Coach Martin and I would like to offer students a chance to improve grades from previous units.  the packet below must be completed with work shown and we will use it to improve grades for the same standard that they may not have done so well on.  This Packet will be due upon returning from break on the 27th of November, with the exception of students that stay for tutoring help with the packet on Tuesday the 28th.  On student was able to complete the packet today, with help in about 3 hours. This is not required.  Happy Thanksgiving to all. (*answer key included, but you will need to show all required work)

Algebra 1 formula sheet

This formula sheet will be available for the EOC and all the tests that we have in class from now until the end of the year.  So you do not need to memorize the formulas, but you should know what to use when.  🙂

Unit 5 – notes – finish day 2- 10/27

Today students finished up the notes for day 2, creating functions from word problems, we turned in yesterday’s Homework (key was posted yesterday), and took our first Quiz for this unit. Many students were out due to the JROTC activity day and will need to check with Mrs. Bragg to make up work/quiz.

Unit 5 (Functions) Notes – day 1/day 2 – 10/26

Today we completed the notes from day 1 and started day 2.


Here is a video that may help you understand FUNCTIONS 

We also completed practice in class today, the Key is listed below.  Please keep in mind that tutoring is available and if you are absent and struggling to understand our new unit please come to tutoring offered in various locations M-TH morning and afternoon.


QUIZ TOMORROW (Friday 10/27)