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  1. March 19-March 23

    03/19/2018 by Genesia Emery

    Happy Monday all!

    In addition to our weekly Dreambox practice, here is what we will be accomplishing in Math Foundations:

    6th grade: Students will continue their work with finding volume of rectangular solids and the area of squares, rectangles, and triangles. We will also review our coordinate graphing skills!

    7th grade: Students will pick up where they left off on Pi day with more in-depth practice with Circles. Please see the video in the last blog to review how to find the circumference and area of circles.

    8th grade: Students will continue their March Madness brackets and review solving two-step equations. Towards the latter portion of the week will begin reviewing Functions– a major 8th grade concept.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. March 5 – March 16

    03/13/2018 by Genesia Emery

    Hi all! Here is what Math Foundations Academy has been working this week and last week:

    6th grade: To review, students have been solving and graphing inequalities on a number line. The graphing portion of this concept has proven to be a challenging topic for students. Please see the following video for a review: Moving forward, we will be reviewing how to find the area of rectangles, triangles, and squares. This is to assist with finding volume of rectangular solids and eventually calculating surface area. 

    7th grade: We have consistently been reviewing how to work with rational numbers,  a major 7th grade concept. After this review has ended, we will review converting between fractions, decimals, and percents. To celebrate Pi day (3/14/18), students will complete an activity with oatmeal creme pies in which they had to find the circumference and area of the pie. 

    Here are a few resources for you to review:

    Image result for diameter and radius of a circle




    8th grade: As a review, students have been substituting values into an equation and solving for the missing variable. We have also been continuing our practice with simplifying exponential expressions using the properties of exponents. Please continue practicing these concepts as we move forward. Below are links to an interactive websites with practice I found useful:


    Image result for march madness

    In celebration of March Madness, 7th and 8th grade students have been completing March Madness brackets to predict (or find the probability) of the Final Four in the college basketball tournament. Once students finish their brackets, they will compare the result of their “experiment” to what actually happens! May the odds ever be your favor! 🙂


  3. Dreambox Pizza Party Challenge!

    03/05/2018 by Genesia Emery

    Hi everyone,

    Want to get some extra math practice in AND possibly earn a pizza party for your class? Then you’ve come to the right place!

    Starting March 5th and running through May 5th – Cobb County is sponsoring a Dreambox Pizza Party Challenge. How does it work?

    Each week Ms. Emery will track the number of lessons completed by each class (6A, 6B, 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B). At the end of the challenge, the class with the highest average number of lessons will win a pizza party graciously sponsored by Cobb County!

    So, now’s the time to put in a few extra minutes (or hours) in your spare time. Not only will it pay off when you take the MI or Milestones – it just might pay off in pizza as well!

    Happy Learning!

  4. February 26 – March 2

    02/28/2018 by Genesia Emery






    Hello all,

    I hope your week is going well and that everyone had a wonderful break! It’s time to hit the ground running with our learning.

    Here is what we are striving to accomplish this week:

    6th grade: Students will finish their review of translating written/verbal expressions into numerical expressions with a partner matching activity.

    7th grade: Students will continue making progress with computing unit rates, this time with complex fractions AND whole numbers/decimals. After we complete this topic, students will have a short quiz towards the end of this week. Please see the review link in the blog below to assist with unit rates if needed.

    8th grade: Students will continue practice with the properties of exponents, in particular, the power/expanded power rule and the negative exponent rule. Please see the blog below for extra assistance on this topic. In addition, here are a few videos on this week’s topics:




    • Tutoring Thursday morning from 8:00–8:40am.
    • Complete any additional Dreambox lessons by Friday/Monday night.

    Have a great week! 🙂

  5. February 5-February 9

    02/09/2018 by Genesia Emery

    Hi all,

    I hope your week is going well so far. Here is an update on what has been happening in Math Foundations Academy this week:


    6th grade: Students have been translating written expressions/equations into numerical expressions/equations. Students have been extracting key words and determining where they belong in the numerical statement. See the video below for assistance with this topics:


    7th grade: Students have been determining the unit prices of items and determining the better buy. See the links below for extra help on this topic.




    8th grade: Students have worked in stations on two of the six exponent rules we have been studying: product rule and quotient rule. They are expected to have all station work completed by the end of this week. Looking forward, next week we will be practicing the power and expanded power rule in addition to the negative exponent rule. :

    Need some additional practice with operations with Exponents? You can explore how each rule “law” works and also try them out on an interactive dig.

    Math Interactives – Exploring Laws of Exponents 

    If the direct link above doesn’t work – try – then click “SHOW” on the Number tab and then “Exponents”



    • Please remember that Math Foundations tutoring is held on Thursday mornings at 8am!


    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. NO TUTORING 2/8/18

    02/07/2018 by Genesia Emery

    Hi all,

    Due to the days missed from the snow, faculty had to move and adjust meeting days. This move has caused a conflict with Math Foundations tutoring (normally on Thursdays). Thus, we WILL NOT have tutoring this week.


    Ms. Emery

  7. January 29 – February 2

    02/01/2018 by Genesia Emery

    Hello all,

    Here is what Math Foundations Academy is working towards this week:

    • Dreambox: Each class should have a minimum of 5 lessons completed each week. If students were not able to complete 5 lessons in class, they are expected to complete their lessons by the end of the week at home. Parents, please make sure your child is meeting this expectation.
    • In addition to Dreambox, here is the topic each grade level is working on:

    Last but not least, Math Foundations tutoring has resumed! Tutoring will be held in either my room or Mrs. Moyer’s room beginning at 8am every Thursday. Please report to the cafeteria by 8am.

    Have a end to your week! 🙂

  8. January 22- January 26

    01/22/2018 by Genesia Emery

    Welcome back from our Snow Week!

    It’s time to get back in the swing of learning and I would like to make sure you’re ready to tackle the week ahead. Here is what each grade level is working on:

    6th grade:

    Students are continuing their review of converting and simplifying fractions. Towards the latter portion of this week students will take a short review quiz on this topic. Here are examples of what students will be assessed on:

    Simplifying fractions example:

    Image result for simplifying fraction example


    Converting Fractions examples:

    Image result for converting improper fractions to mixed numbersImage result for converting improper fractions to mixed numbers


    7th grade:

    Students have reviewing finding the unit rate and solving two-step equations. This week they will be completing their “Unit Rate Inquiry Lab  + practice”. We will continue practicing this skill. To review how to find the unit rate please refer to the following video:

    Continuing with where we left off last semester, students have been solving two-step equations with whole numbers only. Towards the latter portion of the week, students will take a short bellringer quiz on solving two-step equations. Here is an example of what they need to know:

    Image result for solving two step equations example


    8th grade:

    Students have been reviewing simplifying exponential expressions using the properties of exponents. They have received a foldable with the 6 properties of exponents, please review these at home as it can be tough to remember. The more you practice these types of the problems, the easier it will be to recognize the property being used. Here is the properties of exponents document attached: Exponent_Rules_Practice-1ixr3dz

    Here is a helpful video to assist with this skill:

    Students have been practicing these skills with three assignments, please insure that these assignments are being completed for understanding.


    In addition to the work that we have been doing in the class, students have begun working in “Dreambox” an online math program that continuously assesses students to present them with targeted math lessons. Dreambox technology tracks each student interaction and evaluates the strategies used to solve problems. We will be working in Dreambox one class session per week, however, please encourage your child to work in Dreambox at home for a few minutes each day. With that said, the program is designed for students to work independently so that it can continually adjust to fit their specific math needs. Therefore, when your child is working at home, please make sure they are not using calculators  or receiving too much assistance to complete math problems, they can use scratch paper. Essentially, all their “work” should be done in Dreambox so that Dreambox can have a true depiction of their progress and adjust to their learning.  However, feel free to help them navigate this new program as there is a learning curve involved.  Students will be required to complete a minimum of 5 lessons and log at least 60 minutes of active practice each week for a 50 point grade.

    The login for students is their lunch number (username and password).

    Here is the Dreambox link:

    Parents, you can create a free parent account to track your child’s progress, download the directions here:

    Dreambox helpful hints:

    • Be okay with mistakes. As long as students complete lessons, DreamBox will be able to assess their comprehension and adapt.
    • Work independently. Helping a student through a lesson can progress them beyond their current abilities and lead to frustration.
    • Only use the virtual manipulatives. DreamBox lessons are designed for students to think through problems without the use of pencil and paper.
    • Use the help/hint button when needed.
    • Use headphones with the volume on.


    I know this was lot so thank you for reading and please contact me if you have any questions! 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

  9. January 8- January 12

    01/08/2018 by Genesia Emery

    Welcome back to a new semester with new challenges, exciting learning, and opportunities to grow!

    I am glad to see new and returning students to Math Foundations Academy. With that said, lets jump right into the materials you will need to be successful. If you had Math Foundations last semester please continue using the same materials you had last semester:

    • Composition Book
    • Pencils and erasers
    • Highlighter and Dry Erase Marker
    • Liquid Glue
    • Positive Attitude

    Please gather these materials as soon as possible. Have a wonderful week!



  10. December 4 – December 8

    12/06/2017 by Genesia Emery

    Hello everyone! This week’s classwork is a continuation of the topics covered last week so please refer to last week’s blog.

    Lastly, two quick reminders:

    • 6th grade’s Dreambox assignment is due this Friday December 8!
    • There is NO TUTORING THIS THURSDAY December 7. 

    Have a wonderful, productive week!

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