July 26

Bienvenidos a las clases de español!

Please refer to the pages on the yellow Post-It note to the right to find the assignments for your appropriate class.

Welcome Spanish students,

I’m excited to start the school year with you and to help you become more proficient in your language skills.  In my class, you will continue to expand your knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.  Be purposeful about learning Spanish.  Seek opportunities to listen, speak, read and best of all, experience the culture. Doing so will bring great rewards at the same time build your confidence in not only the language but in your own identity.   Learning about another culture and their traditions helps us to bridge gaps that can bring new friendships, travel, and career opportunities, as well as personal growth.

I commend you on your journey of language study and humbled that chose my native language. I look forward to an enriching and enjoyable year with you.

Please click on the link to access the syllabus.  Carefully read it then both you and a parent must sign the last page legibly and return to me by August 3.   You must keep the syllabus in your notebook for quick reference.    Span 2 Course Syllabus (rev. 7/27/2018