Week of Oct. 23, 2017

I enjoyed meeting your parents last week for conferences. Thank you all for being such hard-working students.
6th / 8th grade – This week you will complete your PowerPoint Presentation on the folktale you chose. Class presentations begin on Thursday. Remember to read and re-read your folktale each night so that your presentation will be clear and complete.

7th grade – This week we’ll read through chapter 6 of The Cay. Each night, you should continue defining the vocabulary using context clues from the text and translating the terms. Our test on the first part of the novel will be in the first week of November. I’ll give you more details in class.

Week of September 18, 2017

WOW! Only one more day of ITBS and flipped schedule! It will be great to see all the 6th graders again.
We will have a test on Figurative language on Friday, so everyone needs to study the notes we took on the PowerPoint. Also, remember the figurative language you all found in the literature we have been reading!
Study a little each night, so it will be easier for you to learn all of the types of figurative language.
Read something fun!!

Week of September 10th

Hello, everyone. I hope you are staying inside and staying safe.
I just want to let the 7th graders know that the ITBS will begin on Thursday. We will return to school on Wednesday, but the test will start on Thursday. That way, we will have one regular day back at school before the test starts.
Since you all are staying in-doors and out of the rain, it’s a good idea to pick up a book and read!
Any book will do, but you have enough time to pick up a really interesting one that is a little longer.
See you all on Wednesday!

Week of August 14, 2017

Your results on the DGP quiz were pretty good! Good job on the first quiz!
This Friday, you will have a quiz on DGP #2. Be sure to study a little each night.

Below is a letter from Dr. Brink about Monday, August 21.

August 16, 2017

Plan C: Planning through the Eclipse
Monday is a school spirit day! Wear an Eclipse t-shirt or a black t-shirt. Teachers have planned enriching eclipse related lessons and activities for the day.
It is my understanding that some students will not be here on Monday and others will be checked out early. If either is your plan, please send in a note by Friday, August 18th, to indicate an absence or an early checkout. Students who are not checked out until 12:45 will be counted present for the day. With a note, absence on this day will be an excused absence. Helping us by providing absentee or checkout information by Friday, August 18th will allow us to make appropriate plans for food preparation in the cafeteria and classroom plans. We are asking that early checkouts are completed no later than 1:30 to allow us to establish a routine and enjoy the Eclipse.
Remember, school is extended until 5:00 on Monday and we are hoping to begin dismissal at or just before that time. The better informed we can be of your plans the easier the day will flow. Thank you for your assistance.
In a nutshell:
• Please send in a note by Friday, August 18th if your student is going to be absent.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

This has been a productive week learning about the elements of short stories.
Don’t forget to study for your first DGP Quiz tomorrow!
Also we will write a journal using a video clip, so come prepared to create!
See you in class.

First Week of School

WELCOME back!!!
It was great to meet the 6th graders on Friday! I know we’ll have an awesome year at Dickerson.

I am putting the supply lists for all grade levels here, so you can be prepared for the first week.
Have a great weekend. See you all on Monday:)
Mrs. Montalvo

Dickerson 2017/2018 Supply Lists
6th Grade Supply List
General Supplies
• Highlighters (multi-color)
• #2 pencils
• 6 jumbo glue sticks (3 for reading, 2 for math, 1 for other)
• Colored pencils
• Locker shelf (optional)
• Pencil pouch
• Flash Drive/Memory Stick
• Scissors
• Notebook paper for all classes
• Ear buds Math

• 1” binder
• 1 four function calculator
• 2 composition notebooks
• 3 dividers
• 4 Dry Erase Markers (Low Odor)
Language Arts
• 5 dividers
• Red pens
• 1” binder
• 1 subject spiral notebook
• Sticky Notes (3×3)
• Index Cards
• Plastic/Vinyl Cover Spiral Notebook with Pocket- college rule (for example Mead Five Star)
Social Studies
• 1” view binder (clear pocket on cover)
• 3 dividers Science
• 1” binder
7th Grade Supply List
General Supplies
• Highlighters (multi-color)
• #2 pencils
• Notebook paper for all classes
• At least 2 jumbo glue sticks
• Colored pencils
• Pencil pouch
• Locker shelf (optional)
• Hand-held Pencil Sharpener
• Flash Drive Math
• 1” binder
• Notebook paper
• Basic 4-function calculator
• 5 Dividers
• Scissors Language Arts
• Post-It Notes
• Notebook paper
• Black/blue pens
• 1” binder
• 8 ½ X 11 single-subject Spiral notebook
• 3 dividers
• 1” binder
• Notebook paper
• Composition notebook
• 3 Dividers (with pockets if possible) Social Studies
• 8 ½ x 11 College-ruled, single-subject spiral notebook with a pocket folder -be sure to check the size (one for each semester-two in total)
• ball point pens – red &blue Science
• 1” binder
• Notebook paper

8th Grade Supply List
General Supplies (for all classes)
• Notebook Paper
• Colored Pencils
• Highlighters (multi colored)
• Erasers
• Expo Markers
• Pencil Sharpener • Markers
• Pens and pencils
• Glue sticks
• 3X5 note cards (Large Quantities)
• Earbuds
• USB flash drive Math
• 1” 3 ring binder
• 5 dividers
• Graph paper
• Calculator:
8th and ADV 8th: TI-30XIIS
High School: Graphing Calculator (recommended):
TI-84 Plus (preferred model)
• Red pen (High School)
• 1” 3 ring binder
• 3 dividers Social Studies
• 1” 3 ring binder
• 3 Dividers Language Arts
• 1” 3 ring binder
• 1 subject spiral notebook
• 5 Dividers
Foreign Language (French)
• 1” 3 ring binder
• French/English Dictionary or an app if using BYOD
• Composition Book Foreign Language (Spanish)
• 1” 3 ring binder
• Spanish-English Dictionary or an app if using BYOD
• 1” 3 ring binder
• 5 binder dividers
• 1 box, Quart Ziploc freezer bags
• Paper towels
• Pastel printer paper
• 1 3 prong 2 pocket poly-folder (High School)

Week of May 15, 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend we just had. It was simply gorgeous outside.
This week, we will type our poems during class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Any poems you do not finish during class will need to type at home.
The poetry PowerPoint project is due on Friday! We will present in class on Friday.
Use your poetry packet to help guide you. Be sure to have 12 slides, with the Bio-Poem as your last poem. Each slide should have the following things on it:
1. Poem Title
2. Poem
3. Style of Poem
4. Figurative language or another literary device we discussed
5. Author’s name (for 6 poems this must be your name)
6. Illustration or graphic

I look forward to viewing all of your wonderful poems!

Week of May 8, 2017

We will be continuing with our unit on poetry this week. Each night look over your poems to be sure that you have created poems that are meaningful and follow the structure of the specific poem you are writing.
You may use your poetry packet with examples to help you create fun and personal poetry.
If you are choosing lyrics for one of your poems, remember that I must approve them before you type them into your PowerPoint.
We will start typing the PowerPoints on Monday, so you will need to be ready to type by then.

Week of April 24, 2017

It’s the last week of Milestones! You all have been doing a great job with the testing and the schedule! Keep it up!
We will not have a DGP quiz this week, but we’ll start a DGP on Wednesday and have that quiz next Friday, so you do not have any homework for me this whole week.
We will have our STEAM Day on Friday, so each class will discuss STEAM at our school. There is a letter from Dr. Brinke attached. Please read it. If you have any questions about it, I will answer them during class:)
STEAM DAY-2h59j8l

See you all in class!