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Recycling STEM Initiative- Getting our students involved and designing.

Students will have STEM homework over the break.

NEWS For September 10-21

RECYCLE DAY October 20 9:-3:00 Please promote this to friends and family as our class is the one hosting this event as part of our STEM initiative.
NOT THIS SATURDAY But October 20. This is just a sign we made.

8/27 NEWS


Students have a performing arts pamphlet in their binder. Please fill out and return. We have performances throughout the year and if these forms are not returned, the students cannot attend.

Also, Picture day is Sept 5. You can pay online or there is a form in the binder.

Cooties- it’s already that time of year. Students are getting sick and sharing their cooties. Please make sure you are keeping your child at home if they have or have had a fever within a 24 hr time period. 3 of our 7 students are sneezing and complaining of earaches.

Start collecting your recycle items, our class is hosting upcoming Recycling Day at LMS. Please see our Facebook page for information. More information to come. Also please share the information with community, friends, businesses, and churches…..we want your junk for a small donation.


Classroom Updates


I am sure the children are telling you they are taking lots of “tests” and they are! At the beginning of every year, I put the students through a battery of tests/assessments to see what they have retained and where they are academically. I will be providing you a chart of all their pencil paper tasks. We will be able to go over the results at their IEP and during conference week if you wish to have a conference at that time.

Most of the data comes from the BRIGANCE Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills. You will be able to see their strengths and weaknesses from the subtests given.

Moby Max is also providing me with valuable data on what the students can/cannot do. Thank you for those who are making sure students are completing their 30 minutes of MM each night. I am able to see exactly when the students are logging on and all their achievements/fails. is also available each night for reading skills. This site may require more help from a fluent reader in the house. You are welcome to support your child in reading all week. Stick to just one article a week.

Our Coffee Café deliveries begin next Wednesday. We are only allowed to deliver once a week this year. Mr. Bailey is brainstorming other ways for our students to gain job skills. We will be going on CBIs this year….we are so excited!!!! During that time, we will ask that parents send in money and a grocery type list for students to make purchases that you may need from the particular store we visit. CBI – community based instruction.

Any questions, feel free to ask. PLEASE send in a doctor’s note within 3 days after your child is out of school. It will be unexcused after the 3 days.

2018-19 School Year is Off and going Smoothly.

Thank you for sending such precious children to my classroom. I love love love them so much.

We have been practicing our money skills so we can start our Coffee Cafe. Thank you to those who have made donations.

This week we are taking the BRIGANCE Academic Skills Tests
We are getting familiar with using Moby Max,, and our reading program Read180/System44

The Brigance will take all week as we are only working on a few pages a day.
Today students took the Reading Inventory that will show me their Levile Levels for reading.

Don’t forget to send in ALL the needed supplies so we can set up our notebooks.

Winding Down

Sign up for Celebration

Can you believe the end of the year is already approaching? This has been one of the fastest year’s to date. I guess time does fly when you are having fun!!

We would like to organize the end of the year celebration. We are in need of the following.

Vanilla and chocolate Cupcakes.
2 bags Ruffles Chips Cheesy kind
Dip French Onion
Strawberries Fresh
Cookies (no peanut butter)

We will be making POP Tea- Bobas pearls Mango (Can find on Amazon) or I can purchase with an Amazon Gift Card Gift

Black Tea
Mango juice
Pineapple Juice
Apple Juice
Pizza Delivery for 22 students

If you can help, please email me.


Parents ,the Gimme 5 Campaign has kicked off and we are asking that you donate $5 this week. Students can wear a hat all week. This money goes towards needy students in the Cobb County School District. Please help us support students around Cobb. You can certainly donate more….:)

Thank you so much for supporting our students.