Hiking Club Activity Dates

CHS Hiking Club ~ Activity dates 2019-2020

(contact Mrs. Bragg for locations, they will not be available online for the students protection)

Meeting/class at CHS  Hike/trip off Campus 
  (Sa) August 17th ~ 9AM  
(W) August 21st ~ 7:45-8:10AM Meeting room 906   
(Tu) August 27th ~ 3:45-4:45PM Trip planning & safety class   
  (Sa) September 6th ~ Hike TBD (state park event?) 
(Tu) September 10th ~ 3:45-4:45PM Trip planning & safety class   
(W) September 11th ~ 7:45-8:10AM Meeting room 906   
  (F) September 20th ~ 3:45-7:00pm Walk to Moe’s & Movie Night (students may stay for football game after w/ parent’s permission) 
(W) October 2nd ~ 7:45-8:10AM Meeting room 906   
(Tu) October 8th ~ 3:45-4:45PM Archery Class    
  October 12th OR 13th Hike TBD (Corn maze) 
(Tu) October 22nd ~ 3:45-4:45PM Archery Class   

October 26th Hike TBD  

(fall leaves/photography hike) 

(W) October 30th ~ 7:45-8:10AM Meeting room 906   
(Tu) November 12th ~ 3:45-4:45PM Archery Class   
(W) November 13th ~ 7:45-8:10AM Meeting room 906   
  November 15th OR 16th Hike TBD  
(W) December 4th ~ 7:45-8:10AM Meeting room 906   
(Tu) December 10th ~ 3:45-4:45PM Orienteering class (present hunt)   
  December 14th Hike TBD 
(W) January 8th ~ 7:45-8:10AM Meeting room 906   
(Tu) January 14th ~ 3:45-4:45PM Orienteering class   
  January 18th Hike TBD 
(Tu) January 28th ~ 3:45-4:45PM Orienteering class   
(W) January 29th ~ 7:45-8:10AM Meeting room 906   
  February 1st ~ Hike TBD 
(Tu) February 11th ~ 3:45-4:45PM Orienteering class   
  February 15th ~ Hike TBD 
(W) February 19th ~ 7:45-8:10AM Meeting room 906   
(Tu) March 10th ~ 3:45-4:45PM Rock Climbing class   
(W) March 11th ~ 7:45-8:10AM Meeting room 906   
  March 13th OR 14th Hike TBD 
(Tu) March 24th ~ 3:45-4:45PM Rock Climbing class   
  March 27th OR 28th Hike TBD 

(W) April 1st ~ 7:45-8:10AM Meeting room 906  

(Receive Camping Permission Slips) 

  April 11th Hike TBD 
(Tu) April 14th ~ 3:45-4:45PM Rock Climbing class   

(F) April 17th ~ 7:45-8:10AM Meeting room 906  

(Last day to turn in camping trip permission slips) 

(W) April 22nd ~ Help Mrs. Bragg shop for the Camping Trip   
  April 24th – 26th Camping Trip