Five More Days!

Fall break is just around the corner!

Let’s stay focused these last five days and make sure we are staying on track to meet our academic goals.

Monday and Tuesday of this week we are finishing up the IOWA tests.

Friday is our special Latino Heritage Celebration during academies. Tickets will be on sale this week in the cafeteria. It is $5.00 to get in.

9.20- AC/ Magnet Night at 6:00 pm

9.24-28 No School- Fall Break

*Our school spelling bee will be in December. Class spelling bees will be in November. Here is the word list for those interested in participating: 007-2019_NSB_Grade_7_Vocab_List-

Mid-Week Update

Please remember, we start CogAT and IOWA testing tomorrow, Wednesday, September 12th.

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep and a nice filling breakfast.

You should bring a few number two pencils and an Independent Reading book to homeroom for testing.

Here are some due dates that are quickly approaching:

Friday, September 14th:

  1. EA #1- Informational Essay Final Draft is due (make sure you highlighted your two paragraphs like it says on the ELA part of the blog). Parents- these are in class essays only!
  2. Flipgrid Post is due by the end of the day Friday.
    • Students need to log onto the class Flipgrid (fahey1, fahey4, fahey5, fahey6, fahey7)
    • They need to post a video introducing themselves and sharing what makes them smile.
    • This video needs to be at least 60 seconds in length.

*I am also attaching a form that shows you how to log onto to Office 365 from home.*

 Middle School Digital Learning Resources 

Happy Testing Week

This week we start the CogAT and IOWA testing. Testing starts Wednesday, September 12th and will end Tuesday, September 18th.

We are working on revising our informational essays. This five paragraph essay is the performance summative for Quarter 1, so it will be 30% of the grade.

We will be peer reviewing and revising this week. The final draft is due Friday, September 14th via Office 365.

Happy September 7-2

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Can you believe it’s already September! Fall is just around the corner!

Here are some important dates for you to jot down:

Monday- Sep 3: NO SCHOOL

Wednesday- Sep 4: Progress Reports Out via Parent Vue (Digital Copies Only)

Friday- Sep 7: Fresh Air Friday

*** Monday, Sep 10: Informational Essays on the topic in the Middle East due by 7:00 pm via Office 365***

Wednesday-Tuesday- Sep 12-18: CogAT and IOWA testing



Sentence Retake Information

The Sentence Variety Quiz retake is on Friday.

In the resource page, there are videos posted to help you.

I have also assigned three different Flocabulary videos and quizzes for you to practice. (Class codes in the ELA section of the blog.)

And I have assigned four assignments in USATestPrep. Member Login: campbellmidldega Your username is your lunch number and password is the same.

Class Passwords to Join my Class:

Period 1: Fahey1

Period 4: Fahey4

Period 5: Fahey5

Period 6: Fahey6

Period 7: Fahey7

These assignments are for you to practice for the upcoming quiz!


*Please remember, you should have your five sources and outline for your informational essay by the end of class Friday! *

Week 5: Happy Last Week of August

Happy 5th team 7-2.

This week we are starting to gather sources and evidence for our Middle East papers, and then we are going to start writing!

I have decided to move the deadline of this paper to be due on Monday, September 10th. 

This week we also be reteaching sentence variety, so the retake of the Sentence Type Quiz will be on Friday. I will post resources in the resource page of the blog.

Dates to Remember: 

8.29- Early release and the end of the 4.5 weeks

8.31- ELA Weekly 5 Due at the end of class and Sentence Quiz retake

9.10- EA#1: Middle East Informational Papers due by 7:00 pm via Office 365; or hardcopy in class.

Important Announcement

Hello 7-2! I will be out today, so please be respectful to the sub or the teacher that you are with for the day.

Here is what I need you guys to do today:

  1. Complete your Tuesday Bell Ringer Journal Prompt. This is on the pink Bell Ringer worksheet.
  2. Read a NewsELA article on the Middle East and take Cornell notes. Reminder: You are gathering evidence for their informational essays. *Students may NOT write on the articles!* If you finish, you may move onto another article.
  3. If you finish reading, you should write me two paragraphs about any topic using a variety of sentences (simple, compound, complex) and color code your sentences.
  4. You may read an independent reading book for the remainder of class time.

*NOTE: If there is access to a computer, you may log onto Flocabulary to complete the Thesis statement assignments. Class codes are on the blog.*

Thanks for being respectful, responsible, and safe.

Open House Week!

Greetings Team 7-2 Spartans!

Don’t forget that Open House is this Thursday, August 23rd at 5:30

August 29- Early Release

September 5- Progress Reports

*Please see the ELA page for the weekly agenda!

Thesis Statements due this Friday, August 24th!


Happy Third Week Spartans

We are really starting to roll now!

Here are some Weekly Announcements for ELA:

Monday, August 13- Binder Check 

Tuesday, August 14- Choice Board Activities Due (information in the ELA section of the blog)

Friday, August 17- ELA Weekly Due 

Campbell Announcements:

Friday, August 17 2018 GA Milestones EOG Distinguished Luncheon

Friday, August 24- Fresh Air Friday and $2.00 Dress Down Day/ Jeans Day

Reading Check: Are you reading my blog?

I love when you read the blog! So every once in a while there will be hidden reading checks for you to complete for a prize! (May be a treat, bonus points, etc!)

This week’s task: Write an example a complex sentence, a compound sentence, and a simple sentence. Turn this into me by Tuesday, August 14th! Write your name to get credit!!