October 19

Week of October 16-20

Thank you parents for attending conferences this week.  It was so nice to see each and every one of you.

Math-We are continuing to focus on solving multiplication problems as well as math problems that include multiple steps to solve.  The students are enjoying the unit and are becoming more confident everyday.  Please continue to make sure that your child is doing math homework for extra practice as well as going on the computer to do IXL.

Reading-We are finishing up the book The Sign of the Beaver.  The students love this book and we are looking forward to watching the movie.  We will end this unit by doing a character poster on one of the main characters Attean or Matt. The students will also be given a book report as well.

Writing-We are working on opinion writing.  The students use the OREO strategy to help the stay organized and precise.  The students have written several short opinion writing pieces and we will begin a three to four paragraph opinion writing piece next week.

Social Studies-We are continuing our unit on European explorers. We have been discussing the European explorers that came to the “New World” in search of riches such as gold, spices, etc. We have also been discussing the explorers goals/reasons for exploring, obstacles, accomplishments, and cooperation as well as conflict with Native Americans. The Unit test will be Friday, November 3rd.

Science-We are continuing the unit on simple machines and how we use these machines everyday.

October 1

Fall Break

I hope everyone is enjoying their fall break! Even though you are on a break, I hope you took the time to read a little,  work on some math, and study for your upcoming Weather and Native American Test.  I love breaks, because it gives me the opportunity to read more.  When we return to school on October 2nd we will jump right back into reading The Sign of the Beaver, 2×2 digit multiplication, responding to writing prompts using the RACE and OREO writing strategies, and finishing our units on Native Americans and Weather.  I cant wait to see everyone refreshed and ready to work hard!

September 11

Updates….Read All About It!!!

Math – last week we  focused on subtracting with larger numbers with and without regrouping. This is always a daunting task for the students, but hopefully we’ll make it through. Please encourage your students to show how they are regrouping in their problems. We went step by step and hopefully, it won’t be such a daunting task for them and it will actually begin to make sense. We began actually regrouping from each of the places, so that they see how when you regroup a ten, you are actually regrouping ten (10) ones, rather than just regrouping a “1” and making the number one less. Boy, I wish I had learned to regroup the way I teach it now. It would have made so much more sense. Oh well, hopefully this will help.  This week we will begin our unit on perimeter and area.

Writing – last week we continued our unit on Realistic fiction.  We talked about good leads, and stepping into the story as an actor who is playing in the “movie” of our writing. The students have made great progress with their realistic fiction. I’ve enjoyed reading some of their stories and look forward to reading many more.  This week we will begin using the RACE strategy to help the students to respond to writing prompts.

Reading –  last week we finished our unit on Poetry, Drama, and Prose. We read a book called Love that Dog. It’s a great little book about a young boy who doesn’t like poetry, but then comes to love poetry. We used some new strategies to get the students interested in reading poetry, as well as getting to know the major difference between poetry, drama (plays), and prose (typical reading/text).  This week we will begin to read the novel The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare.  This book goes with our Native Americans unit in social studies.

Social Studies – last week we finished our unit on map skills. This week we will continue with our new unit on Native Americans.  We will learn how thee Indians used their environment for their economy.  The study guide was sent home last week.  Please have your child study it everyday.

Science- we will continue our unit on weather.  The students learned all about clouds, meteorologist, and weather instruments.  This week we will focus on the differences between the weather and climate.  Please have your child study the weather study guide everyday.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me.

August 30

Week #4

Well, we’ve made it through the first 4 weeks of school. The grades have been updated and will continue to be updated each week. Please remember that each week we will have a spelling test.  The spelling words will be sent home every Monday. If you need another copy of the spelling words please email me and I’ll be glad to send another copy home with your child.

We have a busy week ahead, so please be sure to continue reading all the way through this blog entry to stay abreast of what we are covering.

Math – we are going to begin working on addition/subtraction of larger numbers. I realize this seems to be a menial task, but you would be surprised how many students still have difficulty with the regrouping in addition and subtraction. We will be talking about various ways we can add and subtract. The students will be able to choose their favorite strategy. The important thing is that the students learn how to add and subtract, not that they follow a set formula to get the same answer as everyone else.

Writing – we are still working on writing a narrative. A narrative is just basically a story. We started out by writing personal narratives (small moment stories about them) and then we will be moving into writing realistic fiction/fictional stories.

Science – we have finished our unit on the water cycle.  We are now starting our weather unit.

Language Arts – we will be focusing on poetry.  We are using Sharon Creech’s book, Love That Dog. This will be helpful when we begin to write our poems. The students will be expected to use their  vivid imaginations and creativity in their writing, once we finish this unit.

Reading – we are continuing our unit on Analyzing Characters – we are reading The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies to analyze the main characters, Evan and Jessie.  Each day, after we analyze them as characters, the students are working on their independent reading and analyzing the characters in their independent reading books. Please encourage your students to choose “just right” books and actually read. The best way for students to improve their reading is to read and understand their reading daily. When your students are reading at home, please ask them questions regarding what their reading. I know it’s difficult to read everything they read, but if you could ask them basic questions such as 1) who are the main characters, 2) what is the setting of the chapter(s) you’re reading, and 3) how have the characters changed through their story.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at any time. I have enjoyed getting to know your students and looking forward to working with them the rest of this year!

August 16


Parents please make sure that you have signed up for ParentVue so that you can see your child’s grades.  Grades will be updated weekly.  Grades will be available for viewing starting on Monday, August 21st.

August 16

Wow…Time is Flying.!!!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already into our third week of the school year. Students are really beginning to get into the routine and we’re getting better and better everyday meeting the expectations. Below, please find information regarding our class learning this coming week, as well as some very pertinent information regarding the Solar Eclipse that will be taking place next Monday, 8/21/17.

Math – This week in math, we will be continuing on our standards of reading and writing multi-digit numbers,  comparing numbers and rounding numbers, and place value. We have started working in math groups through a weekly rotation.  I think students are really enjoying the opportunity to rotate through various activities each week. Please be sure to ask them what we’re working on each day.

Writing – This week we will begin working on our narrative writing unit. The students have been working extremely hard on their narrative stories.  They have learned how to focus on the ideas and how to turn those ideas into sentences, and then sentences into paragraphs.  The students have also been introduced to the writing process(prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing) to help manage their time.

Reading– We are reading The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davis.  The students are enjoying it.  This book ties into our Economics unit.

Social Studies– Our unit on Economics is coming to an end.  The assessment test will be Monday, August 21st.  Each student was given a study guide on August 7th.  Please STUDY with your child.

Science– We will continue our science unit on the “Water Cycle.” This last week was lots of fun with being able to pretend we were water molecules and able to move around the room like the various forms of matter (solid, liquid, gas).  This week, we will begin talking about how water moves – through the water cycle, and how clouds are formed. We will be creating some IAN (interactive notebook) pages using the water cycle. A Water Cycle Study Guide was given to each student on Monday.  Please STUDY with your child. This should be a great week to talk to your kids about what they’re learning in Science.

Solar Eclipse Information
Monday, August 21, 20

Due to the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, the Cobb County School District will delay dismissal of elementary, middle and high school students by 45 minutes.

The peak time to experience the solar eclipse falls during our regularly scheduled elementary school dismissal time. Since student safety is always our first priority we will start the day on time and delay dismissal to ensure that neither students nor employees are on the roadways during the time of the eclipse. Subsequently, high schools and middle schools will delay dismissal as well.

Schools will be provided with further guidance and instructional resources as appropriate. Parents are welcome to pick-up their child at the typical dismissal time if needed.

For more information regarding the solar eclipse visit the National Weather Service at http://www.weather.gov/sgf/SolarEclipse.

Please visit the CCSD Eclipse Resource page at www.cobbk12.org/eclipse for further information and helpful links.



August 6

First Week of School

Image result for First week of school

We survived the first week of school!

Last week our focus was on school wide expectations, as well as the rules, procedures and expectations of our classroom. We spent time getting to know each other and preparing for our year together.

If you still have paper work please fill it out and turn it in as soon as possible.

Please join me for Back to School Night on Thursday, August 10th from 6-8pm.

July 14

Welcome Students and Parents

Welcome to fourth grade! I am so excited about our year together at Sedalia Park Elementary School! This year is going to be a very exciting yet challenging year for your child. Many new and sometimes difficult skills are taught to students in fourth grade. Every effort will be made to establish a comfortable and positive learning environment for your child. We must work together to make this year a successful one! The following information will help us accomplish this goal.

1.    The school day begins at 7:45am. If your child arrives after the morning bell, he/she will be considered tardy. You must bring your child into the office to sign in. Your child will not be able to check in alone. If your child is absent, you will need to send a written excuse or doctor’s note to school the next day.

2.    Notify the office of any transportation changes before 1:40pm. You may also send a written note explaining the transportation changes to the classroom teacher in the morning. To ensure your child goes home correctly, we will not be able to accept transportation changes verbally from the child.

3.    Your child is not allowed to bring toys/electronics to school UNLESS it is directly related to the standards, in which case he/she may present it for show and tell at the end of the day. Our state standards may be viewed at www.georgiastandards.org.

4.    When sending money to school, please place it in an envelope with his/her name and its purpose clearly written on the front.

Daily Agenda and Homework Folder:

Your child will be bringing home a Daily Agenda and Homework Folder each day. Your child is required to take these items home each afternoon and is responsible for bringing it back to school each morning. I will be checking these items each morning. The Daily Agenda is a way of maintaining effective communication between home and school. Here is how the items will be used:

1.    Daily Agenda: All homework assignments, upcoming test, study guides, important dates, and occasional teacher notes will be recorded in the Daily Agenda. A parent/guardian needs to initial the agenda each night. If you have a question or concern, please write a short note in the agenda.

2.    Homework Folder: This will contain daily homework and paperwork that needs to be completed and returned. Homework will be given Monday through Thursday. Students will also be expected to read at least 30 minutes nightly.


Blog Updates:

Our class blog will be updated twice a month with fun and important information for me to share with each of you.


I thank you now for the help and cooperation you offer in the education of your special little person. I am looking forward to teaching and getting to know you and your child!