Week 3!

As we head into week three 6th grade students will find out what instruments they are playing, very exciting!!

Parents, tomorrow evening is our curriculum night. Make sure you drop by and ask Ms. Baker and Mr. Smith any questions that you may have about your child playing an instrument.

7th and 8th grade will continue on getting back into the swing of playing their instruments and learning our warm-ups

7th and 8th grade students will also be taking a short online quiz about enharmonic tones. If you are unable to access the quiz via a QR code which is posted around the room please feel free to click on the following link to complete the quiz:


QR Code Quiz


Week 2!

Hello Floyd Bands!

We are starting off our second full week of school. Seventh and Eighth grade band students should all have instruments by now and we are underway with music and are getting back into the swing of our warm-ups.

6th grade band students are currently going through the lengthy but exciting process of trying out and getting fitted for instruments. We make every effort to give kids their first choice of instrument but sometimes availability and instrumentation balance throughout the band make this difficult. If you have any questions at all about this process please feel free to email Ms. Baker or Mr. Smith with any of your questions.

Hope you all have a great week!

First Full Week of School!

It is the first full week of school for the FMS Bands and that means you should be seeing Handbooks come home, instrument forms if your student is borrowing and lockers for those instruments. This is always a busy but necessary time and the faster that all of that paperwork gets taken care of the faster students can start making awesome music!

6th grade parents, things operate a little differently, students will still be rotating on Monday to make sure they have visited all music classes but should be scheduled in one by Wednesday. You should see a form come home on Monday afternoon with a choice of where they’d like to spend the next year learning music. After students get scheduled then starts the fitting process in which we will determine the best instrument fit for your child. If you have any questions about this please never hesitate to ask either Mr. Smith or Ms. Baker.