5 Days Left!

We’ve made it to the end of the semester!

Remember, your summative is on Wednesday. This will be the last grade of the quarter.

Check the previous post for the study guide.

All late work is due Monday (December 17th) by the end of the school day! 

Early Release Thursday and Friday.

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Important News

Our semester is quickly coming to a close.

All late work is due by Monday, December 17th!!!!

Our final summative is Wednesday, December 18th (Reading comprehension, parallel structure, sentence variety, and commas). This will be the last grade of the quarter. Here is a study guide for the test. Summative Review Q2 

Are you looking to raise your grade? Are you stressed out and looking for extra credit? If so, keep reading.

Please read this Pro/Con article pro-con-vaccines and pick a side to the argument. Write a quick paragraph supporting your side. (Claim, Evidence, Commentary, Counterclaim, Rebuttal, Evidence, Closing Sentence) Then post your response to FlipGrid. FlipGrid Code: Faheyall

Weekly Updates

Two weeks until break!

Remember, your argumentative essays are due Tuesday, December 11 via Office 365!

Our Balanced Summative is Wednesday, December 19th. This will cover reading comprehension, commas/ semi-colons, and parallel structure.

Friday is a $2 dress down day

12/17- School Wide Spelling Bee

12/20-21 Early Release

Happy December 7-2

Three weeks until Winter Break! Let’s buckle down and finish Quarter 2 off strong.

I will be out Wednesday morning and all day Thursday due to training. There is a sub for both days, so please be respectful and on task!

Your argumentative essay is due next Tuesday (December 11th)! This is a summative grade.

Notable Dates to Remember: 

December 11- Papers Due

December 14- FAF and $2.00 dress down; Artifacts due

December 19- Balanced Summative

December 20- Early Release

December 21- Early Release

PBIS Celebration

Tomorrow is the PBIS Tailgate Celebration!

Students that have paid for the celebration may participate in a jeans day.

Students that did not pay can either play games in the computer lab (all slots have been filled) or they are watching a movie in the theater.