November 2

November/December Newsletter

Learning Targets for First Grade
by First Grade Team

Reading: How do good readers show understanding by summarizing a text?
• Analyze Character,
• Analyze Story Elements
• Retell
• Make connections
Social Studies: What produces sounds? Vibrations How are sounds different? Pitches
Writing: How do Good writers share information? Research, plan and organize my information
Math: How can I solve equations with missing addends?

What can you do at home
Have great conversations!
Continue to read every day with your child. Read to your child. Have your child read to you. Discuss what was read. Ask details about the story. Have your child retell the story to you without looking at the pictures. Does the story remind you or your child of anything?
Sight word practice
Continue to work with math facts flash cards
Fluency: Read fast and smooth with accuracy and understanding.

Ways to Get Involved
Friday Mystery Readers – Please let your child’s teacher know when you are available.

Important dates
Monday, November 6, International Night
Tuesday, November 7, Teacher Workday (Student Holiday)
Tuesday, November 15, Holiday Lunch
Friday, November 17, Progress Reports
November 20-24, Thanksgiving No School
Wednesday, December 13, Holiday Celebration
Tuesday, December 19 & Wednesday, December 20, Early Release Days
December 21- January 3, Holiday Break



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September 25

Second Quarter

First Grade families,

We are wrapping up the first quarter and moving into the second quarter.  We will continue to work on diving deeper into reading comprehension, fluency and phonemic awareness. You can help at home by reading nightly, practicing sight words, and retelling stories. In math we are continuing to strengthen our strategies and deepen our skills. Keep practicing math facts at home. This will help make students more fluent and able to solve more challenging problems. We are really focusing on missing addends (8+_=10)


As fall and winter arrives please make sure to label all jackets and sweaters.  If your child gets cold easily in the classroom please ensure that his or her sweater follows the Russell uniform policy.


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August 8

Our first grade schedule









ELA/Reading/ Social Studies









Mrs. Lauderdale 8:55-9:40 10-51-11:21 8:05-10:50 11:30-2:05 Integrated 12:35-12:50
Sra. Medina 8:55-9:40 10-51-11:21 11:30-2:05 8:05-10:50 Integrated 12:35-12:50
Ms. Detillo 8:55-9:40 10:39-11:09 11:30-1:30 8:05-10:45 1:35-2:05 11:15-11:30
Mrs. Livernois 8:55-9:40 10:48-11:18 11:30-1:30 8:05-10:45 1:35-2:05 10:35-10:50
Ms. Flowers 8:55-9:40 10:42-11:12 11:30-1:30 8:05-10:45 1:35-2:05 11:15-11:30
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August 8

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