January 14

Spanish 2


Thought for the week: 

This Blog is fluid and is likely to change on a daily basis due to pacing, school testing and activities.  You are advised to check it daily as well as to check the calendar on VHL. I will do my best to post updates no later than 4:00.

Spring Semester lesson plans are posted below.  Please check it daily.

SP 2 Week 2 January 14-18

SP 2 Week 1 January 7-11

January 3, 2019

Students and Parent(s)/Guardian,

Welcome to Spanish class.  I look forward to getting to know you and to guide you in your journey to learn another language. Learning, anything well takes time and determination. Once you accept this fact, your experience will be enjoyable albeit sometimes challenging.  Moreover, it has to be otherwise what is the point of learning something you already know.

Posted on the yellow Post It under the tab Resource is the syllabus for both Spanish 1 & 2. You will find it under the Resource tab.  Please read intentionally then sign the last page with both the student and parent/guardian’s signatures.  In addition, be sure to provide the Block #.