Last Week of School — Yeah!!

Good morning, all.
I will not be giving you assignments today, but I did want to say GOOD-BYE in the only way that seems possible at this time.
I have enjoyed teaching you all this year. It’s been a great year.
For all my 8th graders, I’m very happy that you all are ready to move on to Walton. Keep working hard, stay happy and read your little hearts out! These next four years are important, fun and very rewarding if you dedicate yourself to them.
For all my 7th graders, I’ll miss you all over the summer, but I’ll see you all in the fall! I’m moving to 8A1, so please stop by and see me before school. Next year, I’ll be at Dickerson in the morning the whole year, so you can always stop by to see me in the morning. Congratulations to Thiru, Gala and Henry who will not longer be in an ESOL class. Of course, you three can still stop by and see me!
For my 6th graders, YEAH! Your first year of middle school is over and you’re ready for 7th! Remember that I’ll be at Dickerson in the morning, and I’ll be moving to 8th grade. I look forward to seeing you all in the fall.
Enjoy the summer.
Read fun books.
Take a few laps in the pool.
Play a fun game outside.

Week of May 11 – May 15, 2020

Good morning, all!! It’s the last full week of school! Yeah!

6th Grade Reading:
This week we’ll work on finishing the visual summaries for the novel AND taking the final test on the whole book.
Monday – Finish reading novel and start visual summary for chapter 16
Tuesday – Finish all visual summaries (you don’t have to do the visual summary for chapter 17) Post others on the padlet page.
I will discuss the test during our ZOOM meeting Tuesday at 10 AM. Here’s the link for both Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 850 0396 7885
Password: 0SFZV4
Wednesday – take the final test on the whole book
Thursday – finalize all our materials, questionnaire, and test. Meet at 10 AM using the ZOOM link above.
Friday – Catch – up Day!!

7th / 8th Grade Reading ESOL:
Last week, I put the Review PowerPoint in Teams for you all to complete. It is due on Wednesday by midnight.
Please email or ask a question via Teams if you need me. It is a review of many of the skills we have learned this year.
I’ll see you on our Teams meeting on Tuesday, at 1 pm, and on Thursday at 1 pm to help with any questions you might have.

Week of May 4 – May 8, 2020

Good morning, all!
7th and 8th Grade Reading ESOL:
Your assignment for this week and a bit of next week is in Teams.
I have given you a PowerPoint assignment as a review of many of the literary and grammatical terms we have learned this school year.
Please download the PowerPoint and write a sentence for each slide using the instructions on that slide.
It is due next Wednesday, May 13th.
See you on Tuesday and Thursday in our regularly scheduled Teams meetings, 1 pm.

6th Grade Reading ESOL:
This week, we need to finish reading the book!! YEAH!.
Monday, Read chapter 16, What Happened About the Statues. In this chapter we’ll begin to see the reason Aslan was willing to die. If you do not know the word REDEMPTION, please look it up, so we can discuss it on Tuesday in our ZOOM meeting.
Tuesday, Finish reading chapter 16 and begin your visual summary for this chapter.
Wednesday, Finish your visual summary and post it on the padlet page
Thursday, Read chapter 17, the last chapter of the novel. Begin you visual summary.
Friday, CATCH-UP with anything you did not finish yet – reading and visual summaries.
NEXT WEEK, we will have a test on the whole novel AND turn in a few of the visual summaries for the last grades of this quarter!
See you on Tuesday and Thursday in our ZOOM meetings!

Week of April 27 – May 1, 2020

Good morning, all!! I look forward to seeing you all on Teams on Tuesday and Thursday.

6th Grade Reading ESOL:
Monday – Chapter 15!! You should have read chapter 15 last week, so let’s look at what has happened.
Complete the first two pages of the questionnaire for this chapter. Be ready tomorrow at our meeting at 9:30 to discuss the Critical Thinking questions on the last page. Work on your visual summaries. When we get together tomorrow, I want to discuss those! This will help you prepare for the quiz on Wednesday.
Tuesday – Meet with me and each other at 9:30 am. We’ll discuss the activities for Tuesday. You will have a quiz due by the end of the day Wednesday.
Wednesday – Take the Quiz on Quizizz.
Thursday – Start reading chapter 16. You do not have to finish reading it, but get started so that you can finish by the end of the day next Monday.

7th and 8th Grade Reading ESOL:
This week, you are going to practice writing dialogue for a story.
Monday – Watch the video below on how to write dialogue. Take notes!! OR

Tuesday – I’ll see you all today at 1 pm on Teams. Use the pictures I put into the Teams Assignment folder to write a dialogue for a story using the characters I provided. Be sure the dialogue tells a story. It doesn’t have to be long, but it must tell a story. Saying, “Hi,” is not sufficient. A story needs conflict and resolution.
Wednesday – Take time today to edit your stories and be sure that the dialogue is punctuated correctly using the notes and the video. Turn it in using the “Turn in” tab on Teams.
Thursday – I’ll see you all at 1 pm today on Teams. Watch this video clip on dialogue.

Think about your writing and how you punctuated your dialogue. If you think you need to fix something, take the time now to edit and re-submit it to me. If you think you followed all the rules, you can start enjoying your weekend early!!
Friday – Catch up day!

Week of April 20 – April 24, 2020

Good morning, all!

7th and 8th Grade Reading:
As we discussed last week, this week you are going to practice using Brushstrokes. I put the PowerPoint in Teams for you to work on. There is also a review PowerPoint in the file titled Class Materials in Teams. Remember that your assignment is due on Friday. Please turn it in to Teams, not Office 365.
I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 1 PM. Please remember that our Teams video class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1 pm so that we can all meet together and discuss the week’s lesson.
The PowerPoint assignment is due on Friday.
See you tomorrow at 1 PM!!

6th Grade Reading:
This week, we want to read two chapters – Chapter 14 and 15. These two chapters need to be together to help your understanding of the plot. Please complete the Visual summary for Ch. 14. During Wednesday’s video class at 11 AM, we’ll discuss the visual summary for chapter 15.

So, here’s the week’s schedule:
Monday: read chapter 14 and meet as a class using Teams at 11 AM.
Tuesday: finish reading chapter 14 if necessary and start your visual summary. We’ll meet as usual at 9:30 to discuss this chapter’s events.
Wednesday: finish your visual summary for chapter 14. Post a picture of your finished visual summary on the padlet page. Here’s the link:
Thursday: Read chapter 15. When we meet, we will discuss this chapter and possible illustration options.
Friday: Catch-up with anything that you did not finish this week.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 – 6th Grade Reading ESOL

Good morning!
Thank you all for being at our Teams meeting this morning. A copy of the recording is in the Teams chat line if you want to listen to it again!

As we decided in our meeting this morning, I will put the assignments for the whole week on Monday’s post. That way, you can work through the assignments at your own pace. Remember that Friday is a catch-up day, so you always have through Friday to turn in your assignments.

Today, Tuesday, finish reading chapter 13 of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. This is an important chapter for Edmund! Be prepared to talk about Edmund in this chapter on Thursday during our next class meeting.
Wednesday – work on your visual summary for this chapter. Select an essential quote for your illustration and have it ready to share with the class tomorrow during our class meeting.
Thursday – Class meeting at 9:30. Discuss Edmund during the meeting and present your quote for discussion. Write a short paragraph about #1 under Write, Discuss, Create from the ch. 13 Questionnaire. Submit this paragraph to me using Teams or via Office 365.
Friday – catch-up day! If you have not submitted the paragraph about being forgiven, submit that to me by the end of the day today. If you have not finished your visual summary for chapter 13, finish that. You may upload a picture of it to the padlet page if you want! I would enjoy seeing your visuals!!