August 16

Welcome to Spanish 2 Class


Welcome to our Virtual Spanish 2 class

I am excited to start the school year getting to know you albeit online. Hopefully, we will return to the classroom soon.  I am grateful for the use of technology, though sometimes challenging.  Never-the-less, we will work together these next few weeks to enjoy learning about all things Spanish and becoming more proficient in your language skills.

To be a successful speaker of Spanish, we must be purposeful about learning, seeking opportunities to listen, speak, read, and best of all, experience the culture of many communities.  Doing so will bring great rewards while building your confidence in not only the language but in your own identity. Learning about other cultures helps us to bridge gaps that can bring new friendships, travel, and in time career opportunities.

As we embark on this journey, I would like to share with you one of my favorite words, grace. I am asking each of us to practice courtesy, respect, patience, and kindness. I commend you on your journey of language study and am humbled you chose my native language. I look forward to an enriching and enjoyable semester with you.