Welcome Back!

Hello!   Welcome Back from Spring Break! There is lots of excitement to come in the form of Concerts! The 6th grade Concert is on May 7th and the 7th/8th grade Concert is on May 9th. We will need parent volunteers and some help organizing some cool new things in the days to come! Stay […]

Fundraiser Kick Off!

Hello Parents!   Today we have kicked off our 2-week Krispy Kreme Fundraiser!!! Your students should be bring home a form to help them explain to and document any sales they make. I will also provide you with some details below so that way you can be informed about the fundraiser, as well. We will […]


Hello Parents,   Just an update on life and Orchestra! First things first, We are preparing ourselves for LGPE for 7th and 8th grade and String Jamboree for 6th Grade. All these events are going up in March! All your students are working hard to prepare for these new challenges ahead! I will keep you […]

Welcome Back~!

Hello!   Welcome Back from what was hopefully a restful and beautiful thanksgiving! Just a few Reminders:   6th Grade Parents: Your Students Concert is on December 4th. That is a week from tomorrow! Please make sure that your students wear all black. Everything Visible MUST be BLACK. This is a performing art, which means […]

Concert Preparation!

We are well on our way to being “Concert Ready.” 8th grade can do rough play throughs of all three of their concert pieces and 7th grade is close behind them! 6th is already playing advanced music with independent parts and becoming masters at the bow and instruments they use them on! Stay tuned for […]

Curriculum Night!

Hello Orchestra Family!   Tonight is Curriculum night and we are excited to see all the new 6th grade parents and returning 7th and 8th grade parents! In Addition to curriculum night, Im excited for the the continuation of the school year for our students. 6th graders will be learning notes on the fingerboard, 7th […]

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