August 17

Permanent Administrative Resources: Syllabus, Contract, Getting to know you forms

These forms are already available inside the weekly lesson plans.

FORMS:  Please carefully read when completing the forms below.  Look and choose the appropriate class block before downloading the form.    It is imperative that you follow directions otherwise your forms will not reach me correctly.

Click here to download the Syllabus.  

Open an account on VHL (If you don’t already have one). If you have one, use your username and password to sign-in.  Use the links below: 

Opening VHL account         How to navigate  VHL 


Getting to know you form:

Block 1  Getting to know you form

Block 2 Getting to know you form

Block 3 Getting to know you form


Class expectations contract form.

Block 1  Contract form of class expectations

Block 2 Contract form of class expectations

Block 3 Contract form of class expectations


Extra Credit Opportunities 

Extra credit is due before or by August 30. Click on the links below for your specific Class (Block) to access the opportunities.  OJO:  CLICK ON YOUR BLOCK if not, I’ll not get your work. 

Block 1   


Block 2 

Block 3