Concert Season!

Hello Floyd Bands!

We hope you had a restful Thanksgiving Holiday!

It’s only 3 weeks until the next break but there is still lots to do! This Tuesday, December 3rd our 6th graders will have their first concert since learning to pick up their instruments.

On Tuesday, December 10th 7th and 8th Graders will have their first concert of the year featuring holiday tunes to get us into the season.

Both concerts start at 7:00 pm and students should show up at 6:30 to be ready to go.


We’re almost there!

It’s hard to believe that the holiday’s are almost here! We have one week before our first of two holiday breaks and we will have much work to be done as there are concerts to be performed upon our arrival back from Thanksgiving break.

December 3rd – this will be the date of the 6th grade premier music concert. This will feature all music classes in the 6th grade and will start at 7:00 PM. Band students will need to arrive at 6:30 with their instruments and report to the gym.

December 10th – The 7th and 8th grade bands will perform their holiday concert in the gym which starts at 7:00 PM and students will need to arrive at 6:30 get their instruments and report to the gym.

A normal week!

Hello Floyd Bands!

It will be nice to get back to a normal week in the world of band, between teacher work days and scoliosis screening we are happy to get back on a normal schedule and get to music making.

8th grade is working on All I want for Christmas is You and Christmas Bits and Pieces.

7th grade is working Jingle Bones (featuring the trombone section) and House Top March.

6th grade has been working on concepts that will help us play some recognizable tunes this week!


Holiday Music?

Yes! It’s that time of year where the bands start working on some holiday tunes in preparation for their December concert. I know it seems early but it sneaks up so quickly!

6th grade has been working diligently at learning new notes and rhythms and I will say they are doing a great job!

There’s not much new for this week except that I believe we have a normal schedule! Also as always if students want to retake a test they have that option until the end of the Semester, so don’t wait until the last day!


Good Morning Floyd Bands!

We are excited to be entering our second week of the new quarter and to have a normal schedule again.

6th grade students have been working quite hard at getting familiar with their instruments and are picking up on it quickly. Just as a reminder though, students need their instruments everyday for class. This is part of their rehearsal techniques grade which cannot be made up.

7th and 8th grade bands completed testing the 5B Eb concert scale. If you missed that or did not do as well as you had hoped, remember you may always retake it, just  come in the morning or work out a time with Mr. Smith and Ms. Baker to make that happen.

Lets have a great week!


Hello Floyd Bands and welcome to conference week as well as the beginning of 2nd quarter!

Because of our early release schedule and students ending the day at 1:30 they will only see us every other day depending on their connections class starting Monday, October 14th. This will be the order of connections throughout the week:

10/14 – 1st connections
10/15 – 2nd connections
10/16 – 1st connections
10/17 – 2nd connections
10/18 – 1st connections

Myself and Ms. Baker have scheduled conferences with some parents and we will also be floating around the building throughout the week having conversations with parents. If you are a parent who may have just scheduled your conference recently, please let us know when you made it for if you’d like to talk to either of us!

We are looking forward to seeing parents throughout the week.

The other piece of news is that we are starting a new quarter which means new opportunities for grading, if students did not do well in the first quarter this is an opportunity to get a fresh start and make sure they stay on top of tests quizzes and playing our instruments.

Last Week of Semester 1!

We’ve made it! We are almost 1/4 of the way through the school year. It is hard to believe we are already this far. 7th and 8th grade students have now received some music to reinforce warm-up drills and put their skills to work. This music may or may not be featured on our December concert, we are just refraining from passing out any holiday music because it is just a little too early yet to do so.

6th grade students are beginning to get very comfortable with their instruments and where their hands go and are on their way to securing their first five notes! The next step is to have them looking at some music to reinforce reading skills so this week they will be applying quarter note/half note and whole note rhythms to their repertoire.

Very important to all grade levels, please make sure that students make up any tests/quizes as this is the last week of the semester. As always any time we have a playing test and students don’t perform how they wanted to they have as many opportunities to get it correct as needed because their success is for the success of the whole group. Make-up opportunities on QR quizzes have also been given should students have decided to take them.

Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break! Please excuse my tardiness in getting this post up as I was still traveling back from the Pacific Northwest yesterday when I would normally make my postings.

Students will jump right back into rehearsing and we will start dabbling into music for a concert in December. Any new quiz links will be posted here when made available.

As always if there are any questions please feel free to email!

Week 7

Hello Floyd Bands!

As we approach our first week long break of the year 7th grade students are finished with testing and our schedules are back to normal. 7th and. 8th grade is business as usual, students have been working on fundamentals and are getting ready for their first pieces of music.

6th grade brass has been buzzing on their mouthpieces learning how to match pitch. 6th grade reed players are still learning how to put reeds and ligatures on their mouthpieces and we have been taking steps toward learning our embouchures and making proper sounds on our mouthpieces. Percussionists have been learning basic rhythms and proper stick and mallet heights and stroke types.

Week 6

Hello Floyd Bands!

6th Grade Students, we will be starting with learning how to assemble our instruments this week, this will include general care, how to put our reeds on (woodwinds) how to hold them and how to put them back in their cases without any damage. This is a very exciting time for our students and we can’t wait to get started!

7th and 8th grade students will continue to switch schedules due to 7th grade testing. 8th grade students this week will have the opportunity to attend 8th grade night to get a taste of what high school marching band is like. Letters went home last Friday with the permission slips. There is no cost to this event and students will be transported to South Cobb High School but will need to be picked up by a parent or guardian.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to email!