Pumpkins All Around!

10/8 Columbus Day and Reflections Ceremony

10/9 Stem Night

10/11 Early Release Day

10/15- 10/19 Conference Week  Early Release (Book Fair is open)

10/26 Fall Festival 6-8:30

10/30 Wear class T-shirt for Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

10/31 Halloween! Wear Costumes for $1



Happy Fall!

9/ 8- Green Apple Day of Service

9/10- Watch DOG Dad’s Pizza Party

9/14- National Anthem Day- wear red, white, and blue/GKIDS readiness reports sent home

9/ 10-9/17- Ford Foundation Annual Campaign

9/21- 1st Sight Word check

9/24- 9/28- Fall Break

May 2018

May 1 6-8pm- Evening in the Garden

May 8- Field Day for K-2nd grade

5/11- Decorate Mother’s Day Cakes

5/14- Swinging for STEM Golf Tournament

5/18 and 5/21- Milestones re-test for 3rd and 5th grade students

5/21- BEACH DAY! Look for info from your child’s teacher in the beginning of May.

5/22- Game day! Bring a game to play and share.

5/23- Popcorn and Movie Day!

5/22 and 5/23- Early Release at 12:30


March 2018

March 9- 8am Storybook Parade! Students will walk the halls and end in the gym, so please meet us in the gym for photos or to watch if you wish.

March 9- 6:30-8 – BINGO night in the Ford Cafeteria

March 12-16- BOOK FAIR!

March 14th- Early Release- Students dismiss at 12:30

March 15th- End of the 3rd quarter

March 20th- Class pictures

March 21st- Report cards go home

March 23rd- Field Trip to the Carlton Farms- Please see the permission slip for details

Week of March 26th- Egg hunt! Please look for information from your child’s teacher.

February 2018

2/9- School Dance 6:30-8pm – please see the information sent home from PTSA

2/14- Q & U Wedding 8:15 in the gym – Please see the additional information sent home by your classroom teacher.

2/19-2/23- Winter Break


Keep working on all of the third quarter standards listed in January 2018.

Looking ahead to March

  • Storybook parade- 3/9 – additional information coming soon!
  • End of 3rd quarter report cards come home 3/21

January 2018

We are half way to first grade!

1/5/18- PJ day to support the Ford Foundation for $1

1/11/18- Math Night at Brookstone Publix 6:30-8pm

1/15- No School- Please discuss the meaning of MLK Day and who Martin Luther King, Jr. was.

1/17- 100th day of school celebration- please see the note from your child’s teacher regarding other activities

Dear Parent(s):

We are planning a celebration to mark the 100th day of school!  This special day will be celebrated on Wednesday, January 17.  We encourage you to become involved with your child in planning for this day.  We are asking each child to bring in a collection of 100 items by Tuesday, January 16.

Collections should be appropriate for Kindergarten (no glass objects please!)  The items should fit into the baggie attached. Please make sure that it is a collection of 100 of the same item (100 cotton balls or 100 pennies…not 100 different things). Please do not send in fragile items (ex. potato chips, pretzels etc.)

The following are a few suggestions you may consider:

Q-tips                                pennies                              baseball cards   game chips                    rubber bands                                buttons                 straws                               macaroni                                    nuts & bolts

crayons                             keys                                  paper clips      rubber bands                    bottle caps                                      toothpicks                        hair ties

Please allow your child to count the items into the bag with you observing. This will give him/her time to practice counting to 100 and ensure the correct amount.  If you’d like to lend a bit of help, you can remind your child to count the objects into sets of 10, then count by 10s to 100.

Key Standards for Third Quarter

  • Identify 52 letters
  • recognize and produce rhyming and non rhyming words
  • blends and segments single syllable words
  • produce the initial, medial, and final sound in words (cat – c-a-t)
  • produce all consonant sounds (two sounds for C and G)
  • produce all short vowel sounds
  • practice sight words
  • answer questions from a text
  • identify key details from a text
  • identify the author and illustrator
  • compare and contrast events and characters in a story
  • draw, dictate, and write a story
  • print all upper and lowercase letters independently and accurately
  • independently capitalize the first letter of a sentence
  • recognize punctuation marks (period, question mark, and exclamation point)
  • writes letter for most consonant and vowel sounds
  • consistently determines or clarifies the meaning of unknown words
  • counts to 100 by 1’s and 10’s
  • counts up to 20 objects in a line or array
  • compares sets of up 10
  • represent addition and subtraction within 5 using manipulatives
  • describe rocks, soil, and water
  • sort materials into categories based on composition (wood, clay, paper, metal)
  • identify MLK, Jr. Day and Presidents Day
  • identify the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and White House as American symbols
  • compare and contrast ways to prevent the spread of germs
  • create an electronic document with text and images using digital tools


12/1- LAST classroom sight word check for the semester due to end of quarter assessments, holiday activities, and semester culminating activities.

12/2- Jingle Jog!  Registration begins at 7:15 in the Ford Cafeteria

12/4-12/6- Holiday Shop opens for students – This is a great way for students to shop for parents and siblings for the holidays.

12/8- Daytime sleepover- students wear pj’s to school and please see additional information from your child’s teacher.

12/11- Kindergarten Author visit

12/18- December Homework (Book) and Reading Log due

12/18- Class Holiday Celebrations 11:30-12:30 in your child’s classroom.  See additional info from teachers and class parents.

12/19- 11am – Kindergarten Talent Show- Participation forms must be signed and returned prior to the deadline.

12/19-12/20- Early Dismissal for students 12:30 – Please let your teacher know of any transportation changes.

12/21-1/3- Winter Holiday

1/4- Students return to school!!




11/3- BINGO from 6:30-8

11/9- STEM night from 6-7:30 at Ford Elementary School

11/16- Thanksgiving Play at 8:15 in the gym – Families welcome! Please come and join us in a retelling of the Thanksgiving Story.  Plan to arrive early and find a seat in the gym.

11/16- Thanksgiving Feast- Classes start at 10:30, but please check the specific time for your child’s class.  Families are welcome to come and join the feast. Please be mindful that RSVP’s were due earlier in the month.  The feast will cost $3.75 for all guests who do not attend Ford.  Tickets will be available for purchase in the front lobby prior to feast time. Please plan to arrive early.

11/20-11/24- Thanksgiving Break- No School

* Please bring in cans for the canned food drive.  This is an awesome way to support families in need in our community.

*We have the Giving Tree again this year. Feel free to take a tag and donate a toy to a needy family in our area. We cannot believe the generosity of our Ford community. Thank you!

*Square 1 Art- This is a fundraiser to support our art program at school.  Feel free to order awesome product with your child’s artwork for gifts and keepsakes.  Order online before the deadline and it will be delivered before the winter break.