8th Grade Too Good for Violence

The 8th grade lesson was a culminating activity as well as a lesson about rumors.

6th grade’s Too Good for Drugs May lesson


Students were engaged in learning how to set goals, take steps towards the goal, and avoid people and activities that might prevent them from reaching their goal.

February Too Good for… Lessons

6th Grade ALEX Winners-Mrs. RamboRambo









7th Grade ALEX WinnMoody Febers-Mrs. Moody







8th Grade ALEX Winners-Mrs. Finlay

Finlay Feb8th grade’s Too Good for Violence lesson was about Reel vs. Real violence.

We discussed violence in the media and the role it plays in our lives.

December Lesson

6th Grade Lesson:


This lesson gives students an opportunity to practice applying a decision-making model to important decisions most teenagers must face. Students will be asked to consider the consequences of important decisions before situations arise.

 Roberts 6th Grade December 2010








7th GradeMoody 7th Grade December 2010






In 8th grade, our Too Good for Violence lesson:

Students will be able to demonstrate effective skills for expressing constructive criticism; making clear requests; and identify words and phrases that tend to provoke defense reactions.

Engkaninan 8th Grade December 2010

November Lesson


Congratulations to our ALEX Award Winners for November!

November: Citizenship

Sixth Grade:

For sixth grade’s first lesson on Too Good for Drugs, the students took a pre-survey asking them their opinions about different situations involving drugs and alcohol. Then They completed a “time capsule” in their workbooks. This time capsule asked them about their favorite things and they will look at it again at the end of the course. Then they considered what kind of person they wanted to be when they turned 14 and wrote down goals that would help them become that person.

AlexAwardYesner7thGrade 7th Grade

Seventh grade discussed diversity in the classroom and how to address one another when there is a disagreement.






8th Grade

Too Good for Violence: Students took a pre-survey and discussed “I Feel” statements as a way to express our feelings. We also discussed how certain situations make us feel and react.

October “Kick Off” Activities

In October, Pine Mountain Middle School students participated in activities to promote Bullying Prevention and Red Ribbon Week.

Monday: Stick it to Drugs and Bullying

Tuesday: Mix it Up

Wednesday: Too Good for… Pink Shirt DayPine_Mtn_Wearing_Pink

Thursday: Hats Off

Friday: Mustang Spirit Wear

Students enjoyed participating in these activities and grew in their ability to refrain from behaviors that would impede their academic success.