12/2- Jingle Jog!  Registration begins at 7:15 in the Ford Cafeteria

12/4-12/6- Holiday Shop opens for students – This is a great way for students to shop for parents and siblings for the holidays.

12/19- 11am – Kindergarten Talent Show- Participation forms must be signed and returned prior to the deadline.

12/19-12/20- Early Dismissal for students – Please let your teacher know of any transportation changes.

12/21-1/3- Winter Holiday

1/4- Students return to school!!




11/3- BINGO from 6:30-8

11/9- STEM night from 6-7:30 at Ford Elementary School

11/16- Thanksgiving Play at 8:15 in the gym – Families welcome! Please come and join us in a retelling of the Thanksgiving Story.  Plan to arrive early and find a seat in the gym.

11/16- Thanksgiving Feast- Classes start at 10:30, but please check the specific time for your child’s class.  Families are welcome to come and join the feast. Please be mindful that RSVP’s were due earlier in the month.  The feast will cost $3.75 for all guests who do not attend Ford.  Tickets will be available for purchase in the front lobby prior to feast time. Please plan to arrive early.

11/20-11/24- Thanksgiving Break- No School

* Please bring in cans for the canned food drive.  This is an awesome way to support families in need in our community.

*We have the Giving Tree again this year. Feel free to take a tag and donate a toy to a needy family in our area. We cannot believe the generosity of our Ford community. Thank you!

*Square 1 Art- This is a fundraiser to support our art program at school.  Feel free to order awesome product with your child’s artwork for gifts and keepsakes.  Order online before the deadline and it will be delivered before the winter break.


Field Trip Reminders

October 27th- Field Trip to The Pumpkin Patch Farm

Students need to wear pants, tennis shoes, and weather appropriate clothing.  It would be helpful for teachers if they wore a long sleeve shirt under their class t-shirt.

We will leave between 9 and 9:15 on Friday and return before 2pm.

Students need to bring a sack lunch if they did not commit to purchasing a sack lunch from the cafeteria.

Parents may meet us at the Pumpkin Patch Farm.  Please email your teacher if you plan to attend. Parents will need to purchase their own ticket when they arrive.

Parents may check their student out early from the farm if you wish.  Please sign your child out with their teacher prior to leaving.

October Dates

10/2- Pumpkin Patch field trip forms go home.  Please return them as soon as possible.

10/6- GKIDS Readiness forms go home today.  This was information taken the first couple weeks of school. First quarter report cards will be discussed at conferences.  This is the end of the first quarter.

10/12- Early Release- Please notify teachers of any transportation changes.

10/13- Fall Festival! Please look for info from PTSA.

10/16-10/20- Conference Week / Early release.  Please also visit our book fair.

10/23-10/27- Annual Big Head Campaign! Please consider making a donation to our Ford Foundation to support our amazing STEM program.

10/27- Pumpkin Patch Field Trip.  We will depart around 9 am and return around 1:30.

10/31- Wear your Halloween costume to support the Ford Foundation for a $2 donation.

Second Quarter Standards

Our kindergarten students are making incredible progress! We will be working on the following during the second quarter:

  • following words on a page while reading
  • recognizing and naming all upper and lowercase letters
  • recognize and produce rhyming words
  • produce all letter sounds (long and short vowel sounds as well)
  • read sight words
  • gives key details about a text after reading and being read to
  • identify the main idea of a text
  • asks and answers questions about unknown words in a text
  • identify the reasons the author gives to support points of a text
  • use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing
  • print upper and lowercase letters independently
  • recognizes and names end punctuation (period, question mark, and exclamation mark)
  • consistently writes letters after identifying sounds
  • count to 100 by 1’s
  • counts up to 20 objects in a line or array
  • compares to objects by its attributes
  • categorizes objects by similarities and differences
  • describes day and night (identify differences)
  • compare different types of motion
  • independently states address using street address, city, state, and country
  • identifies Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years
  • describes examples of positive character traits exhibited by good citizens


End of the First Quarter!

The end of the first 9 weeks is on Friday, October 6th.  All first quarter assessments will be completed by Friday, 10/6.

Conference week will be 10/16-10/20.  Students will be dismissed 2 hours early each day during conference week. Please make teachers aware of any transportation changes during the week.

Conference forms will go home on 10/2 and need to be signed and returned by Friday, 10/6. Report cards for the first quarter will be reviewed at conferences.


Early Release

We are excited to announce that Ford Elementary has been selected as a stop on the U.S. Education Department’s Green Strides Tour.  This is the first time the Green Strides Tour has visited Georgia, and we are thrilled to be one of eight stops on the tour. The tour will be held on September 19th, starting at 2:30 PM.

In order to minimize disruptions for our students and families, Ford ES will begin dismissal 15 minutes early Tuesday, September 19th.  Bus riders will dismiss at 2:00 and car riders will begin as soon as the buses leave campus, around 2:10.   Please expect your students home about 15 minutes earlier this day and ensure that someone is at the bus stop to meet them with the early arrival.

Please see the attached press release for more information about the tour.  I am also including a link to the CCSD blog with additional details.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Ford Elementary.  We are excited to share our school and the successes of our students and community on the national stage.

September 2017

Friday- 9/1- Ford Foundation day.  $1 to wear your favorite sports gear.

Monday- 9/4- No School- Labor Day- Please talk to your child about the meaning of Labor Day

Friday- 9/8- Career Day- Please have your student dress up so we can wrap up our lessons and discussions about community helpers and Labor Day.  Please be mindful of our weapons policy.  No toy weapons, please.

Saturday- 9/16- Green Apple Day of Service



Please continue working on…

  • letters and letter sounds
  • recognizing rhyming and non-rhyming words
  • following words on a page from left to right
  • write 1-3 sentences and draw a picture
  • label a picture drawn
  • long and short vowel sounds
  • high frequency pre-primer sight words
  • main idea and supporting details in a text
  • counting to 100 by 1’s
  • writing numbers 1-10
  • identify numbers 1-20
  • printing upper and lowercase letters
  • retelling a story
  • explain the similarities and differences of observable features of animal parents and offspring
  • knowledge and basic understanding of maps and globes
  • understands Labor Day, the Pledge of Allegiance, and can identify the US flag and state flag of GA
  • address- students should begin learning the number and street name of their address