4H Public Speaking Competition

Our 5th graders love having 4H visit our classrooms each month to present projects about their individual interests and learn about key science concepts! They have invited our scholars to join them next Thursday in the following invitation:

“Cloverleaf County Project Achievement: Calling all 4th-6th graders! Do you like public speaking or want to share your knowledge with others? Would you like to qualify for an overnight trip to Fortson 4-H Center? Competing at the Cobb 4-H Cloverleaf County Project Achievement Public Speaking contest is just right for you! Complete a 3-5 minute speech with a visual aid (trifold board or poster board) and compete at the contest on Thursday January 17th at 6:30pm. The contest will be hosted at Milford Elementary School. See the flyer for more information! You can also call our office at 770-528-4070 or contact Kathleen McElroy at kathleen.mcelroy@cobbcounty.org ”

For more information, visit Cobb 4H Website

Living Museum

This week students from Ms. Benedict’s class presented a “living museum” of inventors to over 100 guests. Students dressed up and shared information about the lives and accomplishment of  important inventors from the twentieth century such as Alfred Nobel, Marie Curie, Henry Ford and Madam C.J. Walker. Fantastic work!!


Esta semana, los estudiantes de la clase de la Sra. Benedict presentaron un “museo vivo” de inventores a más de 100 invitados. Los estudiantes se vistieron y compartieron información sobre las vidas y logros de importantes inventores del siglo veinte como Alfred Nobel, Marie Curie, Henry Ford y Madam C.J. Walker. ¡Fantástico trabajo!

Progress Reports and Tips for Thanksgiving Break

Dear Eagle Families,

We hope all of you have a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving Break. Students received 2nd quarter progress reports that need to be signed and brought back after the break. Don’t forget you can always see up to date grades through parentvue.cobbk12.org.

Please make sure that your student is still reading daily. We recommend 30 minutes a day for 5th graders. In addition to staying on top of academics, it is important to check-in with your son or daughter on his or her goals. Ask him or her: What do you want to be when you grow up? What goals do you have at home? Also, weather permitting, encourage your student to get some exercise during the break. Walk around the block or go to the park. Try to limit screen time to two hours a day. Finally, make sure your student is getting enough sleep. If they stay up late during the holiday time, students are generally tired and less productive in the classroom after the break. It is important to keep a consistent sleep schedule.

Have an amazing break!

The 5th Grade Team

happy Thanksgiving day leaves banner

Estimadas familias de Fair Oaks,

Esperamos que todos tengan un maravilloso y tranquilo descanso de Acción de Gracias. Los estudiantes recibieron los informes de progreso del segundo trimestre que deben ser firmados y devueltos después del receso. No olvide que siempre puede ver las calificaciones actualizadas a través de parentvue.cobbk12.org.

Por favor asegúrese de que su estudiante todavía esté leyendo a diario. Recomendamos 30 minutos al día para los estudiantes de 5to grado. Además de mantenerse al tanto de lo académico, es importante que se informe con sus hijos sobre sus objetivos. Pregúntale a él o ella: ¿Qué quieres ser cuando seas grande? ¿Qué metas tienes en casa? Además, si el clima lo permite, anime a su estudiante a hacer algo de ejercicio durante el descanso. Camina alrededor de la cuadra o ve al parque. Trate de limitar el tiempo de pantalla a dos horas al día. Finalmente, asegúrese de que su estudiante esté durmiendo lo suficiente. Si se quedan hasta tarde durante las vacaciones, los estudiantes generalmente están cansados ​​y son menos productivos en el aula después del receso. Es importante mantener un horario de sueño constante.

¡Esperamos que tengas un descanso increíble!

El equipo de 5to grado


Do you need more at home reading resources for your student? Does your son or daughter ever finish his or her book and not have anything else to read until you go to the library? Then myOn is a good resource for you to look into. Fair Oaks Elementary has a school wide subscription to the online literacy platform. MyOn has thousands of books that can be read online at home or at school.

If you’re interested tell your student to get login information from his or her teacher.


¿Necesita más recursos de lectura en casa para su estudiante? ¿Su hijo o hija alguna vez termina su libro y no tiene nada más que leer hasta que vaya a la biblioteca? Entonces myOn es un buen recurso para que lo analices. Fair Oaks Elementary tiene una suscripción a toda la escuela a la plataforma de alfabetización en línea. MyOn tiene miles de libros que se pueden leer en línea en casa o en la escuela.

Si está interesado, dígale a su estudiante que obtenga información de inicio de sesión de su maestro.

La, la, la! Congrats to Chorus Standouts!!

Four 5th graders from Fair Oaks recently participated in District 12 Honors Chorus. After about a month preparation with our music teacher, Ms. Martinez, students received a special training along with other chorus standouts in the district. There was a total of 300 students at the event. They sang six songs including a classical Turkish song called Uskadar. Good job Eagle Chorus!!

Cuatro estudiantes de 5to grado de Fair Oaks participaron recientemente en el Coro de Honores del Distrito 12. Después de aproximadamente un mes de preparación con nuestra maestra de música, la Sra. Martínez, los estudiantes recibieron una capacitación especial junto con otros destacados del coro en el distrito. Hubo un total de 300 estudiantes en el evento. Cantaron seis canciones, incluyendo una canción clásica turca llamada Uskadar. Buen trabajo Eagle Chorus !!

4-H Presentations

The University of Georgia is partnered with Cobb County where fifth graders receive extra instruction in science on a monthly basis. One wonderful component on this partnership is that students are required to pick a topic and present it to their peers. The topics range from water pollution to Michael Jackson to Fortnite!

La Universidad de Georgia está asociada con el Condado de Cobb, donde los estudiantes de quinto grado reciben instrucción adicional en ciencias mensualmente. Un componente maravilloso de esta asociación es que los estudiantes deben elegir un tema y presentarlo a sus compañeros. ¡Los temas van desde la contaminación del agua hasta Michael Jackson y Fortnite!

Conference Week

A friendly reminder that parent teacher conferences will be held the week of October 15th – 19th. Conferences will focus on student progress and goals for the rest of the school year.

Un recordatorio amistoso de que las conferencias de padres y maestros se llevarán a cabo la semana del 15 al 19 de octubre. Las conferencias se enfocarán en el progreso de los estudiantes y las metas para el resto del año escolar.

Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Estefani from 5th grade in Fair Oaks on getting 3rd place in the district wide School Bus Safety Poster Competition!

¡Felicitaciones a Estefani de 5º grado en Fair Oaks por obtener el 3er lugar en la competencia de pósteres de seguridad de autobuses escolares en todo el distrito!

National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. It is an important time to check-in with our students and ask them about their peer relationships. Bullying can take place in many forms and students can have different roles depending on a given situation. Here are some types of bullying to consider.

Physical bullying– Pushing, hitting or anything involving physical contact.

Verbal bullying– Name calling or threatening.

Relational or emotional bullying–  Laughing at someone or excluding him or her from a group or activity.

Cyber bullying– Teasing, belittling or intimidating others online or on social media.

When bullying happens it is important for students to know what to do. Sometimes ignoring a certain behavior can work, but often times students need to stand up against the bullying behavior. Simply telling someone to “Stop” can help the situation. Students also need to be reminded to tell a trusted adult about the issue. Even if you do not directly experience bullying yourself, it is important to build-up others who experience it.

Here is a great video that highlights how to stop or prevent bullying:


Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud is another wonderful book that can help with bullying prevention.


Exciting Endings

Students had a blast working with a partner to write the ending to a story about Mr. Petrusic traveling to Alaska. Here is the starting place :

Realistic Fiction Narrative

Main character: Mr. Petrusic

Problem: Mr. Petrusic lost a lot of blood from a laceration (deep cut) to his leg from a bear attack. He is in the emergency room, but the doctors do not have a match for his rare blood type.

Resolution: Mr. Petrusic’s wife turns out to be the same blood type, and the doctors are able to transfer some blood from her to him just in time.

Mini problems:

(1) How did Mr. Petrusic and his wife afford a vacation to Alaska?

(2) How did Mr. Petrusic and his wife survive a bear attack?

(3) How did Mr. Petrusic and his wife get to the hospital?

Story start:

A Rare Match

      One hot weekend in July Mr. Petrusic and his wife finally decided where they wanted to go on a vacation, Glacier National Park in Alaska. It was an expensive trip, but they saved $20 every month for four years and they could finally afford it. Not only did they have enough for the airfare, but they even had some money to buy a new tent for their camping trip.

      After some final planning and packing they flew to Alaska two weeks later. It was much cooler weather than the hot Chicago summer. For the next couple of days Mr. Petrusic and his wife got to go hiking and canoeing through the beautiful Alaskan wilderness.

      On the third night of the trip just as they were about to go to sleep, Mr. and Mrs. Petrusic heard a noise outside of their tent. “What was that?” asked Mrs. Petrusic.

      “What was what?” replied Mr. Petrusic as he squinted his eyes in confusion.

     “That noise,” whispered Mrs. Petrusic nervously.

     “Oh wait, I hear it. Shhh. I think it’s a…”


      Mr. Petrusic and his wife jumped out of the tent and stood face to face with a 7 foot grizzly bear. Frozen in terror they stared at it helplessly. Next they tiptoed backwards slowly and the bear attacked. It took one swipe with its paw and cut Mr. Petrusic’s leg. Red blood was gushing everywhere.

      Before the bear was able to do any more damage, Mrs. Petrusic pressed the button on her bear horn. Fortunately she carried it on her person at all times. It made a loud shriek and it startled the bear. Within moments he darted back past the trees and bushes. Meanwhile Mr. Petrusic wrapped an extra shirt around the gash on his leg. He was starting to feel light headed. They knew they had to get to a hospital fast.

Here is an example of an ending written by fifth grade students:

Story Ending Sample