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Hello Team McPopRoss,

As we prepare to move into this next phase of learning, we wanted to take a moment to go over a few things with you.

In this email, we will address the following:

  • Supplies
  • Schedule
  • COVID Protocols
  • Grades/Missing Assignments


If your child is returning face to face on October 5th, they will need to make sure they have the following items. *Each item MUST be labeled with their name or some other identification marker (example: colorful tape on pencils, dry erase markers, pens, etc.)

  • Pencils and erasers
  • Glue sticks
  • Colored pencils
  • Colored pens such as Paper Mate Flair Tip Pens
  • Multi-colored highlighters
  • Scissors
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Sticky notes
  • Headphones/ear buds
  • Large sturdy pencil bag
  • 1 plastic folder with pockets*Not on the original supply list
  • 2 packs Black Dry Erase Markers
  • 2 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
  • 1 container of Clorox Wipes (if possible)
  • Journals
    • Math Journal
    • Reading Journal
    • Writing Journal
    • Science Journal
    • Social Studies Journal
  • Science Workbook
  • Studies Weekly Newspapers (all of them)
  • Esperanza Rising (if you purchased your own copy)
  • Personal face mask


McRorie Homeroom + Virtual Students Ross Homeroom
7:50* – 8:10 Announcements/Morning Meeting

8:10* – 10:20 ELA

10:20* – 11:05 Specials

11:05 – 11:28 Recess

11:28 – 11:38 Math

11:39 – 12:04 Lunch

12:02* – 2:00 Math/Content

2:00 – 2:10 Pack Up

7:50 – 8:10 Announcements/ Morning Meeting

8:10 – 10:20 Math/Content

10:20 – 11:05 Specials

11:05 – 11:28 Recess

11:28 – 11:38 ELA

11:38 – 12:03 Lunch

12:02 – 2:00 ELA

2:00 – 2:10 Pack Up

*Virtual students will go LIVE at the beginning of each rotation.

COVID Protocol

  • All students MUST wear a mask at all times on CCSD property (this includes on the bus and at recess).
  • If your child chooses to wear a face shield, a mask is still required.
  • Mask breaks will be given at snack and lunch.
  • Social distancing will be practiced in common areas as well as the classroom when possible.
  • Time will be allocated for hand washing and sanitizing throughout the day.
  • Students will only have access to their own personal supplies. We will not be sharing supplies this year. They will have access to a personal storage box to keep additional supplies in. It is important that all supplies are properly labeled.
  • We ask that you help us keep the germs away by periodically washing and cleaning out bookbags and lunchboxes.

Grades/Missing Assignments

  • Please make sure you and your child are checking ParentVUE/StudentVUE on a weekly basis.
  • Any graded assignment still missing on October 5 will turn into a ZERO in the gradebook.
  • Missing assignments can be found in ParentVUE/StudentVUE.


Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. Have a wonderful Fall Break and we’ll see you soon…face to face or on Zoom!

~Mrs. McRorie, Ms. Popilek, & Ms. Ross



Weekly Update – Aug. 24

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Hello Team McPopRoss,

It’s time to begin Week 2 of Digital Learning! This week, we will begin breaking off into our homerooms for the different subject areas. You’ll find the schedule below.

We also created a Weekly Checklist to help both students and parents keep up with the daily assignments students must complete. We will be updating it each day, so make sure to refer back to this slide each day to see the new assignments. All assignments are due by the beginning of the following week, unless otherwise specified by Mrs. McRorie, Ms. Ross, or Ms. Popilek.

It’s going to be another great week! We just know it!

Thursday, Aug. 20

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Let'S Begin Again New Day GIF by Chippy the dog - Find & Share on ... Hello Team McPopRoss,

We have made it to the downhill slope of our first week! The vendor has been working hard to fix all the bugs in CTLS. Hopefully, today will run much smoother.

We are going to attempt to keep everything in CTLS today, meaning I won’t be posting the assignments here as well. However, if your child can’t get on CTLS at any point today, please email one of us and we will revert back to using our backup system (the blog) as well.

If you can access CTLS, but the GO LIVE button isn’t working, go back out to the homepage and look under the Announcements. The Zoom link is now being posted under the Announcements section every time we go LIVE (see image below)

It’s going to be a great day! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

~Mrs. McRorie, Ms. Ross, & Ms. Popilek

Rotation 2: 10:05 – 11:35

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Today, during our LIVE session, we will be reading the book I Am Human and discussing ways to describe who we are. Your OYO (on your own) assignment is to write an I Am Poem about yourself using the template below. Take your time with this task; we really want you to think about who you are and the things that are important to you.

You will be submitting this assignment on CTLS. We will be going over how to do this during our LIVE session and there are Help Videos on the Lesson Assignment page.

I Am Human – Read Aloud

Rotation 2’s OYO (On Your Own) Assignment:

I Am Poem Activity

After reading I Am Human, it’s time for you to put our author’s hat on and get to writing! Below is the I Am Poem template that you will need to follow.


  1. Using a sheet of paper, write out a rough draft of your poem.
  2. Make sure your poem follows the directions from the template above.
  3. Reread your poem multiple times and make changes as needed.
  4. When you’re ready to type your final draft, you have two options (both will require you to be in CTLS):
    1. You can type your poem in Word on your computer and upload it. For a video tutorial of how to do that, click HERE.
    2. You can type your poem right here in CTLS. For a video tutorial of how to do that, click HERE.
  5. Please make sure your poem is formatted like the example. (This means it looks like the example poem)
  6. When your poem has been typed and/or uploaded. Click the red Submit Response in CTLS.
  7. OPTIONAL: If you would like to, you can record yourself reading your poem on Flipgrid. To get to our I Am Poem Flipgrid, click HERE.


Ms. Ross’ Example Poem

You are now done with all LIVE sessions with Mrs. McRorie, Ms. Ross and Ms. Popilek for today.

Begin working on your OYO assignments.

Up next is Art with Mrs. Bisson!

Specials begin at 11:35.