Ratios Over now Rational & Irrational Numbers

We are beginning to work on understanding Rational and Irrational numbers. During this time 6-7th graders will work on learning the type of numbers- Counting, whole, natural, integers while 8th grade will focus on the Irrational numbers who can’t be found on a number line, who do not terminate, and who just do not make sense or are just a numeric concept like infinity.

November NEWS

Several field trips scheduled this month.
Nov 13 -Dahlonega. Students need to wear older tennis shoes as the mines will be muddy. Students will eat at the Smith House- they usually serve fried chicken, rice or mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, green beans, corns, fried okra, drinks, strawberry shortcake.
Students can bring money to make purchases at the square and at the mines. Girls should bring a purse to carry their own belongings. I will help with the money.

Nov. 15 Stars and Strikes / Stevi Bs. Students will play one round of bowling and have game time. Once at Stevi Bs, we will eat and play games if they have money. Students will be working on making their own purchases.

Please respond to the PSO email ASAP.

NEWS for Week of 10/16

Hello great parents,

• Thank you for returning the Dahlonega Field Trip forms and money. We are going to have such a great time. Children will be allowed to bring money on the trip so maybe they can do chores to earn a few dollars. Blame it on me!!
• FACS Class Laundry Form is due 10/26 All students must wash a load of clothes and help put away.
• FACS Class- Fabric/Tshirt is due 11/1. Pillow stuffing will be due at a later date, but you can send it in now. Students will be making a pillow.
• SPELLING TEST FRIDAY- Don’t forget students should be working on part 2 of their word list. Students will turn in the completed packet and 4 Menu activities on Fri. 10/20
• Café items are still needed. Thank you Mrs. Neely for the gift card.
• This week is Principal Appreciation, if you would like to send in a gift for Ms. Ford or Mr. Bailey we will make sure it gets to them. Ms. Ford like coffee and food/cooking items and Mr. Bailey has a baby on the way. 
• At the beginning of the year, students were not paying attention, but I am proud to say they all are improving and doing much better. This has been the best year in terms of student adjusting to middle school. So proud of everyone.
• Dahlonega Trip is Nov 13. Students must be picked up at 5:00
• Curriculum- Citing Text, Writing organized informational text with relevant facts, Scatter plots (Test Tomorrow) moving on to Ratios, Physical and Chemical changes, and Georgia Regions Study. GAA is underway and we have taken all the pretests…now we learn!

Coffee Cafe NEEDS


Our cafe is getting low on single packets of sugar, Dr. Pepper, Cokes, Sprite (Cans ONLY) Please let us know if you can donate these items or send in Publix/Kroger gift cards. We have almost netted enough to take a field trip at no cost to the parents. YAY!

Conference Week 10/16


By now you have been notified of your conference day and time. We will discuss current functioning and any questions you may have.


This year students will be tested using the Brigance and SLO Student Learning Objective.

The Brigance scores will be documented in the IEP and will give me an understanding of what your child can and can not do.  The SLO, will provide information on how a student progressing in reading for one story.

Welcome Back to school

Hi Parents,


Wow, week one is gone and we are having a great year already.  Just a few reminders:

Agenda-sign every day…even Fridays.

Homework- will start in a couple weeks.

Forms- Some students are still missing the forms from the first day of school.  Please return them ASAP.

Last week and this week are all about Baseline Brigance Testing.  Students are doing everything that I ask of them.  Today we, organized our binder and journal notebook.  Please check the subject tabs for my blog for updated daily information.

We want to welcome our new parapro Michelle Floyd.  Mrs. Wesley had to take a leave of absence for medical reasons.