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Posted by ewilliams on 19th March 2013

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Industrial Revolution Activities

Posted by ewilliams on 31st October 2012

 This is an activity that is designed to help you to understand the Industrial Revolution and how it effected the world. Use this website and your Quizlet vocabulary activities to help you pass the next test! Good Luck and have Fun!





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Background of the French Revolution

Posted by ewilliams on 15th October 2012

We are leading to the French Revolution. Look at the attached chart to understand the different political views! Check with my Quizlet for additional vocabulary practice.

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How long Ago was the Earth Formed?

Posted by ewilliams on 10th October 2012

It is very exciting to learn the theory of how the earth was formed! Go to the following interactive website to explore the theory of how old the earth was determined to be! Tell the teacher that you practiced this activity and earn 5 extra points towards your next test or quiz!


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New Year New Attitude!

Posted by ewilliams on 6th September 2012

Welcome to a new school year! We have worked out the bugs on all of the new programs and the schedules are finally settled! Lets move on! Visit my Blog weekly for information and extra credit opportunities. I am presently teaching Earth Systems and World History. Use the study activities to review for tests or to get ahead! Have a great year and Goooo Jackets!

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Posted by ewilliams on 26th March 2012

We are begining our unit on the Atmosphere. Check back frequently to assist with your knowledge of the Atmosphere

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Rocks and Minerals

Posted by ewilliams on 12th March 2012

We have started our unit on Rocks and Minerals. Vis the following website to help you to find information for our assignments and projects.

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Chapter 18 Volcanoes updated in Quizlet!

Posted by ewilliams on 7th February 2012

Please visit www.quizlet.com to practive your vocabulary terms in preparation for the test next week. I have added pictures to assist with the methods that will be used on the test!

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Severe Storms

Posted by ewilliams on 1st December 2011

We are currently studying severe storms. Go to the following website and chase the storms!


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Cloud Formation Animation

Posted by ewilliams on 9th November 2011

We are presently learning about clouds and how they are formed. There are several types that are very unique! Go to the attached website to assist with your understanding of how they work!


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