April 30

Week# 35

Well, we’ve made it to the last 18 days of school. The students are still continuing to work hard.  We are continuing to learn new things everyday.

Math – we will continue reviewing the measurement unit, but we will be moving on to capacity. We  learned a story about King Gallon, which I hope will help the students remember the parts of customary capacity. Please be sure to ask your student to tell you the story! Again, with metric measurement, the students found this easier, since it doesn’t really change other than saying liters rather than meters.

Writing – we will continue working on writing our author’s biographies and creating our sways. Please understand that it is not necessary for your child to work on this project at home, but some of the students have really taken to creating the sways and want to work on them at home. I’m okay with that, I just wanted to make sure you all were aware that it wasn’t mandatory that they do them at home.

Science – the students will continue to research and complete their “Space Travel” brochures in class. We are giving the students an opportunity to create an actual brochure that can be printed or they can create a sway or powerpoint to present their information. The students are working in groups of 2 – 3 to create their brochures.

Social Studies -we have just finished learning about the suffrage movement as well as abolitionist.  We will be moving into the next part of this unit which is the civil war.

Reading- we are reading The Hope Chest by Karen Schwabach. This book goes with the unit on women’s suffrage.  The students are really enjoying this book.  This book requires the students to use the learning strategies that they have been taught throughout the year to help with them with comprehension.

April 13

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break and you’re ready to finish out this year! As you know, we had “The Test” beginning on Tuesday of this week. We will continue testing in the mornings from 8:00 – around 10:00 or 10:30. If at all possible, please do not schedule appointments until after 11:00 this week and next. Testing is stressful enough without having to take it in a different place, at a different time and with a different teacher, because of not being here. We will not be having homework this week or next, on testing nights. I want the students to enjoy their afternoons and get out some energy, as well as go to bed early to get a good night’s rest. Please be sure that your students eat a good breakfast each morning. Getting good rest and eating a good nutritious breakfast will help ensure good testing habits and hopefully will help to relieve some of the stress. The students have worked so hard this year to make sure they are learning as much as they can, now is the time to show what they’ve learned.

March 15

Week of March 12-16, 2017

Welcome to the last 1/2 week of the third quarter! I don’t know about y’all, but this year is flying by! I don’t know when a year has gone by this quickly previously! Wow! Well, that’s enough about the year. Thursday, 3/15 will be the first day of the fourth quarter. Don’t give up and let your grades begin to fall because of “Spring Fever.” Just a few more weeks and you’ll be out for summer as a 5th grader! This is going to be an extremely busy week. Be sure to read all the way to the end of the blog.

Math-This week in math we reviewed fractions, decimals, elapsed time, and rectilinear figures.  Being that this is the last week in the quarter I took the opportunity to go back and review some of the skills we covered earlier in the year.

Writing – We will be going back to the lessons and talking about how we can work together to elaborate more by writing partner sentences. Hopefully, this will allow us to elaborate more within our informational writing.

Reading-We are currently reading an amazing book titled Dear Levi by Elvira Woodruff.  It is a book about a young boy sending letters home about his experiences from the overland trail.  The students are really enjoying this book and don’t ever want to put it down.  The students are making some terrific self to text connections.

Related image

Social Studies-We just started our new unit on the Westward Expansion.  This week we will be covering why the Louisiana Purchase was significant in Westward Expansion; why Lewis and Clark were significant to Westward Expansion;  what was the significance of the war of 1812 and why the US Capitol and White House were burned; and why the Oregon Trail was significant in Westward Expansion.

Upcoming Events

March 16th:      Taste of the Park

March 21st:      Report Cards Go Home

April 2nd-6th: Spring Break



March 2

Week of February 26- March 2, 2018

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a restful, relaxing break. I know I enjoyed being able to spend time with my family. It was very refreshing and relaxing to be able to get away for a little while. Now, that we’re back, we have a lot to cover in a very short period of time. Let’s get on with what we covered this week.

Math – This week we learned how decimals and fractions are related. We were able to turn fractions into decimals and decimals into fractions.  We also reviewed multiplying fractions by a whole number and line plots.  These were relatively easy concepts . Fortunately, the way we were taught to do this, is the way it’s taught now. We will used IXL, worked in our math groups this week to work on this skill, as well as reviewed  and extended skills that have been previously taught. Please be sure you are working on IXL and completing math homework at home.

Writing – This week we wrote a compare and contrast informational writing piece based on a story titled The Whales Throat.  The students read the story then wrote how the characters were alike as well as how they were different.

Science – we completed our unit on planets and our solar system. The students really enjoyed this unit.  They also created a wonderful planet project and wrote a book titled The Facts About the Solar System.

Reading – We discussed important facts versus extraneous details while taking notes about a new topic. We also worked with the compare and contrast text structure between two different text. We discussed different ways information can be presented visually – through charts, graphs, diagrams, timelines, etc.

February 11

Week of February 12-16

Well, we only have the next 5 school days before we have another break. Let’s make the most of it! We have a very busy week, so let’s get on with what we’ll be learning. This week is Valentines Day.  The students may bring in cards to exchange with each other on Wednesday. Also the flu is going around and it has hit our class and the school very hard.  If your child is sick please keep them at home to avoid the spread of germs in the classroom.

Math – This week we will continue working with fractions. We will be multiplying fractions by a whole number. Then moving into decimals.

Writing – We will  be working with text structures to present our information. We have been practicing this with some “quick writes/flash drafts” in class, but I would like to see them try new strategies. It may turn out that the best strategy  is description, but who knows, they may also like compare/contrast as well.

Science- We are working on our unit on stars and planets.  The students are really enjoying this unit so far and having a lot of fun.

Reading – We are reading Divided Loyalty. We will also be talking about various perspectives of the colonist during the American Revolution. The students will be reading/looking at various perspectives that are actual first hand accounts of the battles that occurred during the American Revolution and the students will be using RACE method of answering constructed responses for each of the first hand accounts. Now, you might be asking yourself “what in the world is the RACE method?” Well, RACE is an acronym that the students use to make sure they answer the questions completely. R stands for Restate the question – the students are to “scratch out” the “question” part of the question and change it to make a statement. A stands for “answer the question” – this is to make sure they actually answer the question. C stands for “cite your evidence” – this reminds the students that they need to go back into the text and cite what they read that made them think/feel that way. Finally, E stands for “explain your thinking” – this is meant to help the person reading the response get a better understanding of what you meant when you said what you said.

Social Studies-We are beginning our next unit the New Nation/Government.


January 28

Week of Jan. 22-26, 2018

I don’t know about you all, but by Thursday of this past week, I was tired. I know it’s been hard to have a complete week last week, but hopefully we’re through the “Snow” and will stay on this track of being in school each day of the week. I hope this week will be “uneventful.” Here’s what we had going on this past week:

Math – we will continue our unit on fractions. We will be discussing the vocabulary associated with fractions daily. These vocabulary terms include: (a) numerator, (b) denominator, (c) equivalent fraction, (d) mixed numbers, and (e) improper fractions. We will also be creating our own fraction rods using our colored pencils and cardstock. We will be working with these manipulatives to help us get a better understanding of fractions. Hopefully, this unit will be a little more “parent” friendly than the multiplication and division units.

Writing – we are continuing to work on our informational writing.  We are also going to be looking at some more mentor texts that help us to learn how to organize our writing (compare/contrast, description, cause and effect, problem and solution, etc.)

Social Studies – We will continue discussing the causes of the American Revolution. We will be focusing on The Stamp Act, The Quartering Act, The Townsend Act, and The Boston Massacre. I believe the students having a great time learning about the Revolutionary War.  This unit is really action pact.  We are having some great conversations discussing this unit.

Reading – we are going to continue delving deeper into the American Revolution by reading and answering some text dependent questions on an article called “Loyalists” and “An Incomplete Nation”.  Hopefully by delving deeper into the American Revolution, the students will get a better understanding of the American Revolution.

*Please Remember that we are going on a field trip to the Fox Theater on February 5th.

January 18

Snow Days

I hope everyone is enjoying their snow days this week. If you are stuck inside, please work on IXL, study spelling words, and study for the American Revolution Test. Please understand that we will still have our spelling test tomorrow (if we’re at school). I know we haven’t had school, but there’s no reason not to study and have all math homework complete.

Many of the things I put on this week’s blog will still be in effect for next week, however I will update the blog with new information. Stay tuned!

Enjoy the weather! Stay safe and warm. I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow!

January 5

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break! Now it’s time to get back to the grind. Please  Here’s what we had going on this week.

Monday – New Year’s Day

Tuesday – Teacher workday – no school for students.

Wednesday – Teacher workday – no school for students

Thursday/Friday – we worked on reviewing our procedures and expectations, as well as have a chance to share what we did over our break. We began our math unit on fractions. We did not have homework this week. We will get back to “normal” classwork/homework next week.

Important Dates to Remember

January 5th:   2nd Quarter Report Cards Distributed

January 8th: Fire Safety Village Field Trip

January 11th:   STEAM Night 4:30-6:30

January 15th:   MLK Day No School

February 1st:   Zaxby’s Spirit Night

February 2nd:  Bingo Night

February 5th:  Fox Theater Field Trip


December 12

December 11-15, 2017

I can’t believe we’re down to the last full week of the semester! I don’t know about you, but I feel like this year is flying by! Why is it that the last half of the second quarter always goes by so fast!? With this being such a busy time, I’ll go ahead and get started with what we have going on this week.

Math – we have been working so hard on getting our multiplication strategies down and we have been working hard on problem solving. Please continue to encourage your students to work on memorizing those multiplication facts! This will be so important as they move through the various grade levels. When your student is working at home and during classwork, I’ll allow them to use their multiplication chart to help them work on the strategies rather than missing a problem because of them not knowing their facts. However, with that being said, when it comes to tests and such, they will not be allowed to use the charts, but they should have a variety of ways solve their problems from third grade.  As you all know we have been focused on division for the past couple of weeks and if your child doesn’t know their multiplication facts, division is almost impossible to do. We will be completing the “Quarter 2 Touchstone” on Friday of this week. The “Touchstones” gives us a chance to look at where the students are and make adjustments to our groups and such on a daily basis. The grades automatically populate into ParentVue.  The “Touchstones” will focus on multiplication, division, and multistep word problems.

Writing – we are continuing to work on responding to prompts using the RACE or OREO strategy. The students are really doing a fantastic job. Their writing continues to impress me.  We are going to be focusing on drafting, editing, and revising our essays. With this, we will be working on using our checklist to set our goals, revising to cross check for structure and basic elements, as well as writing with a convincing tone, so that we sound more like experts on the subject.

Reading- we will be finishing our class novel read aloud The Fighting Ground by Avi.  This was an awesome book full of surprises.  There was no telling what was going to happen.  The students will complete a book report this week highlighting the main characters, the problem, the solution, the theme, and etc.

Science-we are continuing the unit on light and color.  The students are really enjoying this unit.  They are doing a lot of hands on activities and experiments.

Social Studies-we are finishing up our unit on the 13 Colonies.  Our unit test will be Monday, December 18th.  Please remind your child to study the study guide every night.  Even though we review for the test in class it is IMPERATIVE that your child studies at home as well.




December 4

November 27-December 1, 2017

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a wonderful, restful break last week. Only about 3 and 1/2 weeks until our next break! We can do this! It’s so hard to believe that Christmas is right upon us already. Here’s what we have on our schedule for this week.

Math – in our number talks we will be reviewing how to find factors, multiples, as well as prime and composite numbers. Once we’ve had a chance to review factors and multiples, we will be moving on to division. This week, we will be working on division with remainders. It’s very important for students to realize that when they encounter remainders, many times we need to “up” the number of what we’re looking for. For example, if we are working on dividing groups of students to ride buses, we would have to have an extra bus for those “remaining” students. We wouldn’t want to leave anyone behind.  When we interpret a remainder we decide if we want to Drop-It, Round-It, or Share-It.

Reading-we are continuing to read The Fighting Ground by Avi.  The students are really enjoying this book.  We have had some amazing discussions about the decisions the main character takes.  As well as the outcomes of his decisions and how they affect him and others.

Writing-we are working on opinion writing using the OREO strategy.  The students have been given several writing prompts throughout the week.  After they have answered the writing prompt we exchange papers. Then using an opinion check sheet we check for what should be included in the writing piece such as a lead, a clear opinion, reasons to support your opinion, examples from the text that support your opinion, and a clear concreate conclusion.

Science-we will be beginning our unit on Light, Color, and Sound.

Social Studies – we have begun our unit on the original 13 colonies. We unfortunately have so much to cover this year in social studies, so we will be moving very fast through this unit. We will color a map of the 13 colonies, create a map key to go along with our colors on our map. We will also be discussing quite a bit of vocabulary with this unit. As we progress through the unit, we will be comparing/contrasting the three regions (southern, middle, and new England colonies). We will be talking about the jobs, as well as growing season among the regions. We will also be reading about the first “official” colony – Virginia, and discussing the reasons why the colonists came to what is now present day United States.