Week of November 13-17, 2017

Dear Parents of 7th Graders – Today we sent home your student’s IOWA results. They should arrive to you in a sealed envelope. Thank you, 7th Grade Teachers and Mr. Perry.



Science– We are continuing the study of Cells.  We have taken notes on all the parts of a cell. We are learning how to use microscope and will look at plant cells and our own cheek cells under the microscope.  We will do a Cell Project, comparing the cell to something else- a school, a city, etc…

Cell Notes:Chapter 3, Section 1 Notes-2kxrvro      


Reading– We are reading Rikki-Tikki- Tavi and mind-mapping the relationships between the characters.  We have discussed the plot and have taken notes on plot diagram, setting, theme, inciting incident, conflict.


Science– We are starting to learn about CELLS.  Here is a vocabulary list of words we’ll be learning: Cell Vocabulary-29ro750 ; 

Mrs. Jacobson’s class- Chapter questions 1-11 due Tuesday Nov 14th;

Mrs. Brennan’s class- take notes from this powerpoint:  Prokaryotes-and-Eukaryotes-1ohy5cd-1hemdzw

Great Review Power Points:Chapter 3, Section 1 Notes-2kxrvro     Chapter 3, Section 2 – Eukaryotic Cells 1-yxpsm2

Reading- This week we are learning how prefixes, root words, and suffixes can help us decipher words we don’t know. We are reading Rikki-Tiki-Tavvi and mind-mapping the characters (how they relate to each other), as well as making a Word Gap list of words we don’t recognize.

Week of October 30

Science with Mrs. Jacobson– Monday we were in the computer lab working on either a Biome Mission or Google Earth Biome Webquest, based on students’ scores on a practice test. Tuesday we will review by discussing chapter 20 questions and playing Risky Business. Wednesday is Vision and Hearing Testing.  Chapter 20 test on Thursday.  On Friday we will learn about Succession, where a community evolves over time.

Science with Mrs. Brennan– Monday we worked on Section 3 of Chapter 20 questions, due Wednesday. Tuesday- Based on last week’s iRespond results, students will be placed into differentiated groups to complete either an enrichment or a remediation activity. Wednesday- Review for test. Vision and Hearing Testing.  Thursday is the CH 20 test.  Friday we will watch Planet Earth Freshwater video.

Reading with Ms. Bright– this week we are working with and reading The Seven Habits

October 23-27, 2017


Science with Mrs. Jacobson– This week we continue our Biome Lab, growing plants in different forest types.  We are learning about Ocean and Freshwater Ecosystems.  We finish the Biome Project Tuesday 24th. Some study tools:   Land Biomes Notes-2kbblcu     Ch 20 Vocabulary-q7lnpq    Biome Outline-zgecvh

Science with Mrs. Brennan– This week we are working on solving a Biome Problem and concluding this project with a Gallery Walk on Friday.  Some notes to reinforce knowledge: Biome Outline-zgecvh;   Land Biomes Notes-2kbblcuCh 20 Vocabulary-q7lnpq

Reading with Ms. Bright– Quiz Thursday on Sets 1 and 2 Critical Verbs- Study Guide:Critical Verbs 1 and 2 Study Guide-uwz3j0; We are learning how drawing (visual cues) and mind-mapping help us remember key ideas and details. We will also return to The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens.




Week of October 16th, 2017


Science– This week we are working on chapter questions and a choice project. We are continuing to observe our Biome Lab, watching plants grow in different biomes.  Land Biome Notes: Land Biomes Notes-2kbblcu

We are also starting a Biome Choice Project: Here are Mrs. Brennan’s Choices- Pick three of the nine:Biome-Choice-Board–2hedz8r. See me or Mrs. Jacobson for choices for that class.

Reading– Monday we went to the book fair and were challenged to find a non-fiction book that relates to our fiction book.  We are continuing in our Vocabulary Art Book with the critical verbs 2 (working with the words we don’t know well)


October 9-13, 2017

Science– We are starting a unit on Biomes.  This week we will learn about three types of forests: temperate deciduous, tropical rain, coniferous; and grasslands.  Preview of vocabulary for this unit:Ch 20 Vocabulary-q7lnpq

Biome map and questions due Thursday.  Land Biome Notes: Land Biomes Notes-2kbblcu

Reading– We are continuing with learning stations and vocabulary art book. Pre-test on Critical Verbs 2. We are learning note-taking strategies and outlining. We practiced taking Cornell Notes on short biographies.

October 2-6, 2017

Science with Mrs. Jacobson – The Cycles test is Tuesday.  Study your questions! Chapter 19 questions key-15zdf4u  Mrs. Jacobson’s blog has a quizizz and the Risky Business game for you to use. Wednesday students will present Rachel Carson articles.  Thursday we will learn about Bio-magnification.  Friday we will have an open packet quiz about Rachel Carson

Reading with Ms. Bright- Today we learned about types of questions; Right There, Implied, OverallCritical verb quiz Wednesday; Vocabulary Art Book due Thursday for a project grade.

Science with Mrs. Brennan-The Cycles test is Tuesday.  Study your questions! Chapter 19 questions key-15zdf4u  Wednesday through Friday students will research an ecological problem.


Week of September 18-22, 2017

In Science– We are studying the Nitrogen Cycle, using a Nitrogen Passport Game and drawing a picture showing the nitrogen cycle.  We are also learning about Rachel Carson and her book, Silent Spring. Students have been working on a study guide, questions 1-14 for Chapter 19The test on the Cycles of Nature will be Oct 3.  We will review well after the Fall Break.

In Reading– We are starting Vocabulary Art Books.  Our first entry is a list of Critical Verbs: Critical Vocab-27s280f   Tuesday we took a pretest on these words and highlighted the ones we missed. Wednesday and Thursday we worked on the Vocabulary Art Book.

Week of Sept 13-15

    I’m so glad you are all safe and back at school!

Today (Wednesday) is a regular class day.  Thursday through next Tuesday we will have IOWA testing in the mornings.

Science with Mrs. Jacobson and Mrs. Brennan- We are continuing with the Cycles of Nature, focusing on the Nitrogen Cycle.  We will play a Nitrogen Passport Game and work on Ch 19 questions. Notes:Cycles Of Nature   

*****Questions on the chapter are due Wednesday the 20th*****

*****The Ch 19 test will be Tuesday, Oct 3*****

Reading with Ms. Bright- We are continuing with The Seven Habits, analyzing the song, Superman, and relating it to the habits.

September 5-8, 2017

Science with Mrs. Jacobson– Tuesday we played a Carbon Cycle game.  Wednesday we reviewed the Water Cycle.  Thursday we have a water cycle lab.

Science with Mrs. Brennan– Tuesday we made a Cycle of Nature foldable and for homework read an article about Dinosaur Breath (the carbon cycle).  Wednesday we made a comic strip about one of the cycles (student’s choice). Thursday we are playing the Carbon Cycle board game.

Reading with Ms. Bright– Tuesday we practiced Flocabulary, using context clues to understand unfamiliar words.  Then in groups we revised The Seven Habits guided reading.  We began a “Notable Failures” webquest, using The Seven Habits. Thursday we have an open-book test on what we’ve read so far in the book.  No studying required.