Fall Fun in the Makerspace!

Hi East Side Eagles!  It has been an exciting time in the Makerspace.

In fourth grade we have “launched” into outer space and have been engineering lunar landing modules and making homemade moon sand.  The lunar landing module must be able to fall from a distance of four feet or more with your two astronauts remaining in their space shuttle (open at the top).  I can’t wait to see your designs!  You may use two pieces of cardboard as the base for your lunar lander.  The moon sand recipes that I shared in class are:  1.  1 cup flour mixed with 2 tablespoons of baby oil.  2.  3/4 Cup baking soda plus 3/4 cup cornstarch with 1/2 cup of baby oil mixed in.  Have fun!!

Third graders are learning a lot about weathering, erosion and deposition.  There is a candy lab that can show evidence of weathering using sand paper, a Skittle, and a container with a lid.  It takes a lot of arm movement for one minute (3 times!) to see the effects of wind, rain, ice and heat, but it is pretty cool!

Fifth grade has been up for the Jeopardy challenge of boys against girls to see who knows the most about constructive and destructive forces!  Next, we will be engineering earthquake proof structures and testing them out!

Second graders have been learning about the three states of matter! We are finishing up our scavenger hunt and making homemade bubble wands to make bubbles.  I can’t wait to have you share all of the interesting things you are discovering about bubbles!

Kindergarten friends are learning to be scientists while they discover items that sink and float.  We are making discoveries much like Archie in the book, What Floats in a Moat?  Did your boat float?  You can use tinfoil from home to make a boat and test it to see if it floats!

Finally, my first grade friends are learning about the weather and what weather instruments meteorologists use.  We have had a lot of fun dancing to a fun weather song and next, we will create a model that shows that it is cloudy with a chance of …..!

Makerspace fun this fall!

East Side Friends,

I am having the BEST time hearing all of your creative ideas while we, “Bring East Side home” and take on the STEM challenge to work through the engineering design process and make a model of East Side.  This STEM challenge is also an amazing opportunity because you have the creative ability to work with whatever materials you would like!  You can build East Side in Mindcraft, use materials found in nature, or use materials such as recycled bottles and tubes or Legos.  You can also work alone or with a family member or friend.

Questions that you want to ask yourself before you begin include:

  1.  Do I want to build East Side as it is now?
  2. Do I want to use my imagination like the boy in the story, If I Built a School did and make changes to the design of the school?
  3. What materials do I want to use to show case my ideas?
  4. Will I be able to include all of my ideas or just some of them?  Remember that Mrs. C went through the engineering design process and as I evaluated my model, there were several areas that could added or changed.  You can’t always show everything, so what are the most important parts of the school that you want to share?

The two MOST important parts of this project include using your journal to show your thinking, and to have FUN!

I can’t wait to see your ideas!


Mrs. C

September in the Makerspace!

East Side Friends,

I am SO happy to see your smiling faces and have a fun start to the school year together.  As we jump into our first STEM lesson, we are thinking about architects, blueprints, the engineering design process and of course, how to bring East Side home while making some fun improvements!  Our imaginations are running wild!  I can’t wait to see you soon!

Kindergarten friends, I love building material monsters together and hearing all about the different materials you are using to build your monster with.  You are amazing!  I can’t wait to see what material monsters you make next!

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”  Robin Williams

See you soon!


Mrs. C

What is a Maker?

Welcome back East Side Eagles!  I am so excited to see your smiling faces this week!  As we get ready for our first Makerspace STEM project, please be sure to create your “Maker” box that has craft supplies, school supplies, and building materials that you already have at home such as blocks, Lego’s, STEM sets, Lincoln Logs, etc.  We are going to have a lot of fun designing our first STEM project.  I can’t wait to see you again soon!  (If you are visiting my blog and you have not had the Makerspace yet, don’t worry!  I will tell you all about the “Maker” box when I see you next week!)


Mrs. C

Welcome Back!

Dear East Side Eagles,

I am very excited to start the 2020-2021 school year and I can’t wait to kick off the year like never before!  I have missed your smiles and hugs and can’t wait to see you virtually on August 17.  I hope you have enjoyed time with your family and had plenty of time to explore and create new and exciting things that you can share with me.  My goals for August are to learn how to best CONNECT with you, share learning experiences with you, and finally to HAVE FUN!  I can’t wait to see you soon!  Enjoy your last few weeks of summer break.

Mrs. C

Summer Fun!

Dear East Side Friends,

It is time to have some safe, summer fun!  Please keep in touch this summer.  I want to see pictures of all the fabulous “Maker” things you create and I can’t wait to see you soon.


Mrs. C

Summer Fun!

Dear East Side Friends,

It is almost summer time!  Now is the perfect time to prepare for the hot Georgia weather that will be here soon.  What better way to get ready for summer than to make a homemade water balloon launcher?!

There is a wonderful short video on You Tube that is titled, “Meet the man who invented the Super Soaker.” There is a also a read aloud book about his invention as well if you have a chance to read it. After you watch the video, take a look at the link below to get a few ideas on how YOU can invent a balloon launcher from materials you already have at home.  Be creative and come up with a design that is unique.  How far will your balloon launch?  Brainstorm a few ideas before you begin to see what design will work the best.  Think about what you have learned about force and motion.  Be sure to send me pictures so that I can post them.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Go launch some balloons and have an awesome week!


Mrs. C



Makerspace ideas to explore!


Dear Makerspace Friends,

I can’t believe it is already May!  I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather as much as I have.  I am always looking for Makerspace ideas that will inspire you to create, build and engineer something new and exciting.  I discovered the link below that has some fun quotes, ideas and materials to consider using to make your next great design!  Email me your ideas and maybe we can build something together!  I can’t wait to see what you do!


Mrs. C

Makerspace Ideas

The Lego blog spot below has fun Lego challenges that you can try!




STEM Fun with Recycled materials, Simple Machines and NASA! Enjoy


Hi East Side Eagles!  I have been spending time looking at STEM ideas and have gone back to some of my favorite websites for fun and engaging ideas that I think you will enjoy!  I encourage you to take a look at the links below and dive into a new STEM challenge!

In addition to the STEM challenges there are several interactive videos and projects on the NASA website that you might enjoy exploring.  Let me know what you discover this week!

I loved seeing Isabella write about Earth Day last week.  I shared her writing on Twitter and would love to share some of your awesome STEM creations as well.  Email me and send a picture.  I can’t wait to see what you create this week.

I can’t wait to see you again soon!


Mrs. C



30+ Awesome STEM Challenges for Kids (with Inexpensive or Recycled Materials!)

Simple Machines Science Lesson: Lift Water with An Archimedes’ Screw



Celebrate Earth Day!

Hi East Side Eagles!  I can’t wait to see your smiling faces!  In the Makerspace we have talked a lot about the Earth and how we need to do a better job to protect it and care for it.  In celebration of Earth Day this week, I would love for you to think of something you can do to help the Earth.  I will list several ideas below but I would love for you to “think outside the box” and come up with a new idea.  Whatever you decide to do, can you take a picture and email it to me?  I would love to post pictures of how you helped the Earth this week!  My email is Mollie.cushing@cobbk12.org.

There are also several fabulous websites that highlight nonprofit companies that are changing the world by cleaning up our oceans, planting trees and helping communities do more to recycle.  I will share some of those links below so that you can do some reading and see for yourself that everyday someone is doing good around the world.  You can be that someone too!  Have fun!  Be you!  Do good!  Change the world!


Mrs. C


  • Build a terrarium.
  • Build birdhouse or bird feeder.
  • Brainstorm energy-friendly ideas for around the house.
  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
  • Craft a nature collage.
  • Create a list of ways your family can go “waste free.”
  • Create an “oil spill” and try to clean it up using items like cotton balls, foam, and a scoop.  What do you notice?
  • Research how to build a compost in your backyard.
  • Research how long it takes items to decompose or break down in a landfill.
  • Find out more about what materials can be recycled from your household and what companies in Marietta collect those items.
  • Clean out and donate toys and clothes that someone else can enjoy without waste.
  • Make a “Save the Earth” poster and put it in your window where others can see it.
  • Create an Earth Day bookmark that will remind you to think about Earth every day.

Some links below may need to be copied and pasted.




Litter-ature the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Conservation Champions: 12 Organizations That Protect Our Earth