal Research books. Our class will work on this ongoing project for about two weeks during writer’s workshop. We will then celebrate with an author’s share pair outside with popsicles to read/share our animal booklets.

We are continuing working on writing a variety of stories using spacing, punctuation, neat handwriting, descriptive language, temporal words/transition words and complete sentences!

Learning how to write poetry


Fix the Sentence Activities to Work on Correct Sentence Structure

Syllables, Vowel Teams, Singular & Plural Nouns, Verbs & Verb Tenses, Conjunctions and Exploring New Vocabulary

Math Workshop: 

2D and 3D shapes, Partitions or Equal parts of shapes

Graphing Reviewing Lessons


Word Problems with Addition and Subtraction to 20

Addition and Subtraction within 20 in Multiple Ways


Science/Social Studies/Health:

Social Studies:  George Washington Carver and Ruby Bridges- celebrating these American Heros and their important contributions.

STEM ….. STEM…. and more STEM!!!

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Thank you to all that participated, and attended our annual STEM NIGHT!  This event was a celebration of STEM and included hands-on engineering and engagement throughout the building to share STEM awareness.  The students attended a fun Friday pep rally to kick-off our STEM campaign!  Thank you to Frey families for helping us put technology in the hands of our young engineers to enrich, explore, and learn! Mrs. Elmore’s Electronic Engineers are a HUGE part of STEM at Frey, and I look forward to participating in this year’s campaign. Thank you in advance for you continued support, donations, and assistance to keep Frey the “BEST SCHOOL IN THE NATION!” 

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • 3/13: EARLY RELEASE-12:30 dismissal ( 1st grade will watch a Performing Arts assembly from 8:00-8:35.
  • 3/18: Elmore’s Class “SWAY” lesson/training for kids
  • 3/20: Kindergarten Registration
  • 3/21: Mrs. Elmore’s Class PIGGY OPERA performance in Mrs. Hurley’s room- 11:30-12:15
  • 3/22: ZOO permission forms due**
  • 3/22: SPRING PICTURE DAY!!!!!!
  • 3/22: Report Cards go home
  • 3/23: Acworth Daddy-Daughter Dance 7-9pm ( You can register online )
  • 3/26: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night 5:30-7:30
  • 3/27: Elmore’s Class “Landforms” lesson in the Creation Station
  • 4/1-4/5:Spring Break Holiday





Third 9 Weeks- Look what we are learning!

Third Nine Weeks 1st Grade

1st Grade Math Third 9 Weeks

  • Counting to 120/ Read and Write Numerals to 120/Count on from any given #
  • Place Value to add and subtract within 100 (ex. 24+9, 27+40, 70-30)
  • Comparing Numbers < > =
  • Addition & Subtraction to 10 fluently!
  • Addition and Subtraction Strategies within 20 (make a ten, decompose a number, related facts, equivalence, and simple representation)
  • Word Problems in Addition and Subtraction within 20
  • Addition and Subtraction Equations with Missing Numbers (ex.  ___ + 8 = 13 or 12 – ___ = 9)

1st grade ELA Third 9 Weeks

  • Opinion Writing
  • Technology:  Create a document using digital tools and resources
  • Reading Fluency (Level G or above)
  • Comprehension Skills for retelling a story with details, & Making Connections/Lesson of the Story
  • Point of View in a Story and Compares/Contrasts Stories & Characters
  • Print Features such as capital letters, punctuation and basic sentence structure
  • Grammar (singular, plural nouns, verbs) and Vocabulary
  • Phonics (common digraphs sh, th, wh, ch, br, cl, et.) Spelling Rules (ai/ay, ee/ea, oa/oe/ow, ie/igh, ue/ui/ew) and Syllables
  • Sight Word Recognition (150 is the goal)

Science, Social Studies, & Health Third 9 Weeks

  • Science: Basic Needs of Animals, Compares Animals
  • Social Studies: Theodore Roosevelt, Lewis & Clark, Sacagawea (contributions, past vs present day life, positive character traits, and influence on America), Landforms, Continents & Oceans
  • Health:  Muscles and Function in the Body

January Happenings…

Today a PTA SPARK letter is coming home with information about Box Tops, Frey Science Fair, Arbor Day, and our school dance! Thank you so much in advance for sending in the Box Tops; our class is still collecting until Jan. 22. The class with the most Box Tops collected will win a popsicle celebration.

  • Please remember there is NO school on Jan/21 for MLK holiday!

Also, CALLING ALL SCIENTIST!!!- This Wednesday Jan. 16th  all science fair project entrees are due to the learning commons. I hope to see some of my engineers participating in this year’s competition.


Arbor Day posters are due Feb.1. This is a creative poster contest to create and describe a tree in a “meme” to support Arbor Day at Frey. The grade level winners will go on to the next level to be celebrated at a banquet with the Mayor of Acworth. The class with the most participation will win a pizza celebration, yum! Looking forward to seeing those creative tree posters!


This Friday is our indoor movie night. Your family can dress in cozy pajamas and bring a blanket! There will be IHOP to order for families interested. $5-kids meal and $8-adult meals are available. Lastly, don’t forget to order your yearbook by Jan. 18th  at yearbookcenter.com  Use the CODE: 18885  This information has also been posted to my blog.

Holiday Happenings

Pawliday Drive for Animal Shelters & Rescues
Parents and Students,It is time for Frey’s Annual Holiday Drive for shelter pets! We will be accepting the following items to distribute to local animal shelters and rescues.Where do I donate? : Frey’s Front LobbyWhen can I donate? : November 27th to December 17th
If you have any questions, you may contact Mrs. Cassese at:
Thanks so much!!!
Needed items:
Pet beds Plastic grocery bags
Canned & bagged food Paper towels
Treats Cotton balls
Bowls & Toys Q-Tips
Used or new blankets & throws* Antibacterial Hand Soap
Used or new towels* Clorox Wipes*
Clumping cat litter* Bleach*
*Greatly needed

  • Dates to Remember
    Monday December 17: Holiday Party 8:30 am in our Classroom
  • Monday December 17: ALL STOCKING STUFFERS DUE!
    Thursday and Friday December 20 and December 21: Early Release Days 12:30 Dismissal (Lunch and Specials times change)
    Wednesday December 20: Rally for Childhood Cancer Fundraiser PJ Day and Hat Day $1.00 donation
    Monday December 24 – Friday January 4: Holiday Break
    Monday January 7: Students Return to School

Check out what we are learning this week!


It was such a pleasure to meet with everyone last week to discuss your child’s accomplishments. Your child’s success is truly a team effort between students, parents and school. I appreciate your support and please feel free to email me anytime you would like to meet. I am looking forward to another successful Nine Weeks of learning!

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Here is a peek of what we are working on!
Readers Workshop: Nonfiction Text, Independent Reading Time, Reading with Expression, Using our Reading Strategies (picture clues, sounding out, word within a word), Main Idea and Key Details, Text Features (headings, table of contents, glossaries), and Fiction vs Nonfiction.
Writers Workshop: Informative Writing – states a topic, facts about the topic, and a closing sentence.
Thinking of ideas, planning for writing, illustrations, and stretching words to spell them. Reminders: Spacing, neat handwriting, capitalization, and punctuation!

Phonics: Spelling Patterns in Words (digraphs and blends), Vowel sounds, Singular and Plural Nouns, and Sight Words (100 words or more by December)

Math: Counting to 120 starting at any given number, Place Value (tens and ones) 20-99, Addition and Subtraction within 20 using multiple strategies, Word Problem Solving within 20, Fact Families, True & False Equations, and Data (organizes and represents data up to 3 numbers).

Social Studies: Historical Figures – Contributions of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson
Science: Light/Shadow and Sound
Ideas to work on at home:
1. Complete the weekly homework in the journal: spelling word tests are always on Friday!
2. Practice your sight word lists!
3. Read at night and discuss characters, setting, and key events/details in a story. Color in a picture on your reading log.

October 26 (Friday): Illustrator Visit to Frey
October 27 (Saturday): Frey Day on a Saturday 9:00-12:00
October 30 (Tuesday): Learning Common Visit Story and Checkout
October 31 (Wednesday): Rally for Childhood Cancer Costume Dress Up Day for a donation of $1.00 and up! No Mask or Scary Costumes
October 31 (Wednesday): Fall Centers 12:30-1:30 pm
November 2 (Friday): Fall Festival 6:00-8:00 pm
November 4 (Sunday): Daylight Savings Time (Go back one hour)
November 6 (Tuesday): NO SCHOOL for Students/ Election Day

What We Are Learning!



Look At What We Are Learning In The Classroom

Readers Workshop: Good Reader Habits, Independent Reading Time, Reading with Expression, Using our Reading Strategies (picture clues, sounding out words, beginning and ending sounds), Characters and Setting with Major Events & Key Details, Fiction vs Nonfiction

Writers Workshop: Narrative story writing/ A story about yourself
Thinking of ideas, planning for writing, illustrations, and stretching words to spell them. We are now working on connecting words (temporal words/transitional words) in a story such as first, next, then, last etc. Reminders: Spacing, neat handwriting, capitalization, and punctuation!

Phonics: Spelling Patterns in Words & Sight Words
Math: Counting to 120, Counting on From a Given Number, Place Value (tens/ones), Addition and Subtraction Strategies (picture, ten frame, number line, fact families), Word Problems to 10, Measurement

Social Studies: Where We Live- city, county, state, nation, and continent, Maps and Globes
Ideas to work on at home:
1. Complete the weekly homework in the journal: spelling tests are always on Friday!
2. Review and practice your sight word list!
3. Read at night and discuss characters, setting, and key events/details in a story. Color in a picture on your reading log.

Dates To Remember

September 17, 18 (Monday and Tuesday) – IOWA Testing for 3rd and 5th grade, due to testing on these days our lunch time is 12:08. We will resume our regular schedule on Wednesday.
September 18 (Tuesday) – Box Top Are Due
September 19 (Wednesday) – PTSA Reflection Workshop 6:30 pm (visit www.freyspark.org for more information)
September 23 (Sunday) – First Day of Fall
September 24 – September 28: Fall Break ~ No School
October 2 (Tuesday) – Reflections Are Due
October 4 (Thursday) – PTSA Meeting With 5th Grade Performance 6:30 pm
October 10 (Wednesday) – End of the 1st 9 Weeks
October 11 (Thursday) – Early Release Day 12:30 Dismissal (changes in specials and lunch schedule)
October 15 – October 19: Conference Week (Early Release Week at 12:30 – more information to come)

Updates/ Dates to Remember

Progress Report
Your child brought home their progress report. The report includes an assessment of first grade sight words and a math snapshot. Please praise your child for his/her successes and review the areas that need more practice. Keep in mind that this report provides a small glimpse into the academic standards that we are currently working on. We will continue to work on these and many more areas until Conference Week. Thank you for your support!

Dates to Remember
September 5, 6, 7: CogAT Testing
September 7: Homework Begins
September 11: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night 5:00 pm-8:00 pm
September 10: Guidance Lesson
September 24-28: Fall Break No School

Important Dates + What We Are Learning- 1st Nine Weeks


Dates To Remember:

August 22- PICTURE DAY!

August 29- Early Release Schedule

August 30- Multi Cultural Night-@ 6:30


Readers Workshop:

Reading Poetry, Big Books and Great Children’s Literature

Creating our Book Boxes with Leveled Readers

Review our reading strategies, compare stories, and discuss basic comprehension questions!

Writers Workshop:

Writing narrative stories using spacing, punctuation, neat handwriting, and complete sentences!


Sight Word Review Games


Counting to 120, Graphing, Problem Solving, Addition and Subtraction Review and Representing a Number

Science/Social Studies/Health:

Weather Unit in Science



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  1. Guidance lesson on Wednesday and Learning Commons on Friday.  These are our “last” visits for the 1st grade year.
  2. On Friday, students will have the final math fact test and final spelling test.  Please return the homework journal on Friday . . . however, we will not add anything new since 1st grade will have no homework in May!
  3. Progress Reports will come home on Friday- This is in a packet form including a graphing assessment, math snap-shot test, writing sample and content description page!
  4. The school dance, Under the Sea, will be on Friday from 6-8 pm.  Glow items will be on sale this Thursday and Friday in the front lobby. Information sheet coming home today.*
  5. Frey will be collecting spare change this week for our Exceptional Children’s Week.  The house winner will have Pops with the Cops  (Acworth Police Officers) on Friday. All money will go to the City of Acworth and the programs they have for Exceptional Children.
  6. Here is a message from PTSA in regards to school supply kits:

From PTSA:  Teachers are excited to announce their support of the SchoolKidz, School Supply Kit Program! The supply kits create a uniform and organized learning environment and your child will be prepared for the 1st day of school with a kit that contains the exact items required for the year.

Back-to-school shopping has never been so easy!  Your supply kit will include quality supplies needed for success in the classroom. Plus, this program will save you time and money. Ordering info will be coming soon. Make sure to place your order during the sale. Information is coming home today!


Lastly, I would like to give a warm welcome to our new student from Ohio, Isabella Disimille- We ARE SO GLAD YOU’VE JOINED THE BEST SCHOOL IN THE NATION!!! Thank you all for supporting Frey and sending in your helpful BoxTops!

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