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Week of November 6 and 13

Our field trip to the Tellus Museum is tomorrow.  If your child is bringing a lunch, please be sure that everything can be thrown away (bags, containers, bottles).

The Nickajack Family and Friends lunch for fourth grade is next Thursday.  Our lunch time will be 11:25-12:05.  We will be sitting at tables 3 and 4 on this day.  If you can, come have lunch with your child.  I know they would really enjoy it!  You can find a copy of the menu for that day here. Thanksgiving_menu 17-18

This week:

Reading – We are continuing our work on nonfiction using Animal Defenses.  Students are working on finding the main idea by looking at different animals.  Please continue to encourage your child to read nightly.  Also, have them read aloud to you for a few minutes each night.  This is the only way they are going to become better readers.  Log 1 

Language Arts:  The students are writing their rough drafts on their first opinion writing pieces.  The final copy should be done by Friday or Monday of next week.  

Math:  We have finished the multiplication part of our unit and are now moving into division.  Please be sure your child knows all their multiplication facts.  This will make division much easier to understand.

Monday – Lesson 14   HW Lesson 3.14

Wednesday – Field trip

Thursday – Lesson 15   HW Lesson 3.15

Friday – Lesson 16

Next week:

Monday – Review lessons 14-6  HW Lesson 3.16

Tuesday –  Lesson 17   HW Lesson 3.17

Wednesday – Lesson 18   HW Lesson 3.18

Thursday – Lesson 19   HW Lesson 3.19

Friday – Quiz over Lessons 14-19; Lesson 20

Science:  We have begun looking at force and motion and will be learning all about simple machines.  There may be a project with simple machines coming soon.

Social Studies:  After the Thanksgiving break we will be learning about the American Revolution.

Spelling:  sort-13    sort-14


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Multiplication games





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Week of October 23, 2017

I really enjoyed meeting with each of you last week.  It’s Red Ribbon Week and this year we are focusing on being kind to others.  Each day when have a slightly different focus.  Please reinforce this at home.

Our first field trip is November 8 to the Tellus Museum.  All permission slips need to be turned in no later than this Wednesday.

November 7 is a teacher workday.  Therefore, there will be no school.

This week:

READING:  We are continuing our study of animal defenses and informational text this quarter.  Also, please continue to have your child read 30 minutes each night.  Reading log should be completed nightly.

LANGUAGE ARTS:  Students are continuing to take a closer look at Opinion writing.  We are also learning about verbs.  Grammar packet should be completed nightly for homework.

MATH:  We are continuing to dive deeper into multiplication.  Students will need to know how to multiply one digit by four digits and two digits by two digits.  Please continue practicing multiplication facts.  This is critical.

Monday –  Stations (multiplication, place value, rounding review)  Homework – worksheet

Tuesday –  Lesson 11 (Area models)  HW Lesson 3.11

Wednesday – Lesson 12 (Word problems using multiplication)   HW Lesson 3.12

Thursday – Lesson 13 (Word problems using multiplication)  HW Lesson 3.13

Friday – Quiz/Lesson 14 

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We will begin learning about colonization after we wrap up our Health chapter.

SPELLING:  sort 11


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Week of October 16, 2017

IT’S CONFERENCE WEEK!  I’m enjoying meeting with each you and discussing all the wonderful things your child is doing.

Ms. Posey, our music teacher, has a student teacher in her class this semester.  He has chosen our class as the class he would like to videotape and present back at KSU.  He needs permission in order to do this.  A permission slip was sent home in last Thursday’s folder.  This needs to be returned in order for him to put your child in the video.  If you choose not to return it he will make sure that your child is not included.

This week:

READING:  We will be beginning a new unit this week on informational text using animal defenses.  Please be sure your child is reading nightly 30 minutes book on their level.  This will help them improve their reading lexile level.  I’ve attached on reading if your child happens to misplace it or forget it at school.  Reading Log 1

LANGUAGE ARTS:  This quarter the students will be writing an opinion essay.  We are working on what goes into an opinion writing piece.

MATH:  We are continuing to work on multiplication, specifically multiplicative comparison.  

Monday – Lesson 7

Tuesday – Lesson 8

Wednesday – Lesson 9

Thursday – Lesson 10

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We are finishing our look at explorers.

HEALTH:  We will be looking at Our Feelings this week and how to handle different situations. 

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Week of October 2, 2017

Welcome Back!  I hope you all had a wonderful fall break.  We enjoyed a vacation with our kids and grandkids.


We will be going on our first field trip November 8 to the Tellus Museum. Permission slips went home in Thursday folders before fall break. Please return the completed form and payment as soon as possible. No chaperones are needed.

Fall Festival is October 13 from 6-8:30. The fourth grade team will be hosting a Pumpkin Walk game and we need donations of individual snack size chips bags to be sent in for prizes. Thank you so much for your support.

Conference week is October 16-20.  I will be scheduling all conferences for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of that week.  I am headed to the Georgia annual math conference Wednesday late afternoon.  Please be on the lookout for something to come home this week.  I will also be emailing the information.  The administration and teachers are working on coordinating sibling conferences.

This is the last week of the quarter.  Report cards will be given out at conferences.

This week:

READING:  We are continuing to finish our unit on poetry using the book Love That Dog.

ELA:  Students will be finishing their personal narratives this week.  I look forward to sharing their writings with you at conferences.

MATH:  We will be finishing up the quarter by looking at problems with elapsed time and reviewing some concepts from the quarter that were difficult for students.

SCIENCE:  Groups are finishing their weather stations in class and presenting them on Tuesday.  They have really enjoyed putting these together and I look forward to their presentations.

HEALTH:  We will also be looking at another health chapter to finish out the quarter.

SPELLING:  sort-8


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Week of September 11 and 18, 2017

BACK THE JACK CAMPAIGN ends this Friday.  Please consider giving to help further opportunities for the students at Nickajack.  It also gives teachers a chance to participate in professional development.  I’m writing a grant for the opportunity to go to the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference in October.  Thanks so much for your support of this great cause.

The Great Skate is this Sunday at Sparkles from 11-2.  The admission is $10 and the cost is $8 for skaters and $5 for non-skaters.

This week and next week:

READING:  Last week we began reading a book called Love That Dog.  It is a unique book that takes a look at a boy’s perspective on poetry.  Students will be reading this book along with some other classic poems.  We will be working on summarizing the text and using text evidence to support it.  This will take us through the next few weeks.  Students should still be reading nightly at home as we are continuing to read independently in the classroom also.

LANGUAGE ARTS:  We have been working on sentence types and will continue to do so during our grammar time.  Students should be including this knowledge when writing their narratives.  This week we are wrapping up our narrative writing of an ordinary moment.  Students are completing their final copies.  Next week, we will move into writing a personal narrative.  That will take us to the end of the first quarter.

MATH:  For the remainder of this week, students will be finishing up their assessment on place value and adding & subtracting.  We will review misconceptions of those standards that students are still struggling to understand.  Homework will be reviewing those concepts.  Next week, we will practice finding perimeter of rectangles.  This will include regular as well as irregular rectangles.  There will be a quiz next Friday over perimeter.

Wednesday – Review place value

Thursday – Review rounding numbers

Friday – Review addition and subtraction

Monday – Finding perimeter of squares and rectangles

Tuesday – 

Wednesday –  Finding perimeter of irregular rectangles

Thursday – 

Friday – Quiz on perimeter

SCIENCE:  We have begun our study on weather.  Students will identify the common instruments used when determining weather.  They will also learn how to identify the different types of clouds.  Students will learn how to forecast the weather and determine the difference between weather and climate.  Next week, students will be placed in groups where they will complete a STEM activity by making a weather station with at least 3 instruments.  They will make these out of recyclable materials.  This will be completed in class.  Below is a list of items needed.

Plastic bottles, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, plastic cups, paper clips, straws, cardboard boxes,

SPELLING:  sort-7



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Week of August 21, 2017

Back to Football Friday is September 1.  Here is the link to sign up and volunteer.

BACK THE JACK begins next Monday, August 28 and continues until September 15.  Please consider contributing to this.  It allows teachers, like me, to work on professional development through different conferences offered.  At also allows teachers to bring more opportunities for science and technology into the classroom.  Last year, I wrote a grant and was awarded 5 Ipads and taught my students how to code., which they really enjoyed.

This week:

READING:  We are working on asking good questions before we read, during reading and after we read. 

ELA:  We are continuing to work on writing our narrative stories.  We are also looking at simple subject and simple predicates in sentences.  There will be a quiz this Friday.

MATH:  We are taking our first test this Wednesday over place value and rounding numbers.  We will then be moving into addition.

Monday – Addition sheet

Tuesday – Lesson 11   Use study guide to study for test

Wednesday – Test  HW – Lesson 11

Thursday –   Multi-step word problems  HW – Lesson 12

Friday –   Continuing multi-step word problems

HEALTH:  This week we will be discussing personal health (taking care of your skin, teeth and eyes).



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Week of August 14, 2017

We are beginning week 3 here at the Jack which is so hard to believe.

Next Monday is the solar eclipse.  The school day will be extended 45 minutes.  Dismissal will be at 3:00 pm.  “Parents are welcome to come into the building to check out their child prior to 2:00. No transportation changes or student checkout after 2:00 pm.”

The District has made a determination that any student that is absent on Monday, August 21 will be excused with a note from the parent/guardian.
In order for the student to be counted as present for that day, they must be in school until 11:15 a.m.

This week:

READING:  We are looking at making connections this week with the books we are reading (text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world).  Making connections to books is a very important piece in the reading process.  We are also beginning our fluency practice.  Students who are new to Nickajack will be assessed to see their current reading level with a Lexile score and a DRA score.

LANGUAGE ARTS:  We will be looking at subjects and predicates this week.  There will be a quiz Friday.  We are also continuing with the writing process working on Narrative writing.  This week we will be working on character development, creating a plot with an arc and planning out the scenes in their stories.  I’m excited to see their stories come alive.

MATH:  This week in math we will be rounding numbers to thousand, ten thousand and hundred thousand’s place.  We will also be looking at word problems where numbers need to be rounded.  There will be a quiz this Friday over lessons 7-10.  Our first major test will be next Wednesday, August 23, over lessons 1-10.  A study guide will be given to them on Friday. We will go over the study guide on Monday.  Students can also review their homework for lessons 1-10.

Monday – Lesson 7  Lesson 7 HW

Tuesday – Lesson 8  Lesson 8 HW

Wednesday – Lesson 9  Lesson 9 HW

Thursday – Lesson 10  Lesson 10 HW

SCIENCE:  We will be looking in greater detail at the water cycle this week.  Students will learn how a water molecule goes through the water cycle process.  There will be a quiz Friday on the water cycle.  Students can bring home their journals to study.


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I’m excited to begin a new school year!  It’s going to be a great one!

Parents, please be sure your child has all the supplies they need for the year.  This will allow them to have the opportunity to be as successful as they possibly can be this year.

Open House is this Thursday evening at 6:00.  We hope you can make it.  We will be discussing the expectations for fourth grade and how to help your child have the best possible year.

Students will have homework nightly, Monday through Thursday, in grammar, math, reading and spelling.

This week:

Math:  We are digging deeper into place value up to hundred thousand.  We will be looking at standard, expanded and word form.  There will be a quiz over this on Friday.  Students should bring home their journals nightly as a guide for completing their homework.

Monday:  Lesson 3  Lesson 3 HW

Tuesday:  Lesson 4  Lesson 4 HW

Wednesday:  Lesson 5  Lesson 5 HW

Thursday:  Lesson 6  

Friday:  Quiz over Lessons 3-6

Social Studies:  We have spent this past week learning map skills.  We are wrapping this up on Monday.

ELA:  We will begin reviewing types of sentences this week.  We will also begin working on the writing process.

Science:  We will begin looking at the water cycle this week.

Reading:  We are beginning to work on stamina in class.  Students are well on their way to reading many books this year.

Spelling:  sort 2


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Week of May 1, 2017

There is only 3 1/2 more weeks of school.  However, we are still learning and preparing for 5th grade.  Behaviors in the classroom are deteriorating.  I have shared with the class that they should finish strong.  Please remind them of the expectations as well.

Field trip to the Fernbank Museum is this Friday, May 5.  This supports our curriculum but is optional.  I realize that this trip is quite pricey.  If you have chosen to not pay the $18, then your child will remain here at school and will be given a packet of curriculum based material to complete for the day.

This week:

MATH:  We are revisiting adding and subtracting decimals since this was a struggle for them.  We will also look at Order of Operations which was worked on last week.  There will be a quiz Thursday over both of these concepts.

Monday – Adding decimals

Tuesday – Subtracting decimals

Wednesday – Order of Operations (ONE MORE TIME!)

Thursday – Quiz on decimals and Order of Operations


READING:  I have begun reading A Long Walk to Water to the class.  It is a true story about the lost boys of Southern Sudan.  The class is really enjoying it.  Students are to pick by up with their reading this week.  They can either read on MyOn for 1 1/2 hours or read an actual book for 1 1/2 hours.

SCIENCE:  We have begun studying Ecosystems.

SPELLING:  sort 31


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