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February 12, 2018

Progress reports went home last Thursday.  Please sign and return as soon as possible.

Our last field trip is March 6 to the Cobb Youth Museum and the permission slip went home in last Thursday’s folder.  Please fill out the form, send in $20 in the envelope and return by the end of this week.

The students have begun brainstorming what they would like to do for their Genius Hour projects.  I can’t wait to see all of their great ideas!

This week:

READING:  We will begin reading Divided Loyalties this week in class as a continuation of our American Revolution unit. Please make sure your child is reading nightly and challenging themselves with books that are on or above their Lexile level.  This is the only way that their level will continue to increase.

ELA:  Each student has been assigned a planet to research.  All research is being done in class.  Students will then take their research and put it into an informational writing piece.  This will be completed over the next few weeks.

MATH:  We have wrapped up adding and subtracting fractions as well as decomposing improper fractions into mixed numbers.  We are moving on to equivalent fractions by taking larger fractional pieces and making them into smaller ones as well as taking smaller pieces and making them into a larger fractional piece.  There will be a quiz on equivalent fractions this Thursday or Friday.

Monday:  Lesson 21  HW – Lesson 5.21

Tuesday:  Lesson 7  HW – Lesson 5.7

Wednesday:  Lesson 8  HW – Lesson 5.8

Thursday:  Lesson 9  HW – Lesson 5.9

Friday:  Quiz

SCIENCE:  We are continuing to look at stars and planets and the difference between the two.

HEALTH:  We will be taking a look at what it means to be safe when away from home.

SPELLING:  sort 22

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February 5, 2018

We will be heading to the Fire Safety Village Tuesday, February 6.  Please make sure if your child is bringing a lunch from home that it is in a disposable plastic or paper bag that can be thrown away.

I’m excited to announce that our class will begin their Genius Hour Projects this Thursday.  Genius Hour is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school.  We will be going to the learning commons every Thursday for an hour to work on this.  As long as students use their time wisely each week, this project should be done entirely at school.  Presentations will be Thursday, May 10th.  I’ve posted a link here to further explain this idea.

This week:

READING:  We are continuing to take a closer look at the American Revolution as students learn to cite text evidence to support their answers to questions through close reading.  Please make sure your child is reading aloud 3 times a week for fluency and completing the reading packet.

ELA:  Students have been given a planet to research for their informational writing piece this quarter.  We will be going to the learning commons this week to learn how to research and see the many resources available to them.  We are also continuing to look at adjectives (comparative & superlative).

MATH:  We are continuing to look at operations with fractions and moving into understanding how to make equivalent fractions.

Monday – Lesson 18  HW – Lesson 5.18

Wednesday – Lesson 19  HW – Lesson 5.19

Thursday – Lesson 20  HW – Lesson 5.20

Friday – Lesson 21 and Unit 4 State task (Sweet Fraction Bar)

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We will be taking a look at the Constitution and Bill of Rights this week.

SCIENCE:  We will be incorporating the study of planets into our research and informational writing in ELA.

SPELLING:  Homework is completed on  Sort 21

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Week of January 22, 2018

Well, we finally have a 5 day week.  I am so ready to be back into a routine.  We have a ton of work to make up for all the lost time due to inclement weather.

Fire Safety Village permission slips went home a couple of weeks ago.  Please complete BOTH pages and return ASAP.  There is no cost involved.  However, if your child doesn’t return the form they won’t be able to attend.

This week:

Reading:  We are continuing to look at the American Revolution as a resource to help use text evidence when answering questions.  The entire quarter will be focused on informational reading and writing.  The reading homework has changed for the rest of the year.  Please have your child read to you at least 3 nights a week and check their fluency.  There is also a reading passage and comprehension part.  There are still expected to read for 20 minutes a night.


ELA:  We are continuing to look at adjectives this week.  Students have the same homework packet from last week.  We are also looking at different nonfiction books and beginning to work through writing and informational writing piece.

SCIENCE:  We will be wrapping up properties of light this week.

MATH:  This week we are working on decomposing fractions into smaller parts to help with understanding.  There will be a quiz Friday on this.  I’m attaching a video that comes from the county that gives a further explanation into everything students will be learning this quarter.

Monday – Video

Lesson 1 HW – Lesson 5.1

Tuesday –

Lesson 2 HW – Lesson 5.2

Wednesday –

Lesson 3 HW – Lesson 5.3

Thursday –

Lesson 4 HW – Lesson 5.4


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Week of January 1 and January 8, 2018


I can’t believe it’s 2018 already and we are beginning the second half of the year!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break with family and friends.  Each year I think I appreciate my family more and more.

REMINDER:  As we prepare students to move to fifth grade, they will no longer be allowed to correct work.  Please remind students to do their very best each and every time they are completing work.

Report cards will be going home this Friday, January 5.

This week:

Reading:  We will begin reading informational text discussing the American Revolution.  This will continue throughout the third quarter.


MATH:  We are moving into fractions this quarter.  Students will begin by looking at equivalent fractions and determining the many different ways to make equivalent fractions.

Here is a video to show you all that we will be learning third quarter.

SCIENCE:  We will be taking a look at the properties of light, reflection and refraction of light.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We will be wrapping up the American Revolution and the class will have a test over this next Thursday, January 11.  Students were given a study guide before the holiday break in order to begin reviewing the material.


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Week of December 4 and 11, 2017

It’s hard to believe that the semester is almost over.  The students have been working hard.  Please remind them to do their best and stay focused these last 13 days.

AMUSEMENT PARK RIDE PROJECTS ARE DUE THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14.  Parents are invited to see the students’ projects in the Learning Commons on December 14 from 12:30-1:30, if you would like to attend.

This week:

READING: We have been reading about how to survive in the wilderness and students are choosing an animal to research how they survived.  They will then write a fictional story on their animal using the information they’ve gathered.  I can’t wait to read their stories!

LANGUAGE ARTS:   We have been working the different types of verbs.  This week we are learning about subject and verb agreement.  We are continuing to wrap up our opinion writing for this quarter.

MATH:  We are finishing up division.  We have been discussing factors and multiples.  We will also be taking a look at patterns and the area of regular and irregular rectangles over the next two weeks.

Monday – Lesson 31

Tuesday – Lesson 32

Wednesday – Factors and multiples
Thursday – Factors and multiples
Friday – Quiz on factors and multiples

SCIENCE:  Students will be learning about sound this week and light next week.  I’m hoping we can do a couple of fun experiments that the students will enjoy to reinforce the concepts.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We are continuing to learn about the American Revolution.  The students are really enjoying all the aspects.  We will be having a surprise presentation next week with a special visitor! Our test will be Tuesday, December 19.  Study guide will be sent home this Friday.

SPELLING:  Sort 16  


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Week of November 6 and 13

Our field trip to the Tellus Museum is tomorrow.  If your child is bringing a lunch, please be sure that everything can be thrown away (bags, containers, bottles).

The Nickajack Family and Friends lunch for fourth grade is next Thursday.  Our lunch time will be 11:25-12:05.  We will be sitting at tables 3 and 4 on this day.  If you can, come have lunch with your child.  I know they would really enjoy it!  You can find a copy of the menu for that day here. Thanksgiving_menu 17-18

This week:

Reading – We are continuing our work on nonfiction using Animal Defenses.  Students are working on finding the main idea by looking at different animals.  Please continue to encourage your child to read nightly.  Also, have them read aloud to you for a few minutes each night.  This is the only way they are going to become better readers.  Log 1 

Language Arts:  The students are writing their rough drafts on their first opinion writing pieces.  The final copy should be done by Friday or Monday of next week.  

Math:  We have finished the multiplication part of our unit and are now moving into division.  Please be sure your child knows all their multiplication facts.  This will make division much easier to understand.

Monday – Lesson 14   HW Lesson 3.14

Wednesday – Field trip

Thursday – Lesson 15   HW Lesson 3.15

Friday – Lesson 16

Next week:

Monday – Review lessons 14-6  HW Lesson 3.16

Tuesday –  Lesson 17   HW Lesson 3.17

Wednesday – Lesson 18   HW Lesson 3.18

Thursday – Lesson 19   HW Lesson 3.19

Friday – Quiz over Lessons 14-19; Lesson 20

Science:  We have begun looking at force and motion and will be learning all about simple machines.  There may be a project with simple machines coming soon.

Social Studies:  After the Thanksgiving break we will be learning about the American Revolution.

Spelling:  sort-13    sort-14


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Multiplication games





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Week of October 23, 2017

I really enjoyed meeting with each of you last week.  It’s Red Ribbon Week and this year we are focusing on being kind to others.  Each day when have a slightly different focus.  Please reinforce this at home.

Our first field trip is November 8 to the Tellus Museum.  All permission slips need to be turned in no later than this Wednesday.

November 7 is a teacher workday.  Therefore, there will be no school.

This week:

READING:  We are continuing our study of animal defenses and informational text this quarter.  Also, please continue to have your child read 30 minutes each night.  Reading log should be completed nightly.

LANGUAGE ARTS:  Students are continuing to take a closer look at Opinion writing.  We are also learning about verbs.  Grammar packet should be completed nightly for homework.

MATH:  We are continuing to dive deeper into multiplication.  Students will need to know how to multiply one digit by four digits and two digits by two digits.  Please continue practicing multiplication facts.  This is critical.

Monday –  Stations (multiplication, place value, rounding review)  Homework – worksheet

Tuesday –  Lesson 11 (Area models)  HW Lesson 3.11

Wednesday – Lesson 12 (Word problems using multiplication)   HW Lesson 3.12

Thursday – Lesson 13 (Word problems using multiplication)  HW Lesson 3.13

Friday – Quiz/Lesson 14 

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We will begin learning about colonization after we wrap up our Health chapter.

SPELLING:  sort 11


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Week of October 16, 2017

IT’S CONFERENCE WEEK!  I’m enjoying meeting with each you and discussing all the wonderful things your child is doing.

Ms. Posey, our music teacher, has a student teacher in her class this semester.  He has chosen our class as the class he would like to videotape and present back at KSU.  He needs permission in order to do this.  A permission slip was sent home in last Thursday’s folder.  This needs to be returned in order for him to put your child in the video.  If you choose not to return it he will make sure that your child is not included.

This week:

READING:  We will be beginning a new unit this week on informational text using animal defenses.  Please be sure your child is reading nightly 30 minutes book on their level.  This will help them improve their reading lexile level.  I’ve attached on reading if your child happens to misplace it or forget it at school.  Reading Log 1

LANGUAGE ARTS:  This quarter the students will be writing an opinion essay.  We are working on what goes into an opinion writing piece.

MATH:  We are continuing to work on multiplication, specifically multiplicative comparison.  

Monday – Lesson 7

Tuesday – Lesson 8

Wednesday – Lesson 9

Thursday – Lesson 10

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We are finishing our look at explorers.

HEALTH:  We will be looking at Our Feelings this week and how to handle different situations. 

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Week of October 2, 2017

Welcome Back!  I hope you all had a wonderful fall break.  We enjoyed a vacation with our kids and grandkids.


We will be going on our first field trip November 8 to the Tellus Museum. Permission slips went home in Thursday folders before fall break. Please return the completed form and payment as soon as possible. No chaperones are needed.

Fall Festival is October 13 from 6-8:30. The fourth grade team will be hosting a Pumpkin Walk game and we need donations of individual snack size chips bags to be sent in for prizes. Thank you so much for your support.

Conference week is October 16-20.  I will be scheduling all conferences for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of that week.  I am headed to the Georgia annual math conference Wednesday late afternoon.  Please be on the lookout for something to come home this week.  I will also be emailing the information.  The administration and teachers are working on coordinating sibling conferences.

This is the last week of the quarter.  Report cards will be given out at conferences.

This week:

READING:  We are continuing to finish our unit on poetry using the book Love That Dog.

ELA:  Students will be finishing their personal narratives this week.  I look forward to sharing their writings with you at conferences.

MATH:  We will be finishing up the quarter by looking at problems with elapsed time and reviewing some concepts from the quarter that were difficult for students.

SCIENCE:  Groups are finishing their weather stations in class and presenting them on Tuesday.  They have really enjoyed putting these together and I look forward to their presentations.

HEALTH:  We will also be looking at another health chapter to finish out the quarter.

SPELLING:  sort-8


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