Testing Starts This Week

This week starts our state testing, but what doesn’t stop is rehearsals. We have been fortunate enough to not have any disruptions in our schedule other than class times being moved around to accommodate the testing schedule. We still expect students to rehearse at a high level.

We wish all of our students the best of luck on the milestones test!

Welcome back from spring break!

Spring break is over and we are now in the home stretch! We only have 7 weeks of school left which means we have even less time for our end of the year concerts approaching!

6th graders will present their end of the year concert on May 7th and 7th and 8th grade will premier theirs on May 14th. Preparation has already been underway but will only become more difficult with testing and other end of the year distractions.

Looking forward the hard work!


Last week was an exciting week for the Floyd 7th and 8th Grade Bands!

Floyd’s 8th graders received straight 2’s in performance and sight-reading. While these scores are similar to last year, their performance from last year increased tremendously! Individual grades contained more A’s and B’s and they played music one grade level harder than last year. This marks for an over all Excellent performance.

Floyd’s 7th graders received a rating of 2 threes and 1 two with a one in sight reading! For their first time out we are so excited for our 7th graders and will use the constructive comments to enhance the band going into their next performance.


The 8th Graders will embark on their trip to LGPE tomorrow during the school day. Students will meet in the band room at 12:45 and we will leave for McEachern at 1:00

Performance Time: 2:30

Clinic/Sightreading – 2:45

Leaving McEachern – 3:30

Students will make it back by 4:00 P.M. to catch their bus home.

We are so excited for the work the students put in and are looking forward to the feedback we will get from the judging panel.

Also, remember, Black Shoes – Khaki Pants – Navy Blue Polo shirt – NO SHORTS. Ladies may wear a khaki colored skirt.


We are in the home stretch in our preparation for LGPE – 8th and 7th grade students are sounding great! We had a real treat last week when a retired band director from Smitha came to work with our students and offer feedback.

Remember, 8th grade LGPE is on Monday March 18th and 7th grade is on March 20th – Wednesday.


We only have 2 weeks before LGPE. Students are well prepared and making adjustments to refine our performance. 7th and 8th grade students have a real treat this week as we have Ms. Laura Estes, retired band director from Smitha Middle School to work with our students.


LGPE is in 3 Weeks!

It’s crazy just how fast time flys. Since we just had a week off we definitely need to shift gears to keep pushing the bands forward because 8th grade LGPE is on Monday, March 18th and 7th grade is 2 days later on the 20th. Students have been playing and rehearsing well and now we just nee to get to the finish line then we’ll start working on Spring concert music.

Permission slips will go home early this week.

Hello Bands!

Hello band families!

The band classes have been sawing away at their LGPE music. Last week was no exception. Mr. Wilson, the band director from South Cobb came by twice last week to work with the 8th graders. This is a great treat for our kids because they have a chance to get someone different rehearsing them and this only makes them better! Students have been working so hard and will continue to do so through this week into their well deserved break


LGPE is only 5 short rehearsal weeks away!

Students have been working hard at their music and should be taking their instruments home to practice!

Students zoned for South Cobb, you should plan on attending the fine arts meeting on Thursday night at 6:30 in the new theater at South Cobb so you know what to expect for next year.


Weekly Update

Just a little update about the goings on in the music department.

8th grade band is hard at work on their LGPE music having just received their march last week. This performance will take place on Monday, March 18th during the school day. We will travel to McEachern high school and perform our music as well as sight read.

8th grade Music Appreciation will be taking a test this week about Medieval Music and then starting the music of the Renaissance.

7th Grade Music Technology will be learning to edit loops and make them into 8 bar melodies from other loops.