Winding Down

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Can you believe the end of the year is already approaching? This has been one of the fastest year’s to date. I guess time does fly when you are having fun!!

We would like to organize the end of the year celebration. We are in need of the following.

Vanilla and chocolate Cupcakes.
2 bags Ruffles Chips Cheesy kind
Dip French Onion
Strawberries Fresh
Cookies (no peanut butter)

We will be making POP Tea- Bobas pearls Mango (Can find on Amazon) or I can purchase with an Amazon Gift Card Gift

Black Tea
Mango juice
Pineapple Juice
Apple Juice
Pizza Delivery for 22 students

If you can help, please email me.


Parents ,the Gimme 5 Campaign has kicked off and we are asking that you donate $5 this week. Students can wear a hat all week. This money goes towards needy students in the Cobb County School District. Please help us support students around Cobb. You can certainly donate more….:)

Thank you so much for supporting our students.


Tomorrow is the trip to Target and Chik-fil-a. Students should come to school with a grocery list (couple items) and money. Also money is needed for Chik-Fil-a for your child to eat.

Feb 5


Our Bacteria shapes quiz didn’t go so well. I only had one student pass. Since it was an easy quiz, I sent home the practice quiz and gave it back graded and told the students to study over the weekend. This was an independent task that was not communicated to parents on purpose. My goal was to see how many would study ion their own. The quiz will come home graded and will need a parent signature, just so you can maybe have a discussion about the grade/studying. In high school, the teachers don’t typically email the parents about work.

As I work on helping the students become more independent, I am seeing students not responding even when answers are written on the board. They are not able to respond to basic questions.

Homework- This week students have vocabulary (easier words),spelling, and phonics. They have a packet in their binder. The day to complete each page is listed in the top right corner. For the phonics- Long Vowel words students should read the words aloud to a parent or older sibling EACH NIGHT. We are reviewing Long Vowel sounds (double vowels and bossy e) Double vowel- when two vowels go walking the first does the talking. Say the first vowel’s name. Bossy e- just bosses the other vowel to say his name. We are reviewing blends, vowels, and sight sounds. Bright= br * ight train= tr * ai * n. VOWELS ARE HARD for the kiddos. Spelling test on Friday.

READ 180 Universal NEWS

I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday and are ready for a new year. 

Students have homework today in their binder. Read the story that we read in class and support your child in answering the questions on the back. (Shadrack Boakye)

To let you know of some changes:
Two other teachers and I have been asked to Pilot a new READ 180 Universal program for the County. EXCITED!
What this means is that your child, my students, will be testing this new program for the county. In the past we had the READ 180 and System 44 Reading program that ran separately. Your child’s reading level determined the program they were in. Now the company has merged the programs and restructured/changed the content that was not necessarily appropriate for our students in the MID/AU classrooms. The content is much better.
So what does this all mean? Students will rotate in the classroom every 30 minutes- Computer time (either Read 180 or System 44), Independent Reading (with a para and Audio), Direct instruction with me. Some students will be on both computer programs, while others will focus on System 44 Phonics/spelling, reading. All students will get “Whole Group” instruction from the new READ180 Universal program, but the real differentiation comes during the computer time. I am sure this is a bit confusing, however I am excited for the structure and design.

I am hoping this challenges the students to “think” more independently.

Our new focus for 2018 is the READ 180 changes, Math- Money, Time, Real World skills, Writing- incorporated into READ180, Science- Bacteria and Viruses, and SS- Africa.

Students will be required to complete 20 minutes of computer time and speak to the program. If your child does not participate I will be emailing individually for support.

Happy New Year.


Time is flying by so quickly. I can’t believe this year is almost half over. Yesterday’s lab was so much fun I hope the students shared what we did. We had 4 labs set up in different rooms. The students rotated to a S’mores, Snowflake, Elephant Toothpaste, and Mentos/Coke/Explosion lab. Students completed the lab and discussed the chemical and physical changes that occurred. In the Mentos and Firecracker Explosion lab, I was the only one near any of the “danger” The students all well behaved and had fun. Today we took the final GAA test for that unit-YAY!

Tomorrow, we will be crafting. Making ornaments for the tree/home.

Next week- Monday will be another academic day where we will be finagling our unit on Rational and Irrational Numbers. This will be our last GAA topic for 8th graders. 6-7th graders are completely finished with GAA. A BIG YAY!

Tuesday and Wednesday are early release 1:30. We will get more academics, crafting, and a movie in those days. Hopefully, our GAA portfolios will be completed and we can focus a lot on those basic skills, functional skills, life, skills etc.

When we come back in January our focus will be.
Reading- System 44 and various phonics based skills and other strategies for reading (individualized)
ELA- English based. Writing sentences
Math- Money, Addition, Subtraction, and more
Science- Plant Cells
Social Studies- Africa.

Thank you to all who have sent in donations/items for our labs/café/ and party. Don’t forget party items need to be in by Tuesday.