Naming Polynomials (notes for 1/4/18 & 1/5/18)

Students should be able to identify and name these polynomials as listed in the picture below.

Naming by Degree has to do with the largest exponent attached to one of the terms in the polynomial.

Terms are separated by a plus or minus sign when the polynomial is in a simplified form, no more like terms can be combine.

(Monday 1/8/18 was a “snow” day)

Welcome to 2nd Semester

Hello Students and Parents,

We have had a cold and snowy start to this semester, but we are making the best of the time we have in class.  As I type this on January 18th we have had 7 school days this semester.  The next few posts are meant to be tutorials for the lessons/notes that we have covered.  I am hopeful that this blog can be used as a tool to support your learning in Algebra 1.

You may also want to follow the class Instagram page ~ I found that it gives the students easier access to information on a platform they are already using.  Students/parents may DM (direct message) me for help if they have homework questions and I have all the classroom notes in posts on the page for easy access if they are absent.

Thanks for your help and support, Joy Bragg

Notes from day 2 of Unit 6

Below you will find the notes that were completed in 2nd and 3rd block on day 2 of this unit.  Due to EOC scheduling the 4th block class will be further behind in our Unit, but will get caught up when testing in complete.  They are welcome to work ahead if they like.