August 13

Spanish 2


Thought for the week:

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” 1 Peter 4:10

This Blog is fluid and is likely to change on a daily basis due to pacing, school testing and activities.  You are advised to check it daily as well as to check the calendar on VHL. I will do my best to post updates no later than 4:00.

Weekly lessons plans will be posted below.  Please check it daily.

Week 3 August 13-17

Week 2 August 6-10

Monday – Students received 4 handouts:  Scoring Rubrics, Fichas, Expresiones para Comunicarse and Verb Review

Week 1 August 1-3-18  

Pasaporte de Mis Cositas   Passport project due on Monday, August 6





Week 1 Greet & Introduce yourself and others  – Lunes, 1-3 de agosto

• Review subject pronouns
• The plural of nouns and articles
• Use the present tense of –ar, -er, -ir verbs
• Use dar, ir, estar, ser
• Use and placement of adjectives to describe self and others
• Use definite and indefinite articles
• Identify parts of the body
• Forming questions

Week 2 Respond to classroom directions

• Tell time, use numbers, tell colors
• talk about things/class schedule related to the calendar
• Use the alphabet to spell words
• Talk about objects in the classroom
• Use expression of location

Week 3 Identify people, family, and professions

• Use descriptive adjectives
• Use possessive adjectives
• Use Tener Expressions

Week 4 Talk about pastimes, sports and places in the city

• Review verb meanings
• Use stem-changing verbs: tener, venir, querer, preferir, etc.
• Use gustar with nouns and indirect object pronouns
• Use –go verbs: hacer, decir, tener, venir, poner, salir, traer, caer,
• Review interrogatives to ask questions

Week 5 Talk about the seasons and weather

• Estar with conditions and emotions
• The present progressive

Useful Resources:

Conjuguemos by Textbook:  Find Descubre 1

Studystack Descubre 1

Mrs. Brown’s Quizlet


Sra. Hays’ Resource

Ms. Leitner’s site at St. Johns