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  1. December 4 – December 8

    12/06/2017 by Genesia Emery

    Hello everyone! This week’s classwork is a continuation of the topics covered last week so please refer to last week’s blog.

    Lastly, two quick reminders:

    • 6th grade’s Dreambox assignment is due this Friday December 8!
    • There is NO TUTORING THIS THURSDAY December 7. 

    Have a wonderful, productive week!

  2. November 27- December 1

    11/29/2017 by Genesia Emery

    Welcome back from Thanksgiving break! Hopefully, it was restful and fun for you! Now that we’re back in the swing, lets talk about what Math Foundations will be covering this week:


    6th grade: This week and next, we will be reviewing Equivalent ratios and Finding Unit rates. In addition to the class work students are expected to complete, they have been assigned an individual Dreambox assignment on Unit Rates that must be completed by December 8, 2017. As usual, students will have time to complete this assignment in class or at home.


    7th grade: At the beginning of this week students will their  complete one-step equations quiz corrections. The latter portion of the week will involve students will be working with two-step equations (whole numbers only).


    8th grade: Students will begin solving multi-step equations with variables on both sides. These equations will also include the distributive property and combining like terms (a skill we have already covered). After we finish this topic, students will take a short 4 question exit ticket quiz to demonstrate mastery.


    Finally, please remember that tutoring will resume this Thursday. However, next Thursday December 7, 2017 it is cancelled.

  3. November 6- November 10 (Multicultural Night 11/9/17)

    11/08/2017 by Genesia Emery

    Hi all!

    Students are continuing with last week’s skills.


    7th grade’s bellringer quiz has been pushed to the end of next week (Thursday/Friday) before Thanksgiving break.

    8th grade will have their bellringer quiz this upcoming Friday and Monday (11/10 and 11/13), it will covers bellringer skills as well as multi-step equations with distributive property and combining like terms.

    6th grade will also have a very short quiz on factors, multiples, and simplifying fractions before Thanksgiving break.

    Last but not least, please support our school’s Multicultural Night happening tomorrow 11/9, click the link below to see the flyer:

    MULTICULTURAL NIGHT 2017-17lhwub

    Have a great week!

  4. October 30- November 3

    11/02/2017 by Genesia Emery

    Hi all!

    Welcome to November and a busy week!

    Here is what each grade level is currently working on in my class:

    6th grade: Students are beginning a review of GCF and LCM as well as simplifying fractions. In addition, students will have a quiz on Thursday and Friday (11/2 & 11/3) on the following topics: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and dividing decimals, and multiplying fractions. Please make sure they review these topics. 

    7th grade: Students are continuing their work solving one-step equations with rational numbers (fractions, decimals, and whole numbers) using all four operations. This can be a very challenging topic, so if possible, try to review adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing signed rational numbers at home. Here are some examples:

    1)  1.2 + (-5.7)

     2)  1/4 + 5/6

    3) -64.6 x -9.2

    4) 45.9 divided by 0.9 

    Reminder: Bellringer quiz at the end of next week!

    8th grade: Students are continuing their work with solving equations, however, this week we will be solving equations including the distributive property and combining like terms. Here is an example:

    Reminder: Bellringer quiz at the end of next week!


    Have  a great rest of the week! 

  5. October 23- October 27

    10/24/2017 by Genesia Emery

    Hi all,

    In addition to their work in Dreambox, here is what students will be accomplishing this week:

    6th grade: 6B will continue their work with dividing decimals and solving decimal division word problems as they have either not had class or had short periods. 6A will begin a review of greatest common factors, least common multiples and simplifying fractions (using the greatest common factor). Here is an example below:

    Image result for reducing fractions example


    7th grade: Students are practicing solving one-step equations with rational numbers (whole numbers, fractions, and decimals). The goal is to make sure they can eventually solve two-step equations successfully with rational numbers as well as use all four rational number operations. Here are some examples of the work they are doing below:

    Image result for one step equations with rational numbers       Image result for one step equations with rational numbers


    8th grade: Students are continuing to solve two-step equations with rational numbers. 



    1). Quizzes for each grade coming up on recent topics/bellringers next week.

    2). Tutoring every Thursday at 8am.


    Have a great week! 🙂

  6. October 16- October 20

    10/23/2017 by Genesia Emery

    Hi everyone,

    During conference, a week of very short classes, here is what we accomplished:

    6th grade: Students continued their work dividing decimals, a continuation of last week.

    7th grade: Students continued practice multiplying and dividing signed integers and took a short quiz at the end of the week.

    8th grade: Students began an in depth review of two-step equations which will be continued next week.


    Please make sure your child is continuing their work at home in Dreambox, here is the website for your convenience:

  7. October 9- October 13

    10/09/2017 by Genesia Emery

    Welcome back from a hopefully restful weekend,

    Here is what students will be working on this week:

    6th grade: We will take it a step further and divide decimals by decimals in both mathematical expressions and real-life word problems. Students have reviewed the steps necessary for dividing decimals by decimals, however, please make sure to review these steps with them at home, as this can be difficult for many students. Here are some examples below:

    Word problem: Daryl spent $4.68 on each pound of trail mix. He spent a total of $14.04. How many pounds of trail mix did he purchase?

    Image result for dividing decimal by a decimal

    The picture above shows the three added steps that happen when dividing decimals, after doing this the problem is essentially regular long division 🙂


    7th grade: Students will begin working on multiplication and division of positive and negative numbers. In addition to this, they will practice multiplying and dividing signed (positive and negative) decimals by decimals.

    8th grade: Students will take a more in-depth approach to solving equations in one variable. This will eventually include work with the distributive property, combining like terms, and solving equations with variables on both sides. In addition to this, students will review adding, subtracting, and multiplying signed decimals and solving one-step equations with fractional coefficients (numbers that are multiplied by the variable in the equation).

  8. October 2-October 6

    10/02/2017 by Genesia Emery

    Welcome back from a restful break, we have lots of great things in store!

    Here is what students are working on:

    6th grade: Students are now dividing decimals by whole numbers divisors. We will be working on a clipboard gallery practice in class. Absent students will need to complete an alternative assignment.


    7th grade: Students are continuing to translate real-world problems with integers into mathematical expressions and solving. There will be a short quiz during the later portion of this week.


    8th grade: Students are finishing up the standard on special angles formed from parallel lines cut by a transversal. There will be a quiz on the last day of this practice. Also, just a heads up, students will return to this standard to eventually solve multi-step equations within these parallel lines 🙂


    Have a fabulous week!


    Let’s continue to do great things! 🙂

  9. September 18- September 22

    09/22/2017 by Genesia Emery

    Hi all,

    Here is an update on this week’s tasks:

    6th grade: Students continued working on long division.


    7th grade: We shifted gears to integer word problems. Students were expected to translate a real-world problem involving positive and negative numbers into a mathematical expression and solve. (Note: Students will have a short quiz on this after the fall break holiday)


    8th grade: Students continued fluently identifying the types of angle pairs when parallel lines are cut by a transversal. In addition to this, students completed test corrections on their two-step equations quiz.


    Have a great week!

  10. September 13- September 15

    09/15/2017 by Genesia Emery

    Hi all,

    Wow, what a week! Hopefully, you and your families have made it safely through this hurricane season so far. In addition to work in Dreambox, here is what students have completed in this shortened week, examples are below each topic:

    6th grade: Long division review and gallery walk assignment (in class).

    Image result for long division example


    7th grade: Addition and subtraction integer partner practice and bingo review.

    Image result for integer addition and subtraction examples


    Image result for integer addition and subtraction examples


    8th grade: We began a discussion and review of the pairs of angles formed when parallel lines are cut by a transversal. Students created a foldable and began identifying these special types of angles.


    Image result for angles formed when parallel lines are cut by a transversal

    Finally, just a quick reminder: Parents, please make sure your student is working in Dreambox at home.


    Have a great week!

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